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  • A show following Bristol teenagers in their final two years of school.

    Skins is a brilliant show. There are many teen dramas made across different subjects and incorporating many themes but none seem to pull it off as convincingly as Skins. Skins is one of the few shows to use appropriately aged actors. It 'discovers' its actors by holding auditions at schools and hiring mainly totally inexperienced and unproven actors. It works remarkably well. All characters seem 'real' and they really take on the roles. The format of an episode per character allows development into single characters while still maintaining a plot. The characters may seem a little over the top to many. This is because of the heavy drug use, and how many of them seem to go 'off the rails' quite often. Every two seasons Skins plans to totally change cast, while maintaining a few links to the old one. This was done with season three with the linking factor being Effy, and to a small extent, Pandora. Before watching the third season I thought that it would totally destroy the series, but I feel that they did rather well and I am looking forward to what they do for the fourth series. The characters in the third season to seem less real, and less relatable, but still are good viewing. It is hard not to draw correlations between some of the first and second generation characters, such as the early Chris to Cook, Michelle to Katie. Still, with further development of the second generation characters they may distance themselves from their predecessors. Overall a solid series well worth the time.
  • SKINS !!!! :D Love it ! it shouldn't end ! Love the 1st and 2nd ! But the 3rd one its getting better and yes Freddy is extremely hot ! :DD waiting for the 4th season sooon ! :D

    I love skins ! I kinda like the 1st and 2nd season better, but i also like this 3rd season !
    I think its uncomparable to gossip girl and its a lot better, its more a realistic tv series about teenagers life at an european country, i hope it doesn't stops ever! and i found very interesting the fact that at the 1st episode of this 3rd season was mentioned the death of Max Preece, a young boy, talented and loved by many people, from bristol, singer who died, a drama faced every day by many people, kinda like skins.

    I miss Cassie and the old "crew"!!! :DDD
  • I love the fact that it is like a more edgy gossip girl...

    It's like a more adult Gossip Girl with better humor and more likable characters. They may have a different cast now but it is honestly one of the best shows on TV right now. You have to relate to one of the characters or know someone who is like them, they are too human to not relate to. While the story line may be a little far fetched at times it is always interesting and always has something to teach you. You can always pick up a message about how love isn't perfect, or friendships are fragile things only with a twist of humor which all of us need now-a-days. Personal Favorite, and I hope it continues.

    Skins used to be a favorite of mine, season 1 & 2 were written masterpieces - beautifully produced and stunningly performed. The plots followed interesting characters whose stories were playfully yet intricately tied together, combining moments of hilarity, seriousness and tragedy within the framework of a context which seemed to emulate so much of what it means and feels like to be young. Skins 1 & 2 entertained and amused within the realms of believability. Whilst some of the weird and wonderful things they did were extraordinary, they were close to the reality of the post gen Y experience. Now, what has become of my beloved skins? Where is the heart? The substance that accompanied the style has abruptly departed and all we were left with was a rioting school of ridiculous misfit kids, rooting and smoking their way through a mildly entertaining existence. Random hook ups on the first day of school
    Getting involved with organised crime
    Quid-pro-quo sex for a cavanger hunt
    Chilli eating competitions
    Rioting high school students

    WFT!? What were the writers doing in the break? Sorting coke? I was hoping to find that the old writing team had been replaced so at least this could be attributed to a slack new team of naive writers who have no connection to this world of young ppl. But alas, its THE SAME PPL.

    It seems that success has bred the worst sort of laziness in the skins writing team. Now (and if this continues) skins is destined to join the ranks of 90210, Dawsons the OC and GG, more of the same SOULESS GARBAGE.

    This show is truely not worth watching past the second season.

  • Simply one of the best shows i have seen and enjoy watching it every week.

    Skins is a fantastic show about teenagers from England. The cast in the first two seasons were great and teenagers all around the world would of been relating to some of the story lines that were brought up. Every week in the first season we learn about the characters, making us more attached to them and like them. In the second season more serious stories unfold. There is a fantastic mix of drama and comedy in Skins, one minute your laughing at their crazy antics, the next you might be on the edge of your seat excited to see what happens next. In the third series, i was disappointed on the cast from series one and two being thrown out (except for Effy and Pandora) and wasn't sure how i would like the new cast. However since the first two seasons were fabulous, i thought it was worth seeing how the new season would go. And i must say, so far i have not been disappointed. Fairly similar to season one, season three has been about learning about the new characters, however unlike season one, some major story lines have been introduced while learning about the characters. So far i think season three has been fantastic and has continued the greatness of the show which is known as Skins.
  • Its teen life in a show, drugs partying etc etc. Though this show takes it too a new and exciting step.

