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  • What!?

    I think what serial is boring and not true.

    I live in the Russia, and want say what....

    Me angered 6 series 1 season, because Russia does not look like

    how in serial!!! Russia is a beautiful country. And capital of Russia Moscow is wonderful.

    Cold in Russia only in the winter, and Russian women are not like that!

    Appearance is quite different, they are much more beautiful than that in the series altogether inaccessible! Much more beautiful Englishwomen. And what is the name? Anka ()? No! Maybe ()? Anya - Anna! Make fun of such powerful nation, the British funny, and Russian shame, because you lied, showed only lies. Then another thought why so aggressive Russian to English.

  • I'm surprised that the actors didn't age significantly during filming through the constant depressing characters that they had to portray!

    I'm surprised that the actors didn't age significantly during filming through the constant depressing characters that they had to portray!

    Although 'Skins' drew on teenage stereotypes, drug taking, rebelling against work and parents and tackled everyday issues such as teenage pregnancy, sexuality, dysfunctional families and mental disorders I believe the fourth series pushed these to the extreme and it became slightly unrealistic and made for a depressing watch.

    The characters had already been fully established in the third series and one gets the feeling that the writers were pulling at strings for the fourth, knowing that they had reached the end of the line. Effy Stonem, known for being quiet and offering statements such as "Sometimes I think I was born backwards...I hear words go past me backwards. The people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate..." deteriorates into psychotic depression. She attempts suicide, rather ironically is manipulated by her psychiatrist, and loses the man she finally admitted to loving. The story line is farfetched and one is left questioning why it all had to end on such a downer?

    There was not one point at which I wanted to laugh, compared to the first and second series where Chris and Anwar were constant humour inducers. The first two series and possibly the third managed to keep you counting down the days till the next episode but this wasn't the case for the fourth series which became tedious to watch and almost an effort to tune into.

    Skins used to be a favorite of mine, season 1 & 2 were written masterpieces - beautifully produced and stunningly performed. The plots followed interesting characters whose stories were playfully yet intricately tied together, combining moments of hilarity, seriousness and tragedy within the framework of a context which seemed to emulate so much of what it means and feels like to be young. Skins 1 & 2 entertained and amused within the realms of believability. Whilst some of the weird and wonderful things they did were extraordinary, they were close to the reality of the post gen Y experience. Now, what has become of my beloved skins? Where is the heart? The substance that accompanied the style has abruptly departed and all we were left with was a rioting school of ridiculous misfit kids, rooting and smoking their way through a mildly entertaining existence. Random hook ups on the first day of school
    Getting involved with organised crime
    Quid-pro-quo sex for a cavanger hunt
    Chilli eating competitions
    Rioting high school students

    WFT!? What were the writers doing in the break? Sorting coke? I was hoping to find that the old writing team had been replaced so at least this could be attributed to a slack new team of naive writers who have no connection to this world of young ppl. But alas, its THE SAME PPL.

    It seems that success has bred the worst sort of laziness in the skins writing team. Now (and if this continues) skins is destined to join the ranks of 90210, Dawsons the OC and GG, more of the same SOULESS GARBAGE.

    This show is truely not worth watching past the second season.

  • skins good, but what a f'ing pity party

    Skins was good the drama was alright at first then waiting for something good to actually come through or work out for one of the characters was nice to see here and there. But I feel writers either go for a family like everything will be ok in the end story or in the case of skins everything is pretty much shit and you feel unresolved by each story line. I'm just saying where's the fine line can't there be good and bad, not just all ending awkwardly n terrible? I mean the show was good for the most part, I just noticed myself, that I stopped paying as much attention cuz I knew the outcomes already, just a bit predictable. The last thing is that I mean come on how many more overly dramatic parts can u make? Yes children are dramatic but after a point you gotta learn something or quit being so damn fucking sad for yourself. Only you make your own problems in life for the most part, I just wish there was a little more positivity to the story line, not so much of the helpless children vibe.
  • The first two seasons were great. The third was terrible.

