Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2012 on E4

Episode Recap

Nick watches Franky listening to a hippy at a party. Franky feigns severe interest but she is actually tricking him for entertainment. The hippy asks if Franky is seeing anyone, but Franky explains that she has a rare condition that left her with no genitalia. Franky takes out some pills and crushes them up to put in a bottle of pop. Liv, Alex, Nick, and Franky take the drug mix while the hippy plays music with the rest of his band members. They leave the house party and the group splits up. Nick and Franky take a bike to get home. Alex and Liv head off by foot. It starts pouring, so Franky invites Nick into her house and up the stairs.

The walls of Franky's walls are filled with collages about art. We previously saw her make some last season. Nick sneaks a peak while Franky quickly changes out of her wet clothes. They smoke up some more. Then they grow quiet. Franky says not to spoil the evening and Nick wonders why. It's not about Luke, she says. Nick soon leaves before things get more awkward. The next morning, Matty video calls Nick. Matty says he's coming home this week. But his hook up to get home needs money, a lot of money. Matty says he needs to go today to see this guy or else Matty won't be able to get home. Nick ponders how he's going to be able to get this money together. Nick grabs as much money as he has on hand and from his dad's office. Then Nick heads over to the address Matty gave him. It's a strip club. He heads upstairs to see someone people call "The Doctor". The man introduces himself and tells Nick he needs $2000 pounds to get Matty home.

Franky is disinterested in chemistry class when Nick arrives late. Nick and Franky share a moment while burning phosphorous (which burns very bright). Franky tries to find out what's wrong with Nick outside of class. But before she can get much out of him, Alex tells them about a party going on. Alo is also ready to go. They head to the massive club. Liv establishes rules: no one goes home; they match each other drink for drink; you bomb, shit, piss yourself in anyway, you're done. Nick has brought the $700 pounds and he decides to spot his friends (Alex, Liv, and Alo) for the night. Alex tries to figure out what's going on between Franky and Nick but Nick doesn't divulge much. Alex says you shouldn't get hung up on people; you do what you want to do and move on. Alex shows him some girls and Nick sees one that he's interested in. Nick watches her dance and then moves in for the kill. Soon they are in a backroom and she undresses.

The next morning, he wakes up beside the girl in his bed at home. It becomes clear that she's a weird catch, one that is clingy yet sweet. This girl, Carly, mentions that she is suspended and is trying to stay away from home. Nick wonders what she was suspended for but the girl doesn't say. He's interrupted by the door and it's Franky. Franky sees the girl come down the stairs. Franky is upset and Nick is too. When he heads back upstairs, Carly is already leaving too. Carly says she can see the interest between the two of them. Nick checks how much money he has left and it isn't much. Matty video calls Nick and asks if Nick paid the man. Now Nick has to search for more money. Instead of money, he finds bonds in his father's office and he cashes them out at the bank. He brings this to the sketchy man at the strip club. The Doctor asks for another $1000 pounds and Nick starts to get angry, saying the deal is off. The Doctor says to bring more money or lose the $2000 he already dropped off and never get Matty back.

Nick, stressed out beyond reason, sits in an alley. He calls Alo first but he's partying at the club and can't talk. Nick heads over to the club and finds Alo and the rest of the gang there, including Rich and Mini. After Alo tries to ask what is wrong, Nick finally comes out and says that he owes money to some guys who are going to get Matty back. Mini is upset because Matty "killed' Grace. The gang starts turning on Nick, asking why he wants to get Matty back when he messed up Grace's life. Nick explains that Matty is his brother. Alex comes to Nick privately and says he can help him but Nick blows him off. Then he heads to the bathroom, but Franky finds him first before he can take more drugs. Franky asks why Nick didn't tell her. Franky says Matty has messed up Nick but Nick says Franky has been on his mind but he can't shake her out of there. Through sobs, he says he would want nothing more to lose all thoughts of Franky but he can't. Franky finally says that she's not interested, but that just leaves Nick even more upset.

Nick heads outside and sees The Doctor character enter the strip club. He rushes up the stairs and attacks the man, grabbing his keys. But the money is already gone. The Doctor says to leave and never come back. Now Nick heads home again. But he bangs his head on the door because he doesn't have his keys. Franky appears behind him with the keys and Nick lets her in. Franky says to tell Matty to stop calling her. And then she takes out the cash to get Matty back. Nick says to keep it and this surprises Franky. Nick says the deal went bad. They head up to the bedroom. They have sex and then Franky even sticks around. Nick asks, "What now?". And Franky replies, "Let's just enjoy it". When Franky heads back to Nick's bedroom, another video call from Matty comes in. Franky logs in but doesn't say anything, she logs off after a few seconds. Matty is shocked. But elsewhere, Nick has a smile on his face.