    Skins is a show which is aimed at the younger audience of teens and young adults which basically goes through the lives of a gang of 16-18 year olds through their years at college but wait these kids aren't just 'normal' teens they are super bad and have got the whole sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll thing down pretty good. The 1st two series focused on Tony and his friends and how they developed through college till leaving for uni or wherever, the 2nd series got a bit weird and I was slighty mad at the ending but the new series I believe is looking way better than the original which I never thought it would. The shows 3rd series now focuses on Effy (Tony's lil' sis) as she is going through college with her new found gang of teen rebels. So the stories can be a bit far fetched, like having sex in school, drinking and setting things alight.... well not THAT unbelievable to be honest and it is great through out. Each episode usually focuses on one particular character or a couple depending on what crazy situation the boys and girls are in, in the episodes. One of the great things about this show is the music soundtracks are great, there are loads of classic indie tunes and hits constanly playing and well each character offers something different and original to the show. We have the wild and loud Cookie, the sensible brotherly Freddy, the geeky and eccentric JJ and Pandora, I could go on but there are a few of them. Its a good show and if you like a bit of swearing and crazy TV watching then Skins should keep you well entertained.
  • A show about teenagers doing illegal things and dealing with many issues way beyond their years, but more than that it's a show about the characters and the problems they face in their first few years of college.

    This show, after two seasons, has proven to be one of the best teenage dramas out of both the US or UK, in a very long time. While its premise is controversial and the content is sometimes a little too much, the characters in this drama really shine through and deliver some really powerful moments between the insane and the funny moments the group continuously gets themselves into. The first season started off as a lighthearted comedy, but as the show progressed it became so much more. It has transformed into a very dark teenage drama - dealing with issues such as pregnancy, heartbreak, and even death - while still maintaining a quirky and zany charm providing a contrast to some of the show's darkest moments. The characters can still be related to, while still being completely over-the-top and hilarious at times. The third season has just proved that this teenage drama can reinvent itself again by producing an entirely new cast and an entirely new gang who get themselves into many new funny sometimes incredibly touching situations. The jokes sometimes fall flat, and the drama is sometimes a little too hard to handle at times, but the combination of comedy, drama and character moments is often the perfect mixture.
  • The best teen show I have ever seen

    I only wish that American shows could be more like this. It's brilliant television. the characters arcs are wonderfully done. It's the only show where I feel that I love EVERY single character. In their individual episodes you get to lean what drives them and what hold them back. You get to fully understand each character and experience their tragedies and joys. The writing is perfect it combines hilarious lines and moments with moments that really emotionally effect you. Though it sounds cliche you will laugh and cry through the whole show. The storylines are gritty and interactions between the characters are refreshingly realistic. They don't tip tow around that fact that teens do drugs, have sex, swear, and make mistakes. In fact they make it blatantly clear every episode. The characters are complex in their emotions and relationships which make this one of the most entertaining shows I have ever watched. It puts other shows like the OC, and Gossip Girl to shame with it's daring and realistic plots.
  • This show amazes me. English TV at it's best, Skins portrays a diverse group of 'college' students through their two years. Amazing Stories, Amazing Characters. A show I will always love.

    Skins amazes me. The Stories, which are both realistic and interesting, capture my attention for the full 40 minutes. The characters, Tony, Sid, Michelle, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Maxxie, Anwar and even Effy are each unique and amazing individuals. Through the two seasons we have seen Tony grow into a better person, most likely through a new outlook on life after his accident. Sid learnt to be more confident and to think about things more carefully. Michelle struggled to find happiness and love however it seems in the end she admitted things werent going to be the same with her and Tony. Cassie is an amazin character, quirky and incredibly unique. She battles addiction, self doubt and seeks love however she works through this. Chris, the most energetic & fun guy of the group tragically dies at the end of the groups final season. It is somewhat a bad ending and annoys me. Maxxie, the openly, and widely accepted, gay member of the group struggles to convince his parents to allow him to live his dream however succeeds in the end, moving to london with his boyfriend and best friend Anwar. Anwar, the Muslim boy (who doesnt stick to his Muslim values too well) is somewhat lost and confused about his direction in life, however his best friend Maxxie helps him. Effy, Tony's younger sister, is relatively quiet yet rebellious. The end of season two sees her lying in her brothers bed with a quirky smile on her face, indicating that she is the next story we will see. The third season sees a new cast, where the ones we have grown accustomed to are written out of the script. This seems somewhat strange to me, as i like these characters a great deal. It will be interesting to see the new characters and what they get up to but lets hope the original ones return, atleast in guest appearances, so that we dont miss them. The original cast of skins will always be the favorites, after all.
  • Skins is a british teen drama about what teens go through constantly. It's like a mature "Friends" for teens.