    The first two seasons had great characters, humour, irony and were great. But they decided to get rid of almost all the characters and start again. Then they lost it. The new characters are just exaggerated stereotypes. It is almost impossible to like them. The plots are violent and predictable. The acting level is a lot worst. The humour is gone. The way they talk about certain things is just awful. In the first two seasons, for example, gay sexuality was shown in a real way, with no prejudice. In the third season being gay is portrayed as being the worst thing in the world. The series just lost everything good it had, it's not the same series.
  • brit it simple and soooo entertaining

    frigging hilarious some reason brit shows seem better than cgi laced,sex themed,guns blazing american shows. Shows like skins, hunted and luther seem like a slow burner but are sooooo good.
  • Cooking up a storm

    Okay skins i realy got into, i mean really. i bought the boxset shortly after i watched the 'Rise' 'Pure' and 'Fire' episodes, i fell in love with the character Cook but to get to his generation i needed to endure thefirst two seasons which i thought was going to be a chore, wow was i wrong it was great aside from the acting but what can you expect from a channel 4 original in 2007 with teenage actors, besides soe of them went on to star in game of thrones.

    Now to my favorite generation, the brilliant silence of Effy and the emotional aggressiveness of Cook, it just captures your heart with the relationships with between the characters and how close they all become and how that gets destroyed with one persons act of stupidity.

    The final generation was a dissapointment with confusing relationships and somehow the show went back to gettign shit actors that played such diverse characters none of them were relateable, it had its charming moments but i would skip this lot to preserve your memory of a truly great Birtish show about misguided teens.
  • A lot of Skins

    I Like Skins, I really do. The colourful characters, the interesting storylines, the great music, and the developpment each of these characters get is impressive. But I can't stop thinking that if the writers focused more on directing the drama and the characters than the surreal-type comedic situations, borderlining on sitcom, then this show would be great. But this show isn't great, it's just good. And worth a watch.
  • Skins

    Not sure about how realistic this show actually is, but it paints a refreshing portrait of youth as opposed to the same old teen character types we see on American tv. Definitely more racy then the avg American show but I think it gives it an interesting edge.
  • Really cool, but it can do better.

    So, let's start with the characters - there's Tony, the swave, intelligent, street smart ladies' man, but uses his powers of manipulation over others as a way to make life less boring and to thrill seek, which, leaves him isolated from others because his friends are basically tired of it. Then we have Sid - Tony's best friend - who's the typical character that everyone 'loves', but in a 'friend' type of way... mainly because he's not necessarily good looking, he's always being taken advantage of by his friends (mainly Tony), and his life is basically a mess. However, he's a typical lovable character because of these reasons and Tony would be at a loss without him, despite Tony covering this up by treating Sid with little respect. They're the two main characters which make the series.

    Sid has an admirer - Cassie, who's an emotionally unstable anorexic - but he's too obsessed with Tony's girlfriend, Michelle, to notice her, which leads Cassie to go into depression. Cassie's character is peculiar and eccentric, but she's also an intelligent girl who's very likable and you really feel for her and her depression over Sid.

    We then have Michelle - Tony's girlfriend - who's an attractive girl who's fed up of Tony's manipulating, tiring ways and is constantly on an uneven slope with Tony. The other characters are a homosexual who appears to have emotions for his friend, Anwar (a Muslim), but Anwar, because of his religion, feels like he can't be friends with him anymore because he's a Muslim. This in itself combats the stress of religions on teenagers that just want to live. There's also Chris, the sex-mad mess who is madly in love with his sexy psychology teacher, and she is with him but feels restrict to show emotion to him because she's his teacher.

    I could go on, but that's just scraping the surface of this surprisingly deep programme. It's deep, thrilling, exciting, and each episode follows the individual life of every character and their relationships with the friends around them, and visa versa.

