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Thursday 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Jan 25, 2007 Between Seasons



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    Skins used to be a favorite of mine, season 1 & 2 were written masterpieces - beautifully produced and stunningly performed. The plots followed interesting characters whose stories were playfully yet intricately tied together, combining moments of hilarity, seriousness and tragedy within the framework of a context which seemed to emulate so much of what it means and feels like to be young. Skins 1 & 2 entertained and amused within the realms of believability. Whilst some of the weird and wonderful things they did were extraordinary, they were close to the reality of the post gen Y experience. Now, what has become of my beloved skins? Where is the heart? The substance that accompanied the style has abruptly departed and all we were left with was a rioting school of ridiculous misfit kids, rooting and smoking their way through a mildly entertaining existence. Random hook ups on the first day of school
    Getting involved with organised crime
    Quid-pro-quo sex for a cavanger hunt
    Chilli eating competitions
    Rioting high school students

    WFT!? What were the writers doing in the break? Sorting coke? I was hoping to find that the old writing team had been replaced so at least this could be attributed to a slack new team of naive writers who have no connection to this world of young ppl. But alas, its THE SAME PPL.

    It seems that success has bred the worst sort of laziness in the skins writing team. Now (and if this continues) skins is destined to join the ranks of 90210, Dawsons the OC and GG, more of the same SOULESS GARBAGE.

    This show is truely not worth watching past the second season.

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