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  • The 1st and 2nd series were brilliant and the third... well it was ok ?

    In the 1st & 2nd series of the show, i thought it was the best show i had ever watched.The characters were fun and interesting.The plot was great.And the acting was good.Then in the third series they decided to get rid of nearly all of the characters and replace them.The new characters are just exaggerated stereotypes. It is almost impossible to like them. The plots are violent and predictable.The hurmour is gone.I hope that in the 4th the writers try and make the show as good as it was in the 1st and 2nd.

    Do You Agree ?

    And does anyone know when the next season is coming out???

    This show is FANTASTIC!

    The first season was perfect. The characters were great and I loved how they were played by teenagers, not adults trying to act young. The story lines were fantastic and I loved how each week would centre around a different character. My favourites from season one were Sid and Cassie.

    Season two was also perfect, though I'd have to say the story lines weren't as great as season one but there was a lot of character development that I thoroughly enjoyed! It was also really, really sad compared to season one. I was in tears for most of the episodes.

    I've only watched one episode of season three as it only started this week in New Zealand. I was a little sceptical at first, but one episode has me hooked. I'm so excited to see the season through and I can't wait to see how the characters and story lines develop.
  • Hooked me from the start, three seasons of pure awesome.

    Ever since the very first episode of Skins I've been absolutely hooked. The first series was amazing, even if the finale confused the hell out of me with all the creepy singing and what not. (Most of) The characters were so loveable, especially Chris, Sid and Maxxie, and the actors conveyed them so well that I really felt myself feeling their emotions. The storylines are gripping and fairly realistic (although clearly exxagerated) and I could really connect to it. When the third season came along I admit I had my doubts, replacing the entire cast (excluding Effy) annoyed me a bit as I had grown to love them so much. However, Skins is unique in that it isn't going to have 21 year olds pretending to be teenagers. I needn't have doubted the decision though, as I sat down for episode 1 season 3 I was immediately intruiged (namely by the obvious history between Emily and Naomi) and was once again hooked, eager to learn more about the new characters.

    Skins is a completely unique show that truly represents teenage life today, being 17 myself I can really relate to the storylines and characters which I don't get from many other shows of the genre.

    P.S. How people can even begin say that The Inbetweeners is better than Skins is beyond me. Maybe it's just my life experiences and sense of humour; but to me there's no contest when it comes to which is the funniest and most realistic and ultimately the most entertaing; Skins is the clear winner.
  • Skins is a comedic teen drama that uses a real life issues with larger than life situations, a touch of absurdism, and some very well-written dialogue.

    I have only seen the first 2 series of this show, but I frequently brag to people that Skins is possibly the most well-written program on television. Some of the lines are virtually poetic, and the show utilizes some very interesting character dynamic.
    In series 1, the laughs are much stronger, and in series 2, the drama is stronger. I prefer the overwhelming comic style where the characters spit out words that make you want to fall out of your seat laughing. It's a great way to use British awkward situational comedy for teens,

    And that is one of the biggest things about SKINS, which I adore. It can show teens as they really act (on some levels unseen in American programs), for example...teens swear, do drugs, and have sex. But in American TV, they are always used as an example, or they are trying to send a cheesy and cliche message to America's youth. Skins shows angsty teens that are simply living their lives, but facing with issues that are larger than their maturity levels. This is a show that is funny, yet often serious, and I absolutely recommend it.
  • A great show with some very memorable teenage characters/actors. And easily the best British show that exists.

    Skins is a drama about teens who go out, party, drink, smoke, do drugs and have very depressing and poor upbringings. Each episode of a season is based on 1 specific character after another. This method similar to lost's flashbacks is very effective and is very entertaining as well! These great stories the teens go through are uncanny. Something that many teen dramas could learn from is that the show changes the cast every two seasons. Finally! Two many shows have the first two seasons of the teens at high school and then just go to college after. This never works and the show go's downhill at the third season. In skins they change the cast every two seasons so we get the same classic thing.

    However, the show does have some flaws. Season 1,2 and 3 were great but season 4 was quite a disappointment. The end of season 4 wasn't exactly a conclusion and showed that the writers didn't no how to end it properly, although there is a film adaptation coming out, which is a good sign.