    The one thing I will criticise - not the programme but the reviews - is that many says 'it's portraying the average life of A-level students', but it isn't, as I'm an A-level student and none of them are as interesting and as exciting as these characters. So no, it's not portraying 'average' teenagers, but it is dealing with some profound issues that teenagers face.

    Watch this show, you'll be happy you did.
  • Reminds me of American show "Life as We Know It" with a lot more sex, drugs, swearing and nudity.

    Really enjoying it so far, reminds me of the American show "Life As We Know It" but with a lot more drugs and the ability to swear as much as they like. Though unlike LAWKI, I hope this doesn't get canceled.
    Originally thought they were going to tell it all from the one perspective but I am really happy they aren't because I think they have created some really good characters.
    The only surreal parts of the show is the fact that such a diverse group of people can be such good friends. Though its a great way of representing what type of person is in the community.
    Anyways, lets hope we see at least a season out of it.
  • Tony is the leader of the group of Sid,Cassie,Chris,Maxxie,Jal,Anwar and of course is beatiful girlfriend Michelle. Abigail a rich girl from a very High medicated. Cassie we can see she is in love with Sid but Sid fall for Michelle.

    Now,we got Maxxie who is pretty disconnected from every thing exept is Tap dancing and the reason he is a gay.
    Chris trying to get his psychology teacher, Angie.
    Tony who is the leader of the group is a Philosophy-reading and a manipulating .
    At school they trying to give them best.
    They get into a lot of trouble and all the pepole around them are pretty insane, The lost 84 Pounds of weed they sould have sell at the rich girl party and this will coast them trouble to next epsoides,
    Hope the show gets a lot of rating couse its a great show!!
  • Uplifting & Depressing at the same time

    Honestly a great show. I do however sometimes wish I'd just stopped at the end of season 2. That seemed to end on a good note. Yes it was open ended but the viewer could assume it was quite likely that it ended good for everyone and a good place to end. Things said by some characters in series 4 tells us it wasn't like that for everyone. The 2nd gen (series 4-5) characters drew me in but then the ending seemed so rushed and ultimately left me confused. Psycho Psychologist, Murder, Hypnosis, Ghost voices, Character gaining personality which leaves us wanting more and then no sign of her, everyone getting back together as tho the previous episodes didn't even happen. and then next season starting with no explanation for what happened before it. We later find out in the last ever 2 episodes what happened(don't want to give spoilers here) . Third generation of people, (season 5 and 6) I really felt no connection to and without them ever existing, the whole thing still works.

    In conclusion, It would have been a better show if it was series 1-4 then straight to 7 or just series 1 and 2 (yes i wanted more after but wish it had been left like that). Would have preferred some kind of integration of more of gen 1 characters in the last series but it works as a whole. sad ending but worked as some sort of closure for me.
  • could be improved but still a good show.

    Befor the series began i expected great things from it and i have to say that i was a bit disapointed. I exspected a hard hitting real life drama about the life of british teenages. and thats what i got sort of. the show was how do you say a little over the top. but still its a great show. there were in amungst some mediocre episodes there were some great ones and i am also ashomed to say that i did cry during most of them but hey keep that to yourself. this show is a real dimond in the ruf and with a little work culd be outstanding.
  • a channel 4 comedy based around the lives of teenagers.

    A thoroughly funny comedy. Something for all the family to have a giggle at. Skins also touches upon subjects such as eating disorders, drugs and emotional abuse which is fitting amongst teenagers (the target audience). well done channel 4! I hope that they will bring another series, I'm quite sure they will.. as long as it is still repeated on E4 as I can't be missing my weekly fix of ITV's Benidorm.
  • Well written, well acted, well filmed well what more do you want?!

    This show is absolutely amazing, and I would say that this show along with the new BBC show 'Robin Hood' are the two greatest British shows to start this century.

