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Skins (UK)

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on E4
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Episode Summary

Pandora throws a party which descends into chaos with the arrival of Katie's drunken friends. Pandora, completely unaware of the ingredients, indulges in some special brownies causing her to lose all inhibitions and jeapordize her friendship with Effy.

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  • Pandora's birthday party turns into somewhat of a disaster...

    This episode was freakin' awesome, Pandora's mom is just crazy, you kind of understand why Pandora is like that.

    The episode is entitled Pandora but most of the character development is about Effy. It's wonderful to see how such a strong character can have it's week moments, and I really can't wait to see how she'll come up on top "a la" episode "Effy" from the 2nd season (Personal Favorite until now).

    This 3rd season is really starting to pick up, the actors are growing every episode, and there's always something to leave you hanging waiting for the next episode. This is what I really love about skins, it's almost 50m long and if one could one wouldn't stop seeing it.

    Again, this episode was amazing, can't wait for next episode to see if Freddie gains a personality.moreless
  • The best episode in series 3 so far

    (SPOILER WARNING) This episode was wonderful. The best episode in series 3 so far. I was constantly entertained, I laughed, practically pulled my hair out, and felt incredibly sad. The episode starts with a pivotal moment in Effy's life as her dad finds out about her moms affair and leaves the house. Pandora tries to comfort the stone cold Effy who hates being vulnerable and rarely show emotions (though this changes). Then all of the girls meet up at Pandora's for a innocent sleepover that ends up being anything but. The party starts off with making brownies but once Katie with Effy's encouragement spikes them with MDMA things go downhill. The party includes an unconscious mom, cook having sex (with Effy), girl on girl action, load of football players that crash the girls night, JJ freaking out in a corner, Freddie coming to rescue JJ, Effy feeling remorse for her actions, an interesting discovery in the neighbors house,and cook having sex yet again(this time with Pandora). overall an above average "skins" party. The episode had some wonderful character development and immensely interesting storylines. It ends with Pandora finally telling Effy to be a better friend and Effy finally understanding that she hasn't been. The bitter sweet final scene is the return of Thomas. A great episode that I enjoyed every minute of.moreless
  • Just Between Girls Written by Bryan Elsley Directed by Simon Massey

    Pajamas party are a first for this show and another opportunity for more drugs and the like. Only Pandora would want squeaky clean with her hedonist pals around.

    Sally Philips is a good casting choice for Angela, a woman who seems similarly manic as Pandora. So Angela indulges in sex with her annoying neighbour Martin, yet she wants Pandora to stay pure. Easier said than done.

    Sometimes I did wonder why Effy and Pandora are friends when they're so different but that's part of the appeal of their friendship - their differences.

    Effy mentioned that she wondered about their friendship and Pandora gave some interesting answers. Does Pandora really think she's as useless as she tells Effy? I hope not.

    The party escalates into a drug fest certainly gave Pandora the opportunity to call Effy out on her behaviour. In fact Freddie also joined in when he found JJ in a state.

    So JJ has autism? This episode did seem to allude to it and Freddie, despite being a fun sponge is the responsible one of the boys. He certainly developed more of a personality in this episode, which is a good sign for the next one.

    Effy looked visibly hurt when Freddie laid, like she's starting to care about his opinion. Still didn't stop her from sleeping with Cook again though.

    Cook and Pandora hooking up was better handled than I expected it. She seemed to be the one in control of the situation and Cook behaved like a decent human being afterwards.

    Pandora had a point about Cook - he's not anyones and Effy knows this more than anyone else. Her getting annoyed because Pandora slept with Cook was odd and then there was Pandora's sense of guilt when Thomas returned at the end.

    Anthea's affair with Steve didn't stay hidden for long but it meant more swearing for Jim. I actually don't find him all that sympathetic (except for that time he was talking to Maxxie's dad) and while Anthea was in the wrong I felt more sorry for her than Jim.

    Katie's another character who has gotten sympathetic. Her scenes with Naomi at first seemed straight forward but now she liked Naomi and they even made with the gay jokes. I do think that Naomi was protesting too much about her sexuality.

    It's interesting that Emily is the one pursuing Naomi more overtly and the kiss was good. Both Katie and JJ spotted them and it was hard to understand how Katie felt. Was she surprised, annoyed? Is she genuinely homophobic or just catty?

    On another note, can we please ditch her loser boyfriend? That guy is a massive irritation in an otherwise brilliant episode.moreless
  • Pandora throws a pajama party, inviting Effy, Katie, Emily and Naomi. Of course things go wrong...

    A really interesting insight into Pandora's character and an even deeper insight into Effy, this is probably the first time we see her as truly affected by something around her. Pandora has normally annoyed me every time she's been on screen so far, but I think this episode was a turning point for her and I can honestly say I like her character now.

    The twist with her and Cook hooking up was brilliant. It was interesting to see him being so nice to her yet it still resulting in benefiting him. I did not expect Effy to find out so early.

    Emily and Naomi hooking up was also pretty cool. I don't know where they are going to take those two girls' relationship, but I'm more interested in Emily and Katie's relationship and how that is going to affect the twins. Naomi needs a little bit more screentime and personality, but I guess I'll wait until her episode.

    The scenes between Effy and Pandora in this episode stood out, with their relationship really echoing Tony and Sid's. It was great to see some emotion from Effy finally and also to see her question her friendship with Pandora. I wonder if now she'll turn to Katie to be her best friend.