    Overall, this show is probably my second favourite teen drama ever after Veronica Mars and has had some incredible actors. The new cast is coming soon and it sounds pretty good. I would recommend this show to anyone in general for its brilliance.

    Overall: Season 1 - 9.3/10 Season 2 - 9.4/10 Season 3 - 9.1/10 Season 4 - 7.9/10

    Favourite/ best - actors/characters: Season 1/2: Tony Stonem - Nicholas Hoult
    Chris Miles - Joe Dempsie
    Cassie Ainsworth - Hannah Murray

    Best characters/actors: season 3/4:

    Emily Fitch - Kathryn Prescott
    Effy Stonem - Kaya Scodelario
    James Cook - Jack O'Connell.
  • I love the fact that it is like a more edgy gossip girl...

    It's like a more adult Gossip Girl with better humor and more likable characters. They may have a different cast now but it is honestly one of the best shows on TV right now. You have to relate to one of the characters or know someone who is like them, they are too human to not relate to. While the story line may be a little far fetched at times it is always interesting and always has something to teach you. You can always pick up a message about how love isn't perfect, or friendships are fragile things only with a twist of humor which all of us need now-a-days. Personal Favorite, and I hope it continues.
  • This show amazes me. English TV at it's best, Skins portrays a diverse group of 'college' students through their two years. Amazing Stories, Amazing Characters. A show I will always love.

    Skins amazes me. The Stories, which are both realistic and interesting, capture my attention for the full 40 minutes. The characters, Tony, Sid, Michelle, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Maxxie, Anwar and even Effy are each unique and amazing individuals. Through the two seasons we have seen Tony grow into a better person, most likely through a new outlook on life after his accident. Sid learnt to be more confident and to think about things more carefully. Michelle struggled to find happiness and love however it seems in the end she admitted things werent going to be the same with her and Tony. Cassie is an amazin character, quirky and incredibly unique. She battles addiction, self doubt and seeks love however she works through this. Chris, the most energetic & fun guy of the group tragically dies at the end of the groups final season. It is somewhat a bad ending and annoys me. Maxxie, the openly, and widely accepted, gay member of the group struggles to convince his parents to allow him to live his dream however succeeds in the end, moving to london with his boyfriend and best friend Anwar. Anwar, the Muslim boy (who doesnt stick to his Muslim values too well) is somewhat lost and confused about his direction in life, however his best friend Maxxie helps him. Effy, Tony's younger sister, is relatively quiet yet rebellious. The end of season two sees her lying in her brothers bed with a quirky smile on her face, indicating that she is the next story we will see. The third season sees a new cast, where the ones we have grown accustomed to are written out of the script. This seems somewhat strange to me, as i like these characters a great deal. It will be interesting to see the new characters and what they get up to but lets hope the original ones return, atleast in guest appearances, so that we dont miss them. The original cast of skins will always be the favorites, after all.
  • This is a Brilliant Show british telly at its best

    This is a brilliant show that has taken over from shameless scince that has gone downhill majorly
    I’ve only seen the first epi and already it has me hooked I mean in the first episode we had a kind of overdose, a joy ride, accidental crash in the canal, drug dealing and fits with posh kids this show will be the main reason why people watch British telly all over the worls way better than the oc with more cutting edge storylines and set in a "real" place that most of the 18-30 years old people that will watch this will know some where like this or have personally lived somewhere like this all I can really say that this will be a great show and just great British telly
  • A great show about teens finding who they are as people through events in the show. Things change and they change.

    A great show about teens finding who they are as people through events in the show. Things change and they change. The first two seasons were spectacular. They had incredible characters, plotpoints and really set up the show for what it has become today. A phenomenon. The third season was able to pull this off brilliantly. The themes shown in the plot that many teens can relate too really carried the show and helped it gain its success. The last season has been the worst though. It feels as though the writers had just struggled to find plotpoints for their already developed characters and had thus led the show nowhere. The final wasn't revealing at all to say the least and has no good way of helping itself. If they go onto a whole new cast, this *Mystery* will go unsolved and that will leave many fans saddened and confused, while if they go to another series with the same cast, they will again struggle to find plot points and lose their fan base. The writers really need to pick up the ball with the next season.
  • A powerful show that will make you laugh your ass off one minute, and then the next minute leave you shedding a tear.

