Skins (UK)

Thursday 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Jan 25, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Hooked me from the start, three seasons of pure awesome.

    Ever since the very first episode of Skins I've been absolutely hooked. The first series was amazing, even if the finale confused the hell out of me with all the creepy singing and what not. (Most of) The characters were so loveable, especially Chris, Sid and Maxxie, and the actors conveyed them so well that I really felt myself feeling their emotions. The storylines are gripping and fairly realistic (although clearly exxagerated) and I could really connect to it. When the third season came along I admit I had my doubts, replacing the entire cast (excluding Effy) annoyed me a bit as I had grown to love them so much. However, Skins is unique in that it isn't going to have 21 year olds pretending to be teenagers. I needn't have doubted the decision though, as I sat down for episode 1 season 3 I was immediately intruiged (namely by the obvious history between Emily and Naomi) and was once again hooked, eager to learn more about the new characters.

    Skins is a completely unique show that truly represents teenage life today, being 17 myself I can really relate to the storylines and characters which I don't get from many other shows of the genre.

    P.S. How people can even begin say that The Inbetweeners is better than Skins is beyond me. Maybe it's just my life experiences and sense of humour; but to me there's no contest when it comes to which is the funniest and most realistic and ultimately the most entertaing; Skins is the clear winner.