    Thomas returning was great! And the last scene was really well done. The only complaint I have about this episode was Freddie. His scene with Effy was really good, but his character is becoming increasingly boring. I want to relate to him more and feel for his character but I just can't. Everything else in this episode was awesome. The best Skins episode since Season 2, without a doubt. I'm finally used to this new cast, and with just the one exception, I'm really liking them so far.moreless
  • Awesome episode. Pandora Rocks

    When the third series started, I was a little annoyed and bothered. Where where the great characters, the fantastic insights into all these messed up human beings that had existed in the first two series? Then I went back and actually watched the first few episodes of the first series. They were pretty weak too. They too started with a ludicrous subplot about a dangerous adult out to kill/maim one of the kids. Instead of a gangster, it was a shady pot dealer. So with that in mind, I settled in and waited.

    Cook's eppy wasn't bad and Thomas' was good (would have been better if he'd been introduced in the first two episodes instead of just dropped in), but this episode was just outright awesome. Skins always goes a little over the top (I HATE the older boyfriend character) but those tiny moments, Effy asking when SHE gets to be someone else, Pandora wanting people to just be there for HER....those are what makes Skins great.

    And for those wondering about Cook, Pandora had the right of it: he'll never belong to anyone. The funny thing is, that as selfish a jerk as he is, he was the ONLY person at the party to do what Pandora wanted: Play twister and teach her to f*ck. This episode took Pandora from being a joke (they've traded in her frazzled pigtails for a more stylish look) into my new favorite character in the Skins world.

    Hopefully this trend will continue.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Cook and J.J. enter the episode, "Milkshake" by Kelis plays but the line "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" plays twice in a row.

    • At the begining of the episode, Effy and Pandora are sleeping in a room with a bay window. When we saw Effy's room in Series 1, her room didn't have a bay window. In the final episode of Series 2 she is seen lying in Tony's bed, apparently having moved into his room while he is away.

    • Effy and Cook fall through a hidden door while they are in the wardrobe and supposedly end up in the house next door. But from the outside scenes it is clear that the house is fully detatched (ie. there is no shared wall with another house).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Effy: Any good?
      Pandora: I dunno what you mean.
      Effy: I mean he's a sensational fuck, yeah?
      Pandora: There's a whammer lotta things you don't know about me, Eff. Just cos I'm useless don't mean I'm nothing.
      Effy: We're friends because you don't surf and turf my men, you said that!
      Pandora: He's not yours, Eff! He'll never belong to anyone.
      Effy: Shut up!
      Pandora: That's why you don't really want him.
      Effy: Shut up!
      Pandora: He's not the one you want, Eff!
      Effy: Shut up!
      Pandora: You see, I know that because I'm your friend. But you don't make enough effort, Eff. I'm just there to laugh at. You don't know me. My life, my family, my mum. Why don't you know anything about my mum? I know everything about yours.
      Effy: You're right. I don't know anything about your mum.
      Pandora: I'm sorry, okay?
      Effy: (looking behind Pandora) Yeah. Oh Jesus.
      Pandora: What?
      Effy: Careful what you wish for Pandora.
      Pandora: Why? (turns to see Thomas approaching)

    • Pandora: (crying) You always bog everything up. It's always you. You do everything you like just because you're depressed cos your mum's getting whacked up the pants. Well, bogging bog off! This is MY party, and I'm upset because MY boyfriend got deported. And you're supposed to be playing, and eating jelly, and playing twister at MY party. And telling me how to pop MY cherry with MY boyfriend.
      Effy: For Christ's sakes I'll show you how to do a blowjob.
      Pandora: (slamming the door in Effy's face) I don't want a blowjob! I want my boyfriend back.
      Effy: Panda? Just... I was just... Panda!?
      Katie: She's upset.
      Effy: Do I ever get to be upset? Do I ever get to be anyone but me?

    • Effy: Pandora, why are we friends? Do you ever wonder?
      Pandora: Well that's super easy. You're my friend coz you're the coolest ever. And I'm yours coz I'd totally do anything you say, and none of your boyfriends ever wanna surf me coz I'm useless.
      Effy: And that's it?
      Pandora: Yeah.

    • Pandora: (running off) Come on! We can do brownies and then lick our bowls out.
      Katie: Do you think she knows she sounds filthy half the time?
      Effy: Sometimes I wonder.

    • Neighbour: This is a quiet cul-de-sac and you are disgraceful young women.
      Naomi: Yeah, and you can go fuck yourself.

    • Pandora: You know, Effy, your missionary work.
      Effy: Yes, I try to do as much as that as I can.

    • Effy: (on her parents): They fuck you up.
      Pandora: They don't mean to, Eff.
      Effy: But they do.

    • Pandora: Do you think love conquers all, Anthea?
      Anthea: I hope so, sweetie.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music In This Episode:
      "See You Through" by Ida Maria.
      "Teddy Bear's Picnic" by Fat Segal.
      "On Blue" by Fat Segal.
      "A Milli" by Lil Wayne.
      "Next Episode" by Dr Dre.
      "On Blue" by Fat Segal.
      "Moon River" by Henry Mancini.
      "London's Burning" by the cast.
      "One Finger One Thumb" by The Singing Kettle.
      "Sugar Town" by Nacy Sinatra.
      "Milkshake" by Kelis.
      "If You Seek Amy" by Britney Spears.
      "Do It Again" by Steely Dan.
      "Living On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi.
      "Red Dress" by Sugababes.
      "If This is Love" by The Saturdays.
      "The Fear" by Lily Allen.
      "Jump" by Girls Aloud.
      "Giving Up The Nappy (dug out)" by Ice Cube.
      "Che-che Check It Out" by Beastie Boys.
      "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool.
      "Sex" by N Dubz.
      "Love Lockdown" by Kayne West.
      "Breaker" by Low.