    The first two series and second two series are really two completely different stories about a group of teens trying to figure life out. Everyone who watches this show will be able to relate to one or more characters, which is what really makes the show so great. The show hits up issues like drugs, alcohol, relationships, friendships, depression, suicide, divorce, achievement, failure, gangs, violence, death, homosexuality, and family. The show goes through these subjects without holding anything back, something american tv could never do. There is nothing they will not do on skins. You're nose will be glued to the TV and at the end of each episode you will be begging for more.
  • The 1st and 2nd seasons were really good and the 3rd was ... different.

    I thought that the first two seasons were really good amazingly over the top but really good. The start of the 3rd season was a bit different, if you don't know, the main group of characters changed as those in 1 and 2 went off to uni etc, it now centres around Effy, the sister of an old character. I wasnt sure of the new characters when the series first started but after a few episodes i must admit they did grow on me. They are still not as good as the original group but they are very interesting characters with lots of their own problems and i think that the 3rd series actually turned out to be quite good.
  • Skins

    Not sure about how realistic this show actually is, but it paints a refreshing portrait of youth as opposed to the same old teen character types we see on American tv. Definitely more racy then the avg American show but I think it gives it an interesting edge.
  • brit it simple and soooo entertaining

    frigging hilarious some reason brit shows seem better than cgi laced,sex themed,guns blazing american shows. Shows like skins, hunted and luther seem like a slow burner but are sooooo good.
  • Most amazing british show (watched 2 seasons in a day)

    I never thought a show could be so amazing. Season 1-2 was great! All the characters that were on the show in season 1-2 (first generation) are huge movies and shows. I'm currently on season 3-4 I wasn't happy at first that the characters changed but I kept watching because Effy was in generation 1 and I fell in love with her character so I kept watching. I wish they kept going with the show and made people from generation 1 carry on. Currently hooked though.
  • Katie Fucking Fitch

    Katie was the best one in the whole Skins!
  • Finally an amazing show not afraid to portray real world and to dive in to character development, versus strictly plot!

    This show is amazing in that is portrays some of the best and worst points in life for anyone. We see life get increasingly worse, we see these characters get in some major shit, but they pull through. They have an amazingly tight knit group of friends around them, whether they can always see it or not.

    Many people, at least in the disapprove of this show because there is too much explicit sex and swearing, and the show apparently "promotes drugs and hardcore partying" (which I would have to admit is it is essential that these details are part of the story. The characters would never be so real if they were not so gritty. I saw the first episode of the US version and absolutely hated it, because swears were bleeped out which ruined all emotions running through the show, and the clothes were of higher quality and not so real; they were too caught up to the times, while the UK version gave every boy and girl a different look that comfortably fit their character. In the US version they tried to make everyone look good (which is ironic because none of the characters were attractive while in UK Skins they all are). I hated the American version, although I probably will watch a few more episodes to be able to more fairly judge. Back to UK!:

    The first season was absolutely amazing, great highlights even though there was a dark sense to it, the second season was a little less enjoyable, probably because we had to watch their lives unravel worse than before and not always see them rebound. This, however, is a fact of life.. The third season, I was admittedly really upset at the sight of a new cast at first but they grew on me within an episode or two and I still name them my favorite (although it is very close!!). The fourth season, I again found their lives spiraling out of control with no help. This made the show so real, not some dumb show without substance. The fifth season took more adjusting. The new characters were much stranger, whereas the other two generations had been much similar, this series had more diversity. This is the one generation where the second of the two series was better, and where their lives appeared to patch up at the end.

    Have enjoyed every moment of the show, can't wait to see old characters reunite in the seventh season!!

