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  • This a ridiculously enjoyable show.

    Skins isn't your average teen based drama it's funny, vibrant, spirited, beautifully poignant, ironic and at times rather whimsical. There are 9 episodes that make up this first series and each episode is dedicated to a certain character (or two as the case maybe); through their own episode we learn about the lives of each person. Learning what gives them joy and more often what problems are set to trip them up along the way of adolescence. The most interesting characters are not necessarily the most likable, Tony played by Nicholas Hoult is on the surface a promiscuous, womanizing, Machiavellian figure yet he displays much depth of character despite being rather horrid to those around him most of the time. Cassie on the other hand is wonderfully kooky. Her episode offers us a surreal journey as we see the world through the eyes of a troubled anorexic who despite going through much for someone her age is still retains a childlike innocent. Other noteworthy characters include Chris who does seem to escape definition (although he does remind me of Pacey Witter somewhat), and Michelle who shines in her episode. A likable character who I found rather dull is Sid, but he's sweet in his constant bad luck nonetheless. The remaining characters are Abigail, Effy, Maxxie, Anwar, and Jal (among the parents who aren't credited). It's quite a large cast but each of their story arcs are interwoven into one another's stories in a coherent manner, and we learn with each passing episode how each character relates to one another.

    Skins definately is worth watching, it really is not as trashy as it appears to be, or as it was presented as. Whilst Skins is over the top it deals with all kinds or serious issues and manages to be incredibly intelligent and thought provoking at the same time, not many shows can boast such a consistent blending of concepts. Obviously this show is not for everyone but it's incredibly well written and very entertaining -- also what's great about the show is its unpredictable nature. The last few episodes in particular display the range and darkness the show is willing to delve into. For anyone not already aware this series does portray a great deal of swearing, drug use, nudity and sex. In effect it's not for the prudish!

    Since each episode is following the journey of a particular character said episode is named after them. Thus highlight episodes include: 'Cassie', 'Tony', 'Michelle', 'Effy' and the finale episode 'Abigail'.
  • This show is just brillant! Its funny and at times plain weird but in a good way!

    I love this show. It is perfect for teenagers and shows a teenage life i supose quite realistically. The humour is great and a lot of the time is brought by the weirdness throughout the series. All the characters are great but different and you really do watch them change and progress. Sid and Cassies relationship is one of the highlighs of the show, another highlight being Cassie herself - best character. Tony is an ass and its enjoyable to see his downfall, Michelle is good to watch as she soon see's the real tony. The season finale was one iof the best tv episodes i've ever seen! Skins is different and i would reccoment it to any teenager out there!
  • Well written, well acted, well filmed well what more do you want?!

    This show is absolutely amazing, and I would say that this show along with the new BBC show 'Robin Hood' are the two greatest British shows to start this century.

    What I liked about it was the interplay between writing and acting, the young actors were good at getting you to care about the characters that they play. especially people like sid and cassie, and even Tony, we hated him at some point but felt sorry for him at other points.
    To be honest I just can't wait for seaon two to begin in the UK, and Id be interested to see how the first ine does in the US...
  • Worth watching if you're into teen dramas

    The great thing about this show is that unlike The O.C. the plot was far more realistic, although at times a little extreme. The characters were far easier to relate to as well as their situations and I found that although it referred to very serious issues in a serious way the show itself didn't take itself too seriously.
    What I loved about the characters was the fact that they were all loveable and yet they all had their faults, so they felt more human than characters inother teen dramas. For example Tony was a horrible person, but at the same time I felt I was able to empathise with him, unlike the stereotypical bad guys found in most other shows.
    The finale was incredible and completely unpredictable, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat for the whole hour, and I'm still surprised by what happens everytime I watch it. I can't wait for season 2.
  • Really cool, but it can do better.

    So, let's start with the characters - there's Tony, the swave, intelligent, street smart ladies' man, but uses his powers of manipulation over others as a way to make life less boring and to thrill seek, which, leaves him isolated from others because his friends are basically tired of it. Then we have Sid - Tony's best friend - who's the typical character that everyone 'loves', but in a 'friend' type of way... mainly because he's not necessarily good looking, he's always being taken advantage of by his friends (mainly Tony), and his life is basically a mess. However, he's a typical lovable character because of these reasons and Tony would be at a loss without him, despite Tony covering this up by treating Sid with little respect. They're the two main characters which make the series.

    Sid has an admirer - Cassie, who's an emotionally unstable anorexic - but he's too obsessed with Tony's girlfriend, Michelle, to notice her, which leads Cassie to go into depression. Cassie's character is peculiar and eccentric, but she's also an intelligent girl who's very likable and you really feel for her and her depression over Sid.

    We then have Michelle - Tony's girlfriend - who's an attractive girl who's fed up of Tony's manipulating, tiring ways and is constantly on an uneven slope with Tony. The other characters are a homosexual who appears to have emotions for his friend, Anwar (a Muslim), but Anwar, because of his religion, feels like he can't be friends with him anymore because he's a Muslim. This in itself combats the stress of religions on teenagers that just want to live. There's also Chris, the sex-mad mess who is madly in love with his sexy psychology teacher, and she is with him but feels restrict to show emotion to him because she's his teacher.

    I could go on, but that's just scraping the surface of this surprisingly deep programme. It's deep, thrilling, exciting, and each episode follows the individual life of every character and their relationships with the friends around them, and visa versa.

    The one thing I will criticise - not the programme but the reviews - is that many says 'it's portraying the average life of A-level students', but it isn't, as I'm an A-level student and none of them are as interesting and as exciting as these characters. So no, it's not portraying 'average' teenagers, but it is dealing with some profound issues that teenagers face.