    I absolutely adore this show! I was thrilled with they started airing it on BBC America. It was my ritual on Sunday nights to watch this show. I know I'll miss it to pieces! I can't wait till it comes back to the states! This show is so original and insane! The themes are things that everyone can relate to and I love it for that. It's one of the few shows on tv that I love no matter what they talk about. Plus, the accents are fabulous. Being American, I've always been fascinated with England and this show just increased my love for that country!
  • Simply addictive. A really great show whit an amazing cast so far. Hope it stays this good.

    A great show that I discovered only because a friend mentioned it to me. It doesnt air yet in my country and it´s a shame because no one knows about it. It presents really good stories in every chapter and the characters are so appealing that you just cant get enough of them. So far have no cons whit the show. It´s absolutly addictive and I really cant wait for the next season to start the 25th. It's a shame that they let the entire cast go but I think that it's going to work for them. Also Kaya is an incredible actress.
  • One of the best british shows there is out today. I love it. Can't wait till it comes back on.

    This is one of my favourite shows of all time and is perfect for young adults of today like me. There is a good mixture of comedy, serious issues and sexual activity to keep the audience engrossed. Personally I can't wait for season three as I thought there wasn't going to be one. I thik that the actors are brillant and I like the fact that you had never heard of them before skin. The only thing I don't like is that Chris has been killed off as he was one of my favourite characttors. Otherwise it is absoultly perfect i always give it ten out of ten.
  • not you typical teenage drama...

    i have just finished watching the first season and it was a blast. drama and comedy with some action was perfectly blended in this show about a group of teenagers living the life in Britain. be it sex, drugs, family, religion, homosexuality, betrayal and manipulation. name the issue and they have tackled it.

    its amazing that the series really revolved around the whole clique and didn't just focus on one or two main character/s. you'll really get to know each member as an individual and as a part of the group. for sure whoever you are, wherever you're from or whatever race you have, you'll be able to relate to one if not all of the characters and their experiences as a teenager...

    and did i mention there's lots and i mean lots of nudity in here? yeah. brace yourself to see b&b. hehehehe...
  • British teen drama at it's finest

    I have to say first that this is the most disgusting show I've ever seen. I thought Dirt held that title and then this came along. But then I have to say that I absolutely love it. I was hooked after the first episode.

    All of the characters are extremely well written, rounded and deep. My favorite so far is Cassie. In the pilot she comes across as some empty headed anorexic chick. The very next one made me fall in love with her. She is so much more. Chris is also a favorite, from his clothes to his very obvious crush on Angie; he's just a sweetheart to my eyes.

    The graphic nudity, language and drug content is a bit shocking, but not not too surprising. This show definitely does not bow to normal standards.

    While I haven't seen much yet, I am looking forward to see more from this quirky new show.
  • Season One vs Season Two

    With most shows that start with an amazing first season, the second season can be a little hard to swallow. Seeming to try outdo the first season and just not hitting the mark.

    Unfortunately Skins has suffered due to the brilliant first season, don't get me wrong, I love skins, and I love the second season it's just when you have a first season THAT good, not much can beat it.
    And my hopes of the third season bringing it back around are smashed as news of a whole new cast surface.

    Hopefully with some TV magic they can bring it all around.

    Only time will tell
  • The show revolves around the completely messed up lives of British teenagers.

    I watch a lot of tv, but this show is by and far one of the best I have ever seen. This side of the Atlantic we have a handful of teen based shows that are like Skins...but not nearly as edgy, fulfilling, and entertaining. I don't remember how I happened upon this show but I am so glad I did. I don't even consider it a guilty pleasure because I have no problem telling people about this show and recommending it to people. Skins doesn't treat it's demographic and fanbase as idiots with melodramatic lives. They are treated with delicate thought, care and consideration in such a way that even a 23 year-old such as myself feels thoroughly touched by this show. This is a great representation of my life now and when I was this age.
  • British humor at it's best!

    Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Well, I have to say that British humor isn't that hard to get. I was able to follow that show within the first episode or the first two episodes, and it is hilarious. The show is wonderful, and exciting. It is honestly probably the best teen drama show I have ever seen, and I hope to have DVDs coming to the USA.

    Although, the reason the show isn't a 10/10 is because these are not how teens actually act. Well, not all of them. Also, the show isn't really the best in the world but it is a great show. I recommend this show for teens, and I hope you start watching, soon!
  • Most original teen drama

    Forget Dawson's Creek, The O.C., Gossip Girl and similar, because Skins is everything but the classic teen drama we are used to. First of all is set in Bristol, UK: different habits, different world, (I would even say different language, because is definetely not american), same teenagers problems ever. But the way these guys' problems and issues are presented is original for sure. It's maybe another generation now, not the same that sighted in front of the troubled Dawson and Joey's relationship, or the same that stood for Brian fighting against the rich guys. It's the generation of the extreme parties, drugs, sex without limits. Is it truly like this? We don't really know, but this show fascinates the young people. It's real and direct, express the deep and confused feelings of teenagers by narrating their normal life: they're not too sentimental or spoiled, they're not talking hours using youth psicology or driving expensive cars under the californian sun, they're just like everyone else, down to earth I would dare. And this is the goal of the show: simple guys dealing with everyday life. Friendships and relationships are the center of each episode, and dispite all the difficulties they have and the not properly happy scenario, the final message, the one that we get, is the importance and the strenght of being together.
  • Skins is British drama / comedy aimed at teenagers / young adults, Skins focuses on a group of teenagers as they face Drugs, sexuality, education, parties, race & relationships.

    Skins is a British Teen Drama/Comedy that focuses mainly on the lives of 7 teenagers while sometimes looking into the lives of other sub-characters.

    Each Episode focuses upon either 1 or 2 characters as they face certain challenges in their life whether it be drugs, sexuality, education, parties, race or relationships. Many viewers (especially those of ages 15 - 25) will be able to understand the problems that these teens go through in their everyday lives and because of that really connect with the show.

    With its Quirky comedy bits, fantastic writing, and very promising acting from such young actors, Skins is a great programme that will entertain mainly the younger crowd but may even interest those that wouldn't usually like a teen programme.

    Definetly worth a watch.
  • Skins chronicles the lives of a group of Tony, Sid, and friends, a group teenagers in Britsol.

    Skins is an excellent show. It has fantastic characters, there is the beautiful but insecure Michelle, the slightly insane but completely lovely Cassie, the mysterious Effy, the driven and sarcastic Jal, the adorable but sexually inexperienced Sid, the charming but arrogant Tony, pill popping Chris, hilarious "Muslim Kid" Anwar, and the beautiful Maxxie. Unlike most teen shows, it can deal with issues such as sexuality, religon, and eating disorders without patronizing kids. It also has a great comedic side and has alot of light moments as well. Overall I think this show has a perfect blend of comedy and drama, with excellent acting and writing. There is no other show like this out there, and it is not only for teenagers, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out! :)
  • Skins revolves around the lives of a group of teenagers, who old friends that live in Bristol. The series represents their everyday lives.

    The group includes Tony, popular, does well in school, good looking, good at everything except for being good. Sid, Tony's best mate. He lacks confidence and a sex life. Michelle, Tony's girlfriend. She's Gorgeous and she knows it. Cassie, Anorexic, bulimic, self harming, drug poping, with low self esteem. Her heads Screwed but her heart is in the right place. Chris, Fearless boy around town. He will **** snort pretty much anything. A party animal in love with his teacher. Jal, intelligent and privileged girl with family problems one of the sharper tools in the drawer. Anwar, A Muslim boy. Full devoted to his faith. Partly devoted to dope and white girls. Maxxie, The igmia. He's everyone's and nobody's friend. Proud, openly gay teenager. These characters attend a sixth form college in Bristol. Each installment has a self-contained theme focusing on each different character respectively, but there are several story arcs that span different episodes.