    What I liked about it was the interplay between writing and acting, the young actors were good at getting you to care about the characters that they play. especially people like sid and cassie, and even Tony, we hated him at some point but felt sorry for him at other points.
    To be honest I just can't wait for seaon two to begin in the UK, and Id be interested to see how the first ine does in the US...
  • Worth watching if you're into teen dramas

    The great thing about this show is that unlike The O.C. the plot was far more realistic, although at times a little extreme. The characters were far easier to relate to as well as their situations and I found that although it referred to very serious issues in a serious way the show itself didn't take itself too seriously.
    What I loved about the characters was the fact that they were all loveable and yet they all had their faults, so they felt more human than characters inother teen dramas. For example Tony was a horrible person, but at the same time I felt I was able to empathise with him, unlike the stereotypical bad guys found in most other shows.
    The finale was incredible and completely unpredictable, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat for the whole hour, and I'm still surprised by what happens everytime I watch it. I can't wait for season 2.
  • awesome show

    This show leaves me wanting to watch more after every episode. One of the few shows that have an emotional pull on me with almost every character. I live in the US and even though it "portrays life as a teen in the UK", I can relate to it in many ways. The writers are great at taking a "holy shit, how am I gonna get myself out of this rut" moment, just when you think all crap hit the fan, and turn it around in a way that leaves you wanting to keep watching episode after episode. The 1st and 3rd season were excellent, the 2nd had it good moments, all in all incredible show that highlights on teen issues and situations we can all learn from. Love it.
  • A great show about teens finding who they are as people through events in the show. Things change and they change.

    A great show about teens finding who they are as people through events in the show. Things change and they change. The first two seasons were spectacular. They had incredible characters, plotpoints and really set up the show for what it has become today. A phenomenon. The third season was able to pull this off brilliantly. The themes shown in the plot that many teens can relate too really carried the show and helped it gain its success. The last season has been the worst though. It feels as though the writers had just struggled to find plotpoints for their already developed characters and had thus led the show nowhere. The final wasn't revealing at all to say the least and has no good way of helping itself. If they go onto a whole new cast, this *Mystery* will go unsolved and that will leave many fans saddened and confused, while if they go to another series with the same cast, they will again struggle to find plot points and lose their fan base. The writers really need to pick up the ball with the next season.
  • A great show with some very memorable teenage characters/actors. And easily the best British show that exists.

    Skins is a drama about teens who go out, party, drink, smoke, do drugs and have very depressing and poor upbringings. Each episode of a season is based on 1 specific character after another. This method similar to lost's flashbacks is very effective and is very entertaining as well! These great stories the teens go through are uncanny. Something that many teen dramas could learn from is that the show changes the cast every two seasons. Finally! Two many shows have the first two seasons of the teens at high school and then just go to college after. This never works and the show go's downhill at the third season. In skins they change the cast every two seasons so we get the same classic thing.

    However, the show does have some flaws. Season 1,2 and 3 were great but season 4 was quite a disappointment. The end of season 4 wasn't exactly a conclusion and showed that the writers didn't no how to end it properly, although there is a film adaptation coming out, which is a good sign.

    Overall, this show is probably my second favourite teen drama ever after Veronica Mars and has had some incredible actors. The new cast is coming soon and it sounds pretty good. I would recommend this show to anyone in general for its brilliance.

    Overall: Season 1 - 9.3/10 Season 2 - 9.4/10 Season 3 - 9.1/10 Season 4 - 7.9/10

    Favourite/ best - actors/characters: Season 1/2: Tony Stonem - Nicholas Hoult
    Chris Miles - Joe Dempsie
    Cassie Ainsworth - Hannah Murray

    Best characters/actors: season 3/4:

    Emily Fitch - Kathryn Prescott
    Effy Stonem - Kaya Scodelario
    James Cook - Jack O'Connell.
  • I cant beleave that after killing off Chris they have to go and murder Freddie.. Its so sad and messed up and pothetic when it comes to a writer to do it.