    The character development is truly the best part of this show, and anyone analyzing it for the plot has got it wrong. It is not all about telling a story, because no one person has this much bad stuff happen to them and yes, not every teen does all these drugs. The writers said this in an interview! the plot is there to address many issues, to dive deep in character emotions and heartfelt, real characters.
  • really keeps you coming back for more

    This is like one of the best shows ever. If this doesn't get a 10 then i dk what does... it should totaly be at least top 10
    it's not just some wealthy pranks who don't know what 2 do wth their time and money. you could really see yourself as one of them. and it's just unbeleivable how good the script is. and the make up. i personaly love effy's. And her whole wardrobe. i just love the new cast and the way the story changes every 2 seasons. but im sure gonna miss effy cook and freddie
  • Why isn't this one in top 10?

    Great freaking show!! I love it!!!

    The picture is great, the characters are even better and I like how they mix teen with adult. It don't feel silly or childish.

    Great show!

    And now comes the 100 word thing...
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  • SKINS !!!! :D Love it ! it shouldn't end ! Love the 1st and 2nd ! But the 3rd one its getting better and yes Freddy is extremely hot ! :DD waiting for the 4th season sooon ! :D

    I love skins ! I kinda like the 1st and 2nd season better, but i also like this 3rd season !
    I think its uncomparable to gossip girl and its a lot better, its more a realistic tv series about teenagers life at an european country, i hope it doesn't stops ever! and i found very interesting the fact that at the 1st episode of this 3rd season was mentioned the death of Max Preece, a young boy, talented and loved by many people, from bristol, singer who died, a drama faced every day by many people, kinda like skins.

    I miss Cassie and the old "crew"!!! :DDD
  • Simply one of the best shows i have seen and enjoy watching it every week.

    Skins is a fantastic show about teenagers from England. The cast in the first two seasons were great and teenagers all around the world would of been relating to some of the story lines that were brought up. Every week in the first season we learn about the characters, making us more attached to them and like them. In the second season more serious stories unfold. There is a fantastic mix of drama and comedy in Skins, one minute your laughing at their crazy antics, the next you might be on the edge of your seat excited to see what happens next. In the third series, i was disappointed on the cast from series one and two being thrown out (except for Effy and Pandora) and wasn't sure how i would like the new cast. However since the first two seasons were fabulous, i thought it was worth seeing how the new season would go. And i must say, so far i have not been disappointed. Fairly similar to season one, season three has been about learning about the new characters, however unlike season one, some major story lines have been introduced while learning about the characters. So far i think season three has been fantastic and has continued the greatness of the show which is known as Skins.
  • Simply addictive. A really great show whit an amazing cast so far. Hope it stays this good.

    A great show that I discovered only because a friend mentioned it to me. It doesnt air yet in my country and it´s a shame because no one knows about it. It presents really good stories in every chapter and the characters are so appealing that you just cant get enough of them. So far have no cons whit the show. It´s absolutly addictive and I really cant wait for the next season to start the 25th. It's a shame that they let the entire cast go but I think that it's going to work for them. Also Kaya is an incredible actress.
  • One of the best british shows there is out today. I love it. Can't wait till it comes back on.

    This is one of my favourite shows of all time and is perfect for young adults of today like me. There is a good mixture of comedy, serious issues and sexual activity to keep the audience engrossed. Personally I can't wait for season three as I thought there wasn't going to be one. I thik that the actors are brillant and I like the fact that you had never heard of them before skin. The only thing I don't like is that Chris has been killed off as he was one of my favourite characttors. Otherwise it is absoultly perfect i always give it ten out of ten.
  • British teen drama at it's finest

    I have to say first that this is the most disgusting show I've ever seen. I thought Dirt held that title and then this came along. But then I have to say that I absolutely love it. I was hooked after the first episode.

    All of the characters are extremely well written, rounded and deep. My favorite so far is Cassie. In the pilot she comes across as some empty headed anorexic chick. The very next one made me fall in love with her. She is so much more. Chris is also a favorite, from his clothes to his very obvious crush on Angie; he's just a sweetheart to my eyes.

    The graphic nudity, language and drug content is a bit shocking, but not not too surprising. This show definitely does not bow to normal standards.

    While I haven't seen much yet, I am looking forward to see more from this quirky new show.
  • The show revolves around the completely messed up lives of British teenagers.