    At the end of season one we leave the gang in a bit of a mess. Tony had just told Michelle he loves her, then he got hit by a bus. Michelle is left staring at her phone. Sid and Cassie were together but Cassie was leaving for Scotland. Angie's fiancée Merve Comes back from Australia and completely destroys Chris and Angie's relationship. Chris takes Angie's engagement ring, and is confronted by Merve and two of his friends. Angie eventually bursts in, and asks Chris to return it, does he comply. However, when he gives the ring back, Chris drops it, probably accidentally, and kneels down to pick it up, causing Anwar's uncle to think that Chris is proposing. Angie takes the ring, and runs off, leaving both Chris and Merve opposite one another. After she runs away, Chris comes to the conclusion that she loves him, and thus earns a punch from Merve, starting a minor brawl. Jal dances with Kenneth at Anwar's birthday party and the two seem to grow closer.

    Skins is an awesome tv show. A really Guilty Pleasure. It is Worth watching the scripts are written reallly well. an original show. The Guys are very hot. It very funny. It deals with Drugs, Eating Disorders, race, religion, sexuality. Excellent for teenagers and young adults not everyone's will like it but I think it's brilliant.
  • Awesome

    This Show is awesome you don't get many quality British T.V Drama shows like this!

    Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 16–18 year-old friends who live in Bristol. The group includes a popular boy (Tony), his Ex girlfriend (Michelle), a geek (Sid), a Muslim boy (Anwar), a gay character (Maxxie), a girl with eating disorder (Cassie), an intelligent and privileged girl with family problems (Jal), and a party animal (Chris). These characters attend a Sixth Form College in Bristol. Each episode has a self-contained theme focusing on each different character respectively, but there are several story arcs that span of different episodes.
  • If you haven't heard of this show you must watch it. It's refreshing, funny and it is finally a show about what the youngsters go through during aodlescence.

    I was looking for a show which was at the same time funny and serious. I must say i didn't think of turning to British Tv at the first time but after some research, it seemed like this show had something special. So I watched the first episode and it was sooo good! I'm really not a big fan of all these Tv shows who depict the lives of some teens who have problems most adolescents will never have but Skins is different. Once more, the British show they can make good real tv shows. You immediatly fall in love with this group of teens who have real problems and real concerns about their lives. It's refreshing to see that they talk about sexuality and drug and all these problems that some tv show prefer to keep under cover because it's not really politically correct to show what our teens think about. The group is a real melting pot as you can find different personalities but also different origins and religions, it's really refreshing and I'm quite sure most teens who have watched this show recognize themselves through the group. So if you want to spend a good time watching Tv (and for those who want to know what their children think about) you must really watch Skins!
  • Skins is a Bristol based drama that is based around 11 teenagers living in the big wild world of Bristol...each episode you get to each characters back ground, family , friends and how the other live, from the world potrays them.

    Skins is such a well detailed drama and it makes it complete is the raunchiness, clever plots and the great acted characters, the show is made complete with the best scenery ever...Bristol... i thought that when SKINS was first advertised with the party scene i thought that it would be anohter JackAss show...but i thought it was fabulous. My favourite characters has to be Michelle Sid And Maxxie..they have such dark backgrounds and it keeps you amazed for ages, for example Sid...Tony treates Sid like rubbish and as quoted on a Skins Fansite 'The But Of Tonys Jokes' but as episodes when by you get to see the soft side of Sid and the one that made all teens and youngsters fall in love with. Skins has to be one of the best dramas that has hit this century and i hope that it carries on for the future generations.
  • Wow lovely!

    I watched a lot of "teen drama", actually I still watch teen drama but I always say that they are guilty pleasure.
    But now I can say, without any shame at all, Hi I'm 22 and I watch and adore Skins.

    British know how to make a show. That's all.
    The writing, the acting, the directing ... everything is perfect, right on cue.

    This show has different kind of characters (a playboy, an anorexic girl, a homosexual, a muslim), deals with a lot of issues and still manages to be funny. What more can you ask for ?

    Season 1 was perfect. Can't wait for season 2.
  • A review of Episode 2: Cassie is suffering from anorexia, and this episode exposes the true affliction caused by the illness. It presents anorexia in such a way, that it might help potential or current victims to relate, and see that they need help.