    All writer on this show are wanting to get all Weadon on us and kill people off all the time. Its crazy. I cant beleave that after killing off Chris they have to go and murder Freddie.. Its so sad and messed up and pothetic when it comes to a writer to do it. For an english show were they feel like 8 episodes is a season. Thats just crazy pantts. If this was a show in america some one wouldnt get offed that fast. You could so take season 1-4 and have it be one whole american season it would be good but as soon as you could say to yourself .. Hum i like that persoin they die or they change so much you dont know who they are.
  • A powerful show that will make you laugh your ass off one minute, and then the next minute leave you shedding a tear.

    The first two series and second two series are really two completely different stories about a group of teens trying to figure life out. Everyone who watches this show will be able to relate to one or more characters, which is what really makes the show so great. The show hits up issues like drugs, alcohol, relationships, friendships, depression, suicide, divorce, achievement, failure, gangs, violence, death, homosexuality, and family. The show goes through these subjects without holding anything back, something american tv could never do. There is nothing they will not do on skins. You're nose will be glued to the TV and at the end of each episode you will be begging for more.
  • Pretty dam good

    There is very little not to like about this show. I would have given it a 10 except for the fact it dosne't nessecerily paint teenagers in a good light. In it, every single 16-18 year old smokes spliff constantly and drinks like there is no tommorrow. Not true guys!
    Rant over. This show is fantastic anyway. The charactors are lovable and believable, especially Sid, Chris and JJ. Series 1 was the best for me. Series 3 was not the jumping of the shark that could be expected from changing all your cast. It still worked and it was a brave yet good decision to introduce new people. This format could go on for many years and I hope it does.
    There is nothing this show is too scared to do and thats what I like about it. Ultimately touching, hillarious and at times rather disturbing. Very good!
  • The 1st and 2nd seasons were really good and the 3rd was ... different.

    I thought that the first two seasons were really good amazingly over the top but really good. The start of the 3rd season was a bit different, if you don't know, the main group of characters changed as those in 1 and 2 went off to uni etc, it now centres around Effy, the sister of an old character. I wasnt sure of the new characters when the series first started but after a few episodes i must admit they did grow on me. They are still not as good as the original group but they are very interesting characters with lots of their own problems and i think that the 3rd series actually turned out to be quite good.
  • A show following Bristol teenagers in their final two years of school.

    Skins is a brilliant show. There are many teen dramas made across different subjects and incorporating many themes but none seem to pull it off as convincingly as Skins. Skins is one of the few shows to use appropriately aged actors. It 'discovers' its actors by holding auditions at schools and hiring mainly totally inexperienced and unproven actors. It works remarkably well. All characters seem 'real' and they really take on the roles. The format of an episode per character allows development into single characters while still maintaining a plot. The characters may seem a little over the top to many. This is because of the heavy drug use, and how many of them seem to go 'off the rails' quite often. Every two seasons Skins plans to totally change cast, while maintaining a few links to the old one. This was done with season three with the linking factor being Effy, and to a small extent, Pandora. Before watching the third season I thought that it would totally destroy the series, but I feel that they did rather well and I am looking forward to what they do for the fourth series. The characters in the third season to seem less real, and less relatable, but still are good viewing. It is hard not to draw correlations between some of the first and second generation characters, such as the early Chris to Cook, Michelle to Katie. Still, with further development of the second generation characters they may distance themselves from their predecessors. Overall a solid series well worth the time.
  • A show about teenagers doing illegal things and dealing with many issues way beyond their years, but more than that it's a show about the characters and the problems they face in their first few years of college.

