Skins (UK)

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2009 on E4
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Naomi thinks she has life figured out. However the arrival of student president elections causes much uproar in her life as she goes head to head with Cook. Soon, she finds all is not fair in love and war, as she begins to test the waters of her confused sexuality.moreless

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  • An episode focused on Naomi made me like Cooke alot more.

    First of all, let me start by saying how much I'm impressed with the cast choices this season. All the characters just fit. They all have great chemistry with each other. It's a really comfy, cosy, and campy enviroment. Perfect canvas for drama to be painted on. All these beautiful people flying through their hectic lives, proving that beauty dosen't nescesarily equal happiness.

    In this episode, Naomi runs for class president against Cooke. Cooke uses his popularity which really annoys Naomi, who is already under siege at home. She finds solace in Emily but then retracts and falls back into denial making her even more depressed. Her dissapointment with her surroundings grows when the one person she trusts, a man twice her age, kisses her and then sleeps with her mother.

    Naomi's lonliness or to put it more accurately, estrangement from the outer world, only dissappears when she's with Emily. But she dosen't want this. She dosen't want to be gay. Her self discovery journey is a painful one which hits it's first milestone when she confesses to Emily how she feels, after a beautiful speech from her mother.

    My favorite scene was the one where Naomi and Cooke kissed. There were sparks flying since episode 1 between these two. As a Naomily fan, I'm glad it didn't go in that direction. But, Cooke's acceptance to Naomi's rejection proved that he wasn't just a pill popping party monster. He was real.

    The Naomily sex scene was touching. So sweet and vulnerable. I like how they're using nature for these scenes this season. It's almost as if they're trying to symbalise love as something, I don't know how to put it. Primal? Maybe.

    Anyway, enjoyed it. Not as much as Freddie's though. I find Naomi's search for something less touching than Freddie dealing with he already has. More entertaining, yes, but it dosen't hit home like Freddie's.moreless
  • Another great episode of this third season.

    This sixth episode was centered on Naomi, a smart, confident, but ultimately lonely, and we could notice that on this week's episode.

    Although she seems to live in a house full of people, she doesn't seem to know anyone of her mom's friends, who's been giving shelter to a lot a of different and strange people.

    This makes her feel lonely and she seems to not have anyone around to comfort her and when she seemed to found that someone, her trust was betrayed.

    But there's someone who doesn't give up on her, Emily, but this relation is confusing her, because she seems to refuse that she really likes Emily.

    This episode was mostly about the relationship of these two characters, which has been developing throughout the season. The back and fourth they've been through seems to cause doubts on her orientation, but in the end, Naomi seems to realize that she can only rely on Emily.

    This was a great episode, with the action being solely promoted by Cook (this already seems to be a pattern), but it was too centric on Naomi and Emily, since most of all the characters only said a pair of lines.

    In the end, I must say that the closing scene, the talk and hand touching through the door was greatly done. Seemed like a metaphor for the struggle Naomi has been facing.

    The name painted on Naomi's face, was a great scene too.moreless
  • Really good episode but why were the other characters basically ignored? Some didn't even have one line!

    Right so I watched this again just now cos I wanted to watch it when I was less was definitely better the second time around. Why? Because my expectations were so high before the original viewing that I was a bit let down. Naomi is a brilliant character and she certainly didn't disappoint.

    I loved how she stood up to Cook and doesn't seem 'afraid' or intimidated by him. Highlights were her confronting him and calling him 'a joke' and when she turned him down at the end, just brilliant. So glad the show stayed true to her character. Cook even seemed nicer here as he didn't push Naomi into anything and I liked when she said he wasn't as bad as people thought. Sorry but he's still my least favourite character.

    Well onto what the episode was essentially about, Emily and Naomi's relationship. I don't know about anyone else but I thought Emily was great throughout the whole episode. As another reviewer pointed out, slightly needy but still she added some humour and is a likable character. The opening scene was really cool with her so obviously waiting for Naomi to arrive.

    I think my favourite scene nearly was when Emily turned up at Naomi's house, I loved her speech when she came back into the room...that gave Naomi the message. It was funny but kind of cool to see them just having a laugh. The scene in the college when Naomi stood up on the table was actually really well done...well except someone problems which I'll talk about at the end. Loved Emily defending Naomi by calling Cook a c**t.

