Skins (UK)

Thursday 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Jan 25, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • A great show with some very memorable teenage characters/actors. And easily the best British show that exists.

    Skins is a drama about teens who go out, party, drink, smoke, do drugs and have very depressing and poor upbringings. Each episode of a season is based on 1 specific character after another. This method similar to lost's flashbacks is very effective and is very entertaining as well! These great stories the teens go through are uncanny. Something that many teen dramas could learn from is that the show changes the cast every two seasons. Finally! Two many shows have the first two seasons of the teens at high school and then just go to college after. This never works and the show go's downhill at the third season. In skins they change the cast every two seasons so we get the same classic thing.

    However, the show does have some flaws. Season 1,2 and 3 were great but season 4 was quite a disappointment. The end of season 4 wasn't exactly a conclusion and showed that the writers didn't no how to end it properly, although there is a film adaptation coming out, which is a good sign.

    Overall, this show is probably my second favourite teen drama ever after Veronica Mars and has had some incredible actors. The new cast is coming soon and it sounds pretty good. I would recommend this show to anyone in general for its brilliance.

    Overall: Season 1 - 9.3/10 Season 2 - 9.4/10 Season 3 - 9.1/10 Season 4 - 7.9/10

    Favourite/ best - actors/characters: Season 1/2: Tony Stonem - Nicholas Hoult
    Chris Miles - Joe Dempsie
    Cassie Ainsworth - Hannah Murray

    Best characters/actors: season 3/4:

    Emily Fitch - Kathryn Prescott
    Effy Stonem - Kaya Scodelario
    James Cook - Jack O'Connell.