    This show, after two seasons, has proven to be one of the best teenage dramas out of both the US or UK, in a very long time. While its premise is controversial and the content is sometimes a little too much, the characters in this drama really shine through and deliver some really powerful moments between the insane and the funny moments the group continuously gets themselves into. The first season started off as a lighthearted comedy, but as the show progressed it became so much more. It has transformed into a very dark teenage drama - dealing with issues such as pregnancy, heartbreak, and even death - while still maintaining a quirky and zany charm providing a contrast to some of the show's darkest moments. The characters can still be related to, while still being completely over-the-top and hilarious at times. The third season has just proved that this teenage drama can reinvent itself again by producing an entirely new cast and an entirely new gang who get themselves into many new funny sometimes incredibly touching situations. The jokes sometimes fall flat, and the drama is sometimes a little too hard to handle at times, but the combination of comedy, drama and character moments is often the perfect mixture.
  • Most original teen drama

    Forget Dawson's Creek, The O.C., Gossip Girl and similar, because Skins is everything but the classic teen drama we are used to. First of all is set in Bristol, UK: different habits, different world, (I would even say different language, because is definetely not american), same teenagers problems ever. But the way these guys' problems and issues are presented is original for sure. It's maybe another generation now, not the same that sighted in front of the troubled Dawson and Joey's relationship, or the same that stood for Brian fighting against the rich guys. It's the generation of the extreme parties, drugs, sex without limits. Is it truly like this? We don't really know, but this show fascinates the young people. It's real and direct, express the deep and confused feelings of teenagers by narrating their normal life: they're not too sentimental or spoiled, they're not talking hours using youth psicology or driving expensive cars under the californian sun, they're just like everyone else, down to earth I would dare. And this is the goal of the show: simple guys dealing with everyday life. Friendships and relationships are the center of each episode, and dispite all the difficulties they have and the not properly happy scenario, the final message, the one that we get, is the importance and the strenght of being together.
  • If you haven't heard of this show you must watch it. It's refreshing, funny and it is finally a show about what the youngsters go through during aodlescence.

    I was looking for a show which was at the same time funny and serious. I must say i didn't think of turning to British Tv at the first time but after some research, it seemed like this show had something special. So I watched the first episode and it was sooo good! I'm really not a big fan of all these Tv shows who depict the lives of some teens who have problems most adolescents will never have but Skins is different. Once more, the British show they can make good real tv shows. You immediatly fall in love with this group of teens who have real problems and real concerns about their lives. It's refreshing to see that they talk about sexuality and drug and all these problems that some tv show prefer to keep under cover because it's not really politically correct to show what our teens think about. The group is a real melting pot as you can find different personalities but also different origins and religions, it's really refreshing and I'm quite sure most teens who have watched this show recognize themselves through the group. So if you want to spend a good time watching Tv (and for those who want to know what their children think about) you must really watch Skins!
  • Skins is British drama / comedy aimed at teenagers / young adults, Skins focuses on a group of teenagers as they face Drugs, sexuality, education, parties, race & relationships.

    Skins is a British Teen Drama/Comedy that focuses mainly on the lives of 7 teenagers while sometimes looking into the lives of other sub-characters.

    Each Episode focuses upon either 1 or 2 characters as they face certain challenges in their life whether it be drugs, sexuality, education, parties, race or relationships. Many viewers (especially those of ages 15 - 25) will be able to understand the problems that these teens go through in their everyday lives and because of that really connect with the show.

    With its Quirky comedy bits, fantastic writing, and very promising acting from such young actors, Skins is a great programme that will entertain mainly the younger crowd but may even interest those that wouldn't usually like a teen programme.

    Definetly worth a watch.
  • Skins chronicles the lives of a group of Tony, Sid, and friends, a group teenagers in Britsol.

    Skins is an excellent show. It has fantastic characters, there is the beautiful but insecure Michelle, the slightly insane but completely lovely Cassie, the mysterious Effy, the driven and sarcastic Jal, the adorable but sexually inexperienced Sid, the charming but arrogant Tony, pill popping Chris, hilarious "Muslim Kid" Anwar, and the beautiful Maxxie. Unlike most teen shows, it can deal with issues such as sexuality, religon, and eating disorders without patronizing kids. It also has a great comedic side and has alot of light moments as well. Overall I think this show has a perfect blend of comedy and drama, with excellent acting and writing. There is no other show like this out there, and it is not only for teenagers, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out! :)
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