Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2012 on E4
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Nick is under pressure when Matty tables a risky scenario to get him home. Nick tries to tackle his feelings for Franky but decides to overcome them instead when he sees a girl that catches his eye. Meanwhile, the gang plans to attend a rave that lasts two days.


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  • SPOILERS. Another brilliant episode.

    Another brilliant episode - possible my favourite of the season so far. The writers seem to have finally found what every character can do best, and are giving us really entertaining and great storyline's. Nick and Franky getting together shouldn't work. It's out of the blue, and I used to hate Franky. But it does, it really does. I found myself liking their friendship, and the chemistry between them. I even liked Franky in this episode. That's saying a lot.

    But the episode was about Nick, say I'll talk about him. He's got a lot to deal with - a missing brother, a major crush on his brothers girlfriend, and his friends all blame his brother for their friends death. That's pretty big stuff so it isn't a shock to see Nick turn to booze and drugs. But what's so great about Nick that he really does try to help Matty in this episode - despite his growing feelings for Franky, he does try and get the money for his MIA brother. I enjoyed the awkward scene with Nick and Franky, in her room, and in the science lab at school. It felt quite real, and developed them as a couple loads.

    Getting involved with the dodgy men who could provide Matty with a passport was brave of Nick, and even though it ended up falling through (I assume) it was still good to see Nick fighting for him. I actually thought Carly, Nick's random hookup, was quite funny. And she also was the one to inform Nick that Franky obviously likes him too. This pushed Nick to confront his friends, and ask them for help with his money/Matty woes. This was probably the highlight of the episode because everyone finally let their feelings out. Mini outright said that Matty killed Grace, Rich said he wanted to remain uninvolved, and Franky once again refused to side with Matty. I don't like Matty but it's not completely his fault that Grace is dead - so it was brilliant to see Nick so angry and upset with his friends, who all turned their backs on him. This scene was a long time coming and it was worth the wait.

    Then comes a scene where Sean Teale, who plays Nick, really excels. Franky confronts him about why he's acting up and Nick explodes. He tells her how much he loves her, and wishes he could run away. It was a powerful moment where the relationship was developed loads once again. Then he kisses Alex, as sort an apology for refusing his help, I think anyway...or else he was mind-fucking Franky. So the last scenes - Franky arrives once again, and tries to help Nick. They finally get together after Nick tells Franky 'you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen'. It was a sweet moment, and the sex scene was more romantic than anything else. And then for once, Nick seems happy. Literally, I think this is the happiest I think we've ever seen the character, and that's satisfying. But Franky saw Matty on the webcam, and he saw her in Nick's shirt. So he knows? Was this her way of really ending thing?

    I do wonder if Matty will ever even come back - he's been MIA since the premier so they must want him back in person before the finale. But hey, Alo's episode next week and I can't wait. Another episode full of Alo/Mini drama sounds good to me. Predictions for the last four episodes? Grace may turn up alive, this is heavily rumoured and I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen. As much as I don't want it to, it would be interesting at least. Matty will return and fight for Franky, she'll pick no one...or Nick. Mini will tell Alo about the baby, and after some denial he'll vow to stay with her. As for Liv...I really don' know. Her episode has me intrigued because right now, she's a very background character. Grief about Grace? Repairing her friendship with Mini? Maybe she'll be the one to discover that Grace is actually still alive somewhere.

    Only four left, and I'm actually sad about that...moreless
  • Nick gains dimension

    We don't really know much about what goes on in Nick's head. He hasn't had a centric episode since early last season. This time around, he's torn between trying to get Matty back and doing what he wants to do, which is continue his advances on Franky, Matty's now ex-girlfriend. It's definitely an interesting storyline. I could feel the pressure from my end. Matty's really bad plans to get him home cost way too much and are high-risk. Why would Nick even bother? Well Matty is his brother. In the end, it doesn't look like Matty's coming home anytime soon. That's fine with me. He hasn't had much of my interest anyways. But, anyways, you probably never thought that Franky and Nick would be good together, but their scenes together were enticing. Nick trying to come to terms with his thoughts and emotions. Franky trying to tease apart whether she wants to go through with this or not. I mean she's just been in a nasty fling with Luke and she doesn't care for Matty anymore. The rest of the gang was again merely background in this episode. Although there was one scene where they wondered out loud why Nick wants to bring Matty home. One other note: that Carly girl that Nick hooked up with, man that girl was hot :). Sorry, that's my male mind syndrome kicking in.moreless

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    • Goofs: Nick's cellphone has surprisingly few contacts. There's two A's and one is Alo. Then it jumps down to F and the first one there is Franky.

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