Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on E4
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Mini's "friends with benefits" relationship with Alo is put to the test when his feelings grow deeper. Mini tries to sort out her life while talking to her separated parents.

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  • Mini has got to be th best character of this generation.

    Mini is probably the best character of this generation, and so an episode focused on her was bound to be great. It was. This episode continued the sixth season trend of bettering the last season in every way. Freya Mavor is a great actress, and handles both comedy and drama brilliantly.

    Mini is pregnant - was expected cos of the trailers but I did really liked how they handled it. She was in denial, much like she is about Grace and everything else in her life. While watching Mini push all her friends, and Alo away, isn't the most pleasant thing to watch it's believable, realistic and entertaining. She can't handle Grace's death - and she is acting up in every way she thinks she can. Add being pregnant on top of that and you can see why she's the way she is.

    Mini's dad was bound to be trouble, but it was quite nice to Mini look so happy with him, despite the inevitable conclusion of his departure. Her dad didn't do much here, except make false promises so it was Ryan who stood out the most to me here. Mini's dads assistant actually seemed to be a good influence on Mini and seemed like a pretty decent guy. Gregory leaving his daughter again at the end of the episode was really sad, especially since he broke Mini's heart. But while her father was a pretty big plot point, it's the new relationship between her and Alo that is the highlight.

    Alo saying he loves her was actually really funny - and they are so good together. The scene where he tells Mini to 'stop being mega-bitch, I want the real Mini' showed the affect they have on each other. And when they both talked about Grace, and Alo said he missed her too, it was just really quite sweet but sad too. Therefore, a stand-out scene was when Mini gave in to her feelings for Alo and visited him at his farm. She apologised, but he couldn't forgive her. I loved this because it made the whole thing real, and developed both characters brilliantly. Wonder if she'll ever tell him about the baby?

    She's still arguing with Liv, who I do feel pretty sorry for. She doesn't know Mini is pregnant, and the latter won't let her talk about Grace. I liked the scene where she tried to talk sense into Mini. Hope they improve things soon. Liv's onto Alo and Mini as well - can't wait for that reveal. Rich is back! Only for a brief minute, but look forward to see more of him. Franky is a better character this season - she may have been a bitch at times, but she's more developed. I liked how she confronted Mini about being pregnant, and that she supported her for the scan.

    So next week it's Nick's episode, and Matty's coming back. Looking forward to see how they develop this new Franky/Nick romance which I actually quite like. SKINS IS GOOD AGAIN. BRILLIANT AGAIN.moreless
  • Great...

    I have to say, it's hard to sympathize with someone like Mini at first. She constantly berates you and avoids saying what she's really feeling. She puts on a fake smile and plays you for everything you are worth. She doesn't want anyone to know she's not perfect; to know that she makes mistakes. But Franky catches up early on her pregnancy. Liv wants in but again Mini avoids her interest. She can't possibly be interested in being my friend? she thinks.

    I thought the last couple of scenes were very touching. A testament to the writing of the underlying theme of this episode. First with Mini's mom, trying to explain that she does really love her. Mini doesn't buy it. She never lets her guard down. She thinks about all the negative things her mother has done to her and thinks it's impossible for her mother to love her. She heads to her dad's apartment, but he's already gone. This hurts even more. A sad goodbye from someone who said they loved her but didn't really mean it. Gregory faked it. He didn't really love her, but Mini wanted him to love her. And Mini suffers. Next, Alo, someone who really does love Mini, but Mini denies and pushes away any possible hearing or idea of this. She couldn't believe that someone could love her and Alo presses her on this. Alo says that Mini doesn't know how to love anything. It's so true, because she hasn't really let her guard down to invite the love in. And she simply rejects any real love thrown at her. But at that moment, right then when she sees her baby, Mini felt what it is like to love something for the first time. That inexplicable feeling that is what it is. That was the perfect ending for this episode. Mini felt love for the first time.moreless

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