    Really enjoyed the lake parts when Naomi finally gives in to her feelings. It was funny at times too. Plus was brilliant when Emily challenged and yelled at Naomi, telling her to accept her feelings. The election was alright but it was kind of background. I did love how Naomi busted the teacher about stuffing her bra with Cook's votes. The ending was actually really well done as Naomi finally admits to her feelings for Emily. Seeing them both crying was sad but touching and the hand through the cat flap was sweet.

    Now for those negatives - Kieran didn't do a whole pile for me, I would of much preferred the main cast getting a look in...which brings me to my main negative. Where the hell was everyone else? No Pandora humour, Effy had one frigging line...Thomas was seen for about a second, Katie didn't do anything...JJ was just background...and Freddie had that tiny bit. I'm sorry but surely they could of fitted in some development on these characters. In episode 4 we saw Thomas coming back but haven't seen how he and Pandora are doing. What does Katie think about the kiss?

    Why end your episode and not talk about the end the following week. I know it was Naomi's episode but that didn't stop them in another episodes...couldn't we have had less Kieran and more Pandora, less of the year head and more of Effy? Maybe it's just me but I was disappointed by this and that's why I can't give it a ten!

    Next week actually looks brilliant again, I'm so interested to see more of JJ. And hopefully the other characters too.moreless
  • Love And Trust Written by Atiha Sen Gupta And Jack Thorne Directed by Somin Massey

    Wow, I actually thought this was the best episode of the season. Maybe it's because there's an emotional investment with Emily or Naomi but it worked.

    Naomi is one of the best female characters around. She's similar to Jal in personality (to a degree) and Cassie in only dress sense (seriously her and Pandora dress quite bizarre), so I was looking forward to her episode.

    Her hippy mum was good casting with Olivia Coleman but I was surprised she didn't get as much to do in the episode as I thought she would've done.

    All of those hippies in Naomi's house, no wonder Naomi was losing patience with them. I wouldn't want to have woken up to that particular bloke.

    I'm glad that we got Kieran back into the mix and I was pleased that him and Naomi had a friendship but he made a grave mistake in trying to kiss her. Naomi needed someone to trust and he violated that.

    Also sleeping with her mum wasn't his best idea either. It was interesting that Naomi forgave him in the end and for a minute, I did think she was going to tell her mother about Emily.

    That lead to the other part - Emily. We've seen her openly pursuing Naomi and Naomi did go a few lengths to try and avoid her until Emily actually stood up to Naomi.

    It was also Emily that Naomi turned to when things go intense at home. The bike ride, the sleeping with each other in the woods. Naomi did let go only to retreat much later.

    Had it not been for her conversation with her mother, Naomi may or may have not gone after Emily again. It will be interesting to see how the pair of them work out as a couple.

    Cook was actually quite a lot of fun in this episode. I hated the humiliation part but I did like his Che take on things and we do have to thank Naomi for him getting elected.

    He also won some pointers for not behaving like a jerk after Naomi chose not to sleep with him. It wouldn't take much to deduce that Cook was aware that Naomi had feelings for Emily. Everyone else in this episode didn't seem to have fun to do. Effy seemed conflicted and irritated over Freddie and Cook, JJ was little more than an assistant to Cook, Katie had no dialogue and Pandora and Thomas seemed okay.moreless
  • Not as good as the last two but decent nonethless.

    I suppose this episode was good for character development, however it could have definately done with more supporting cast around Naomi and Emily.

    I have no doubt they'll improve as actors, Naomi definately has potential, however i think they struggled with some scenes. If the writers threw in a few other characters such as Pandora and Effy these weaknesses would have been much less noticeable. Doing so also could have allowed them to nudge other plot developments along slightly, thus moving the story forward as a whole.

    Something they did wonderfully with Padora's episode.

