Skins (UK)

Thursday 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Jan 25, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Pretty dam good

    There is very little not to like about this show. I would have given it a 10 except for the fact it dosne't nessecerily paint teenagers in a good light. In it, every single 16-18 year old smokes spliff constantly and drinks like there is no tommorrow. Not true guys!
    Rant over. This show is fantastic anyway. The charactors are lovable and believable, especially Sid, Chris and JJ. Series 1 was the best for me. Series 3 was not the jumping of the shark that could be expected from changing all your cast. It still worked and it was a brave yet good decision to introduce new people. This format could go on for many years and I hope it does.
    There is nothing this show is too scared to do and thats what I like about it. Ultimately touching, hillarious and at times rather disturbing. Very good!