    Skins is brilliant. Each episode focuses on an entirely unique character - for this review I will focus on Episode 2, which centres around the character Cassie. In the previous episode it is mentioned that Cassie has just been released from hospital, after suffering from anorexia and, as is also suggested, depression. Her family appears quite uncaring, her friends not totally supportive, and we see Cassie's façade through her repeated words – 'I'm totally better now'. She shares with Sid the techniques she uses to avoid eating food, and we see how she hides weights in her pants, so as to avoid further treatment. The show openly shares her suffering with the viewers. She repeatedly sees the word 'EAT' throughout the episode; whether through a formation of chips on a plate at lunch break, or through persistent messages from an unknown sender. One begins to think that perhaps she is imagining the word everywhere, and trying to tell herself what she needs to hear. I think it is great that an issue like this can be exposed, and especially through such a truly entertaining show, which is targeted at young adults. So many young women, and men, of this generation suffer from eating disorders. It is vital that publicity of the illnesses continue, and in ways that will actually reach the audience. Of course, Skins is not about 'exposing the issues of today' – it is a comedy and a drama, but most importantly, it is real. It provides a basis for young adults to truly relate to, whether for fun, for comfort, or to realise that sometimes we all need help.
  • SIMPLY MIND-BLOWING. There is nothing else like it (or at least that can compete with the show.) It's truthfullness mixed with an intriguing storyline and fabulous characters creates heart whispers.

    It is humour, racing along a long track of misfortunate (and odd) events and teenage angst in a bottle.
    The characters are amazing;
    - Sid's ill-luck & ability to always get into deep trouble, together with loyalty, forgivness & sweetness.
    - Cassie, who's quirkiness reminds me of Luna Lovegood, I am wishing her the best of luck with all her problems, because she deserves it, as the good person she is (I am still hoping that Sid's going to save her.)
    - Tony, who is terrific, unbelievably scary & psychotic, improvising and going along with every situation, and of him, I am not sure of how he will turn out, although I know there's something good and unspoilt in him, I know it.
    I can go on forever, But I won't. Let's just say that the characters are the greatness and I am longing for season 2.
  • I can't wait for season 2.

    Skins revolves around the lives of a group of teenagers, who old friends that live in Bristol.The series represents their everyday lives. The group includes Tony, populaur, does well in school, good looking, good at everything except for being good. Sid, Tony's best mate.He lacks confidence and a sex life. Michelle, Tony's girlfriend. Shes Gorgeous and she knows it.Cassie, Anorexic, bulimic,self harming,drug poping, with low self esteem. Her heads Screwed but her heart is in the right place.Chris,Fearless boy around town. He will **** snortpretty much anything.A party animal in love with his teacher. Jal, intelligent and privileged girl with family problems one of the sharper tools in the drawer. Anwar,A Muslim boy. Full devoted to his faith. Partly devoted to dope and white girls. Maxxie, The igmia. Hes everyones and nobodys friend. proud, openly gay teenager. These characters attend a sixth form college in Bristol. Each installment has a self-contained theme focusing on each different character respectively, but there are several story arcs that span different episodes.

    The Guys are very hot. It very funny. It deals with Drugs, Eating Disoders,race, religion, sexuality. Excellent for teenagers and young adults not everyone's will like it but i think it's brilliant.
  • Tony is the leader of the group of Sid,Cassie,Chris,Maxxie,Jal,Anwar and of course is beatiful girlfriend Michelle. Abigail a rich girl from a very High medicated. Cassie we can see she is in love with Sid but Sid fall for Michelle.

    Now,we got Maxxie who is pretty disconnected from every thing exept is Tap dancing and the reason he is a gay.
    Chris trying to get his psychology teacher, Angie.
    Tony who is the leader of the group is a Philosophy-reading and a manipulating .
    At school they trying to give them best.
    They get into a lot of trouble and all the pepole around them are pretty insane, The lost 84 Pounds of weed they sould have sell at the rich girl party and this will coast them trouble to next epsoides,
    Hope the show gets a lot of rating couse its a great show!!
  • Perhaps the best british teen show ever...

    Skins is completely awesome. It stars actual teenagers (as opposed to 30 year olds), has a great writing, a wicked indie soundtrack and is just perfect. It's original and shows teenagers as they actually are (well not all of them..) and isn't afraid to be out there. The charachters are complete genius, my personal fave being Sid, and each episode lets you into their sometimes unusual or empty heads. A rare teen show that has the humour as well as the dramatic bits which is no great surprise as it's from the makers of Shameless (another great british show which also introduced the world to James McAvoy...sigh.) I can't wait for season 2 and have already nicked the skind dvd off my brother.
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