Skins (UK)

Thursday 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Jan 25, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • A show following Bristol teenagers in their final two years of school.

    Skins is a brilliant show. There are many teen dramas made across different subjects and incorporating many themes but none seem to pull it off as convincingly as Skins. Skins is one of the few shows to use appropriately aged actors. It 'discovers' its actors by holding auditions at schools and hiring mainly totally inexperienced and unproven actors. It works remarkably well. All characters seem 'real' and they really take on the roles. The format of an episode per character allows development into single characters while still maintaining a plot. The characters may seem a little over the top to many. This is because of the heavy drug use, and how many of them seem to go 'off the rails' quite often. Every two seasons Skins plans to totally change cast, while maintaining a few links to the old one. This was done with season three with the linking factor being Effy, and to a small extent, Pandora. Before watching the third season I thought that it would totally destroy the series, but I feel that they did rather well and I am looking forward to what they do for the fourth series. The characters in the third season to seem less real, and less relatable, but still are good viewing. It is hard not to draw correlations between some of the first and second generation characters, such as the early Chris to Cook, Michelle to Katie. Still, with further development of the second generation characters they may distance themselves from their predecessors. Overall a solid series well worth the time.
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