Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2007 on E4
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Episode Summary

Michelle dumps Tony when he won't admit seducing Maxxie. Realizing he has cheated before, she turns to Sid, but he is now in love with Cassie. Michelle soon meets Abigail's brother Josh and hook up. Tony manages to break them up, but Michelle won't take him back.moreless

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  • Michelle

    So the aftermath of what I think was the climax of the season, was Michelle breaking up with Tony. Finally, I'll say. Tony's hookup with Maxxie was very unexpected in the last episode, I just wish we got a bigger reaction from everyone. We really are witnessing Tony's downfall with him losing Sid, Michelle, and pretty much all his friends over that one night with Maxxie.

    But I was having trouble feeling sorry for him especially after what he did too Josh & Michelle, I liked how Josh's sister tied in too everything though. I liked how Sid is finally over Michelle, and I'm glad they didn't go as far as they planned on going especially since I'm really liking Sid/Casie right now. Cassie has a boyfriend? I kind of suspected there would have to be some conflict between the two.

    I never liked Michelle and in fact, I still find her quite annoying, but she was good in this episode. I definitely had low expectations in delving in the life of Michelle, but her discovering Tony cheated on her was a perfect fit for this episode. I really couldn't care less about Michelle's mother though. Good episode overall.moreless
  • loved it

    This episode was really good!!

    Michelle finally realize the jerk Tony is! And what he did with Josh and the photos were terrible! i'm glad she is not back with him!!

    Sid is weird! All he always wanted was lose his virginity with Michelle and when he had the opourtunity he wasted! He's very different from the other boys. Aparentely, his first time has a meaning and he wants it to be special!

    Chris and Angie is a funny relationship! Maxxie really feels bad because of the sucking thing with Tony, which proves that he is a good boy. Anwar and him are a good team, they have to fix this up!!

    Well, this are the things that i remember....

    Does anybody know when the 2nd season starts??moreless
  • I must say she is a firey one!

    In this episode we concentrate on Michelle, who we all know has a lot of fire in the belly. We see this straight away in the episode as she storms up to Tony and punches him in the face, before kicking him downstairs. Clearly annoyed with Tony and wanting him out of her life, she seems desperate to seek someone on the rebound and goes straight to Sid, who rejects her claiming that he does love Cassie. She then meets Josh, the brother Abigail (the girl Tony sleeps with). They have a immediate attraction for eachother and sleep together. However Tony still loves Michelle, or so he claims. He then does a disgusting trick, by take softcore pictures of Joshs sister Abigail. He then steals Joshs phone, puts the pictures on the phone and sends them to Michelle. Michelle now obviously thinks that Josh is mental and is into incest.moreless
  • Somewhat dull.

    It was dull. . . At the very least nothing awfully over the top happened.

    Michelle is the "Paris Hilton" of the show. Nothing negative here, most tv show have a character like that. Good looks, but lacks depth. This episode tries to give her some depth but actually it doesn't succeed...

    the whole idea of her and Tony breaking up is something that was foreshadowed since episode 1. So it happens finally.

    And that's it. Nothing else really happens. Predictable, lacks every kind of drama or comedy. Probably the least enjoyable episode of the series to date. A dragged out transitional episode .moreless
  • Great epsoide , why cassie didn't came to the trip in russin.

    Ok finlly Chirs have a chance to make his teacher to be with him next epsoide we'll how things between them , Michelle and Jal find a emety bar and suducie pepole to come inside and hang out with them , all the trip Tony beg Maxxie to drew his penis like he did to the all group in the end Tony offers Maxxie a blow job , and kiss him Maxxie refuse Michelle Tony's girl friend saw Tony and Maxxie kissed , we'll se next epsoide how she deal with it , Anwer finlly lost his varginty for an a russin woman .moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Michelle is getting the pictures of Abigail from Josh's phone, the note reads, "RECIEVING IMAGE FROM JOSH". "Receiving" is misspelled.

    • In the class room, Chris says "It's like the f****** O.C.", but in the first episode he states that he never watches TV as he perfers pills.