    Only real disappointment with this series now are the "adults". It's getting pretty ridiculous to be honest and it's not always funny. Naomi's situation at home was simply too over the top to have any real effect and that school riot was simply unbelievable. Having the adults act the way they do actually brings down the quality of the show imo

    Overall it was a decent episode. It did appear to drag at times but all things considered,i liked it.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Naomi stands to give her speech for the presidential campaign, she is wearing a yellow plaid pattern shirt and Emily is wearing a purple polo shirt. However, these were not the outfits they began wearing on that day, but were the ones they would be wearing later on the day of the election.

    • Thomas is seen sitting amongst the students twice in this episode, but in the episode "Thomas", he was employed as a cleaner.

    • Naomi's mum's comparing a banana to a penis is the second time this season that the comparison has been made. The first time was in the season premiere, when Emily was looking through the college brochure.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Cook: Why you fighting it, Naomi? You want it. I want it. Let's get together and feel all right.
      Naomi: You couldn't make me feel all right if you stapled your tongue to my clit and stood on a cement mixer.

    • Emily: I can see it now in lights - "Naomi, get to know me".
      Naomi: I thought it was catchy.
      Emily: Yeah, so is AIDS.

    • Naomi: Emily, we've had about three conversations in our entire lives so the idea that you always know what I'm talking about is a bit ridiculous.

    • Kieron: Kept behind by Cruella De Ville.
      Naomi: And what did the college director want?
      Kieron: To send me on a motivation course. The feeling, healing, teaching program.
      Naomi: Fuck's sake.
      Kieron: And guess what, I fucking hate teaching.

    • (Kieran kisses Naomi)
      Naomi: But you're... ugh, you're old enough to be my dad!
      Kieran: Maths was never my strong suit, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

    • Naomi's mom: I've got an Irishman waiting for me, who says all he needs for happiness is regular sex and potatoes.

    • Cook: They (women) all come to the Cookie Monster in the end.

    • Cook: And my first act as President of this school, is to declare this riot open!

    • Kieran: Oh, what's a bit of public humiliation? I'm a teacher, I'm used to it.
      Naomi: Yeah, people fuck you up every day.
      Kieran: Yep. Everyday. After a while you get to kind of like it.

    • (Kieran tries to start his car)
      Naomi: This is some automobile you've got here.
      Kieran: Oh, yes! Would you believe it only cost me £2.50? And three tokens from the top of Weetabix packets.
      Naomi: Yeah, I really would believe that.

    • (Naomi wakes up and there's someone in bed with her)
      Naomi: Jesus Christ! What the fuck!?
      Guy in bed: (waking up) Huh?
      Naomi: Jesus Christ! Who the fuck are you!?
      Guy in bed: I'm a friend of your mum's... I had nowhere to kip. Sweetheart, isn't she? Even if she doesn't believe, I'm the actual Messiah.

    • Naomi: Cook! Cook! This isn't right.
      Cook: Wha..?
      Naomi: Sorry, just... isn't a 'goer'.
      Cook: Fair enough.
      Naomi: Is that it? You're not even going to try and convince me? Most guys would.
      Cook: Most guys aren't me babe. You fancy me, I'm cool with it, so there's obviously another reason why you won't fuck with me and it must be a good one 'cos you're... you know... clever.
      (Naomi leans over and kisses Cook on the cheek)
      Naomi: You're a lot nicer than most people think, aren't you Cook?
      Cook: Fuck you!
      Naomi: (giggles) Fuck you right back!

    • Emily: I know you. I know you Naomi. I know you're lonely. I think you need someone to want you. Well... I do want you... so, be brave... and want me back.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music In This Episode:
      "Diamond Day" by Vashti Bunyan.
      "Hard Rock" by Audio Networks.
      "Love Action" by The Human League.
      "Good Weekend" by Art Brut.
      "Oakland Lake Legz" by Experimental Dental School.
      "I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me" by Asobi Seksu.
      "Art" by Diskettes.
      "White Film" by Tujiko Noriko.
      "Jump In" by High Places.
      "Believer" by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra.
      "After The Call" by Electrelane.
      "Instant Karma" by John Lennon.
      "Walking" by Dodos.
      "Mr You're on Fire Mr" by Liars.
      "Just As You Are" by Robert Wyatt.
      "Heavy Water" by Grouper.
      "Tainted Love" by Gloria Jones.

    • Katie (Megan Prescott) and Pandora (Lisa Backwell) appear but do not have any lines.