    Watch this show, you'll be happy you did.

    with the end of the oc comes a program that makes it look like it should have ended a long time ago! this gritty teen drama about the lifes of teenagers in bristol ( i think, sorry if i am wrong) is probabley the best breath of alcohol fuelled air that i have watched in quiet some time. put away your dummy and throw those knitted jumpers in the bin, this is life as we shall now know it, and i have never wanted it more.

    tony sid michelle cassie and co ( my personal favourite kenneth " you get me!") are the new wave of actors. the new generation has arrived and for me, it couldnt have came sooner
  • could be improved but still a good show.

    Befor the series began i expected great things from it and i have to say that i was a bit disapointed. I exspected a hard hitting real life drama about the life of british teenages. and thats what i got sort of. the show was how do you say a little over the top. but still its a great show. there were in amungst some mediocre episodes there were some great ones and i am also ashomed to say that i did cry during most of them but hey keep that to yourself. this show is a real dimond in the ruf and with a little work culd be outstanding.
  • 'Skins' is the most compelling TV Drama I've watched in the last year (maybe more).

    Skins is by far the best TV show i've watched in the last year. That said, I have to justify myself: It's not 100% original (after all, the 'suffering' of teenagers while reaching puberty was shown in a lot of shows), but it has sparkle - characters (like Cassey and Sid) that really makes you remember all your faults as a teenager (even though they might not involve drugs, senseless partying, etc.), and the show is always on the move - always new things happenning - and every chapter brings new reason to want to watch more 'Skins'. With great characters (and good actors), top-of-the-line writing and great camera work (most of the time) - this is a show that will (hopefully) do great!
  • a channel 4 comedy based around the lives of teenagers.

    A thoroughly funny comedy. Something for all the family to have a giggle at. Skins also touches upon subjects such as eating disorders, drugs and emotional abuse which is fitting amongst teenagers (the target audience). well done channel 4! I hope that they will bring another series, I'm quite sure they will.. as long as it is still repeated on E4 as I can't be missing my weekly fix of ITV's Benidorm.
  • Skins is focused around the lives of a group of friends who live in Bristol. The drama represents the daily lives of us teens. The group includes a gay character Maxxie, a drug-taking Muslim character Anwar, a girl with an eating disorder. (more too)

    Skins is the best show on tv.


    The show is the first showin the world(yes the world!) to show people the lives on teenagers acted by teenagers.

    The show accuratly shows people what we go through everyday of our teenage lives, plus a little bit of extra stuff of course!
    Basically the show, which last one hour, is fun, easy to watch and should by now be everyones favourite show.
    If you have missed the episodes they are on Youtube and they air on thrudays, E4 at 10pm (only 2 episodes left)

    new series should be being filmed soon.
    WATCH THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • I avoided this show for its first few weeks before I decided to give it a try and I'm hooked already!

    It's not often I find a show I'm willing to sit through while it's on TV - I usually wait for a DVD release - but Skins has managed to grab my attention by having such a different style and set of characters to any other show on TV at the moment. I also like the fact that it doesn't go out of it's way to appear glamorous (admittedly like most of the shows I watch) but instead goes in the complete opposite direction taking a more gritty look at the lives of its characters. The one thing that annoys me slightly is the fact that each episode focuses on only one character and for the rest of the series that character takes a back-seat, leaving many of the more interesting characters more or less out of the picture. I would like to see it more balanced if it returns for a second series but for now I'm loving the first one!
  • Very entertaining, refreshing show, now on E4

    I just watched episode 6 this evening. Russia is fun. Possibly the funniest episode ever, and I loved that they started to explore Anwar and Maxxie, who I had been dying to know more about. My favourite part was the reoccuring element of sid and drugs. This episode was co-written by Simon Amstell (Nevermind the buzzcocks) and his type of humour is shown in this episode. Generally, a really funny, enlightening show. I wouldn't say that it was very realistic (not for me, anyway) but it does portray the lifestyle of many young adults of this generation.
  • Reminds me of American show "Life as We Know It" with a lot more sex, drugs, swearing and nudity.

    Really enjoying it so far, reminds me of the American show "Life As We Know It" but with a lot more drugs and the ability to swear as much as they like. Though unlike LAWKI, I hope this doesn't get canceled.
    Originally thought they were going to tell it all from the one perspective but I am really happy they aren't because I think they have created some really good characters.
    The only surreal parts of the show is the fact that such a diverse group of people can be such good friends. Though its a great way of representing what type of person is in the community.
    Anyways, lets hope we see at least a season out of it.
  • a funny and witty British drama based around a group of teenage friends and the type of trouble that they get up to while trying to have a reasonable social life

    I loved this show. Best teen show i have seen in ages. It definitely lived up to its hype. It was funny fast paced (In the first ten minutes you spot a love triangle) and very entertaining not too heavy on the drama so it’s a show that allows you to relax. It also had the return of the Kid from about a boy we has grown up. What I loved most was its simplicity. British TV rules and the acting was great i loved the cassie character. In fact i loved all of them i would definitely recommend this show to all the young people and see what the young characters get up to next.
  • This is a Brilliant Show british telly at its best

    This is a brilliant show that has taken over from shameless scince that has gone downhill majorly
    I’ve only seen the first epi and already it has me hooked I mean in the first episode we had a kind of overdose, a joy ride, accidental crash in the canal, drug dealing and fits with posh kids this show will be the main reason why people watch British telly all over the worls way better than the oc with more cutting edge storylines and set in a "real" place that most of the 18-30 years old people that will watch this will know some where like this or have personally lived somewhere like this all I can really say that this will be a great show and just great British telly
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