    I watch a lot of tv, but this show is by and far one of the best I have ever seen. This side of the Atlantic we have a handful of teen based shows that are like Skins...but not nearly as edgy, fulfilling, and entertaining. I don't remember how I happened upon this show but I am so glad I did. I don't even consider it a guilty pleasure because I have no problem telling people about this show and recommending it to people. Skins doesn't treat it's demographic and fanbase as idiots with melodramatic lives. They are treated with delicate thought, care and consideration in such a way that even a 23 year-old such as myself feels thoroughly touched by this show. This is a great representation of my life now and when I was this age.
  • Wow lovely!

    I watched a lot of "teen drama", actually I still watch teen drama but I always say that they are guilty pleasure.
    But now I can say, without any shame at all, Hi I'm 22 and I watch and adore Skins.

    British know how to make a show. That's all.
    The writing, the acting, the directing ... everything is perfect, right on cue.

    This show has different kind of characters (a playboy, an anorexic girl, a homosexual, a muslim), deals with a lot of issues and still manages to be funny. What more can you ask for ?

    Season 1 was perfect. Can't wait for season 2.
  • Skins is focused around the lives of a group of friends who live in Bristol. The drama represents the daily lives of us teens. The group includes a gay character Maxxie, a drug-taking Muslim character Anwar, a girl with an eating disorder. (more too)

    Skins is the best show on tv.


    The show is the first showin the world(yes the world!) to show people the lives on teenagers acted by teenagers.

    The show accuratly shows people what we go through everyday of our teenage lives, plus a little bit of extra stuff of course!
    Basically the show, which last one hour, is fun, easy to watch and should by now be everyones favourite show.
    If you have missed the episodes they are on Youtube and they air on thrudays, E4 at 10pm (only 2 episodes left)

    new series should be being filmed soon.
    WATCH THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • not you typical teenage drama...

    i have just finished watching the first season and it was a blast. drama and comedy with some action was perfectly blended in this show about a group of teenagers living the life in Britain. be it sex, drugs, family, religion, homosexuality, betrayal and manipulation. name the issue and they have tackled it.

    its amazing that the series really revolved around the whole clique and didn't just focus on one or two main character/s. you'll really get to know each member as an individual and as a part of the group. for sure whoever you are, wherever you're from or whatever race you have, you'll be able to relate to one if not all of the characters and their experiences as a teenager...

    and did i mention there's lots and i mean lots of nudity in here? yeah. brace yourself to see b&b. hehehehe...
  • Season One vs Season Two

    With most shows that start with an amazing first season, the second season can be a little hard to swallow. Seeming to try outdo the first season and just not hitting the mark.

    Unfortunately Skins has suffered due to the brilliant first season, don't get me wrong, I love skins, and I love the second season it's just when you have a first season THAT good, not much can beat it.
    And my hopes of the third season bringing it back around are smashed as news of a whole new cast surface.

    Hopefully with some TV magic they can bring it all around.

    Only time will tell
  • Skins is British drama / comedy aimed at teenagers / young adults, Skins focuses on a group of teenagers as they face Drugs, sexuality, education, parties, race & relationships.

    Skins is a British Teen Drama/Comedy that focuses mainly on the lives of 7 teenagers while sometimes looking into the lives of other sub-characters.

    Each Episode focuses upon either 1 or 2 characters as they face certain challenges in their life whether it be drugs, sexuality, education, parties, race or relationships. Many viewers (especially those of ages 15 - 25) will be able to understand the problems that these teens go through in their everyday lives and because of that really connect with the show.

    With its Quirky comedy bits, fantastic writing, and very promising acting from such young actors, Skins is a great programme that will entertain mainly the younger crowd but may even interest those that wouldn't usually like a teen programme.

    Definetly worth a watch.
  • awesome show

    This show leaves me wanting to watch more after every episode. One of the few shows that have an emotional pull on me with almost every character. I live in the US and even though it "portrays life as a teen in the UK", I can relate to it in many ways. The writers are great at taking a "holy shit, how am I gonna get myself out of this rut" moment, just when you think all crap hit the fan, and turn it around in a way that leaves you wanting to keep watching episode after episode. The 1st and 3rd season were excellent, the 2nd had it good moments, all in all incredible show that highlights on teen issues and situations we can all learn from. Love it.
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