    • When Jal asks if Michelle has spoken to Josh, she says he won't stop ringing her. However, his mobile was stolen by Tony and that is probably the only record he had of her number.

    • When Jal looks at the pictures of Abigail on Michelle's phone, the phone makes two beeping noises, suggesting that Jal went through two screens to get to the pictures. However, in reality, to get to stored pictures on a Motorola RAZR V3 you have to go through three screens.

    • There is a technical inconsistency in this episode as although polyphonic Motorola phones are used by a few characters, they all play monophonic Nokia tones.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Michelle: You love me, right? You really love me?
      Sid: Y.. y.. yeah.
      Michelle: How much?
      Sid: A lot.
      Michelle: That will do.

    • (Tony is outside Michelle's house throwing pebbles at her window)
      Tony: 'Shell! 'Shell! Hey Nips!
      It is the east and Juliet is the sun. Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon who is already sick and pale with grief.
      (Sid approaches Tony)
      Sid: Why don't you just leave her alone for a bit.
      Tony: Sidney?
      Sid: She thinks you're a tit.
      Tony: She doesn't think I'm a tit.
      Sid: Why do you pull all this s**t Tony?
      Tony: Look around Sidney. F*** all ever happens in this s***y little town. You've gotta improvise.
      Sid: No matter who you hurt.

    • Jal: 'Shell what happened?
      Michelle: (crying) Never mind!
      Jal: Never mind? Did he screw someone again?
      Michelle: Again?
      Jal: I tried to tell you 'Shell.
      Michelle: About who?
      Jal But you never wanna hear it.
      Michelle: About who for Christ's sakes!
      Jal: Jenny, Mags, Kelly, White Justine, Black Justine, Bucksy from the Geography trip, the posh girl from the choir...

    • Michelle: (to Sid about Cassie) Just because you made someone try to kill herself doesn't mean she won't be glad to see you.

    • Michelle's Mum: Why are you being so horrible?
      Michelle: Why do you care?
      Michelle's Mum: I do care, but, you know, in an I'm-already-late-for-work kind of way, so come on, make it snappy.
      Michelle: I dumped Tony
      Michelle's Mum: Oh right, what for?
      Michelle: Cause he went down on a boy in my history class while I was watching.
      Michelle's Mum: Right, well, you know, say you're sorry or something, I don't know.

    • Maxxie: I got off with Tony on the Russia trip. I only did it because I fell out with Anwar when he said he hated gays, so I got upset, and Tony said he'd give me head, to cheer me up, you know. And I didn't mean anything, but I lost my head... and then he gave me head. And then we got deported from Russia. And I'm really really sorry for being a slut, okay?
      Angie: Right, well... anyone else want to get something off their chest?
      Chris: (jumping up) I'm in love with-
      Angie: Sit down!

    • Michelle: (breaking up with Tony) I was waiting for you to tell me, time's up you wanker.

    • Sid: Are we gonna practice safe sex?
      Michelle: All in good time.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Effy does not appear in this episode.

    • The online Channel 4 mini-episode for "Michelle" features Michelle and Jal going out drinking, surrounded by Malcolm's porcelain animals.

    • As the title suggsts, the main character focus in this episode is Michelle. Each episode of the season focuses on a different character.

    • Music In This Episode:
      "Black Swan" by Thom Yorke.
      "Tender To The Blues" by James Yorkston & the Athletes.
      "Kapsburger" by Clogs.
      "Red Hot Mama" by Parliament.
      "May You Never" by John Martyn.
      "The One You Really Love" by The Magnetic Fields.
      "The First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes.


    • Chris: It's like a f****n' episode of The O.C. in here.

      Chris references the popular US-based show, The O.C., which enjoyed a surge of popularity from 2003 until its ultimate demise in 2007.

    • The asylum/rehab centre where Sid and Michelle visit Cassie bears a lot of similarity to the town of Portmeirion as seen in the 1960's show The Prisoner, which included a lot of insanely happy people, an overly romanticised view of an English country garden and a large blow up ball (all seen here).