Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2008 on E4
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Michelle takes Chris, Anwar, Maxxie, Jal, Sid and Scarlet, her new stepsister, camping for her birthday. Michelle sleeps with Sid after learning of his father's death. Tony doesn't go, but sends her a watch as a present. Anwar gets together with Sketch, upsetting Maxxie. Michelle and Sid become a couple, just as Cassie comes home.moreless

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  • This episode is like one giant hissy fit courtesy of Michelle; who continues to prove that she's the most shallow and depthless character on the show.

    It's really hard to feel sorry for someone whose actions are so selfish. First She's upset that Tony can't automatically "get better for (her)" --despite the fact that he was in a serious car accident-- and continues to tell him what an idiot he is because he doesn't want to have sex with her.

    You know, God forbid somebody actually refuses to have sex with Michelle. Next she gets upset at the presence of Scarlette because all the boys pay attention to her instead of Michelle, which then leads her to become jealous of Scarlette's attention to Sid-- Someone whom she only begins to notice because she doesn't want her step-sister to have him. We're also supposed to believe that Michelle and Sid have a connection because she understands him and is able to sympathize with the death of his father-- yet she somehow lacks the sensitivity to deal with Tony's handicap. Thankfully Chris' episode is next, so maybe we'll get to see glimpses of the show's previously excellent writing before this episode came along.moreless
  • Michelle, the insensitive beatch

    Michelle and Sid! I couldn't believe when i saw it! They dont match for me!

    I think she is an insensitive beatch because how could she leave Tony after the acident? He cant even write his own name and she wants him to be a sex machine?!?! And Cassie is her friend, how could she just forget about her and Tony and hook up with Sid! She never liked Sid, always maked him suffer!

    Maxxie is so cute!! And he is such a good friend! Anwar wasnt nice at all! I'm, and everyone else, sure that Sketch hasnt change! (her voice is so annoying lol)

    Looking foward the next episode! It smeems that Chris is going to be kicked out of school!moreless
  • Michelle

    This season hasn't been up to par from what I've seen recently but this episode was a possible return to form even though I still think they need to work out a few things. This episode is focused on Michelle, I really don't know what we're supposed to feel for this character. I just felt nothing but contempt for this character after this episode.

    Are we supposed to sympathize and feel bad for this character? Really? Michelle bashing aside, this was a solid installment. The cat's out of the bag: Anwar & Sketch are discovered. I love the Maxxie/Anwar friendship plots so I'm looking forward to the future dynamics between these two later on.

    The Sid/Michelle hookup was quite random but the ending was definitely unexpected. Skins has never been predictable for me, and this episode proves that. I really did not expect to see Cassie, overall good episode of Skins.moreless
  • Fun.

    This episode was alot of fun. Michelle's previous episode wasn't that great in my opinion , but this one makes up for that. The main focus was the comedy, and it wasn't too forced either. I liked everything about it, the reason it doesn't get a higher score is simply that nothing incredible happened either. Surely, Sid and Michelle sleeping together is an interesting twist but it's been foreshadowed sinec episode 1. All of the buddy-scenes(car scenes, beach scenes) were feel-good. And that's about it.

    Not a lot to talk about really. Maxxie finds out that Sketch is sleeping with Anwar - lulz. Overall, good episode.moreless
  • Michelle deals with a new step-dad and sister who hijacks her birthday trip to the beach where more than a few surprises are revealed

    Easily my least favourite episode of the series so far, mostly because of who the episode is focussed on. Michelle is the least likeable of the Skins bunch even more so than the slightly psycho Sketch, due to her selfish nature that she can't really justify with any real problem. I guessed the ending from spoilers and I didn't like it when I originally read it and it wasn't any better actually watching it. Hopefully they'll get rid of said storyline very soon, it feels very wrong to me :(

    Things I liked:

    -A lot more light-hearted, felt like a s1 episode.

    -Jal's "baby-sitting" session with the boys

    -Tony's mum being protective off him, glad to see the parents taking an interest without being appearing too much in the episode

    -The skinny dipping in the beach, very funny!!

    -The tide rising and sinking the car!

    -Singing around the camp fire, hilarious though cringeworthy watching Sketch sing for Maxxie

    -Maxxie and Anwar's fight over Sketch, sad to see the friends fighting but good to see the whole Sketch thing actually take affect and be thrown into the open.

    Things I didn't like:

    -The Michelle/Sid hook-up- it's just wrong. Michelle's blatant manipulation of Sid who is obviously quite vulnerable to make herself feel better makes her so unlikeable

    -Cassie seeing the pair at the end, poor Cassie

    -Michelle's step father and sister- just ick!

    -Where did Sketch appear from at the beach?? Bit of a plot hole there.

    Next week's episode looks a lot better, with Chris getting a job (or ten!), Jal going a little bit wild and Cassie's revenge!!moreless
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