Skins (UK)

Thursday 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Jan 25, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • I loved season 1-4 ...

    I must really say, I fell in love with this show. The endings of an episode are always frankly and you just have to watch the next one. The episodes never get boring. Especially because there are more main characters, and so there are more stories. So there's at least one story, which you would like and so keep on watching it. For me, in season 1-2 it was "Cassie Ainsworth" played by Hannah Murray. Such a cute person (:

    But I fell in deep love with season 3-4. It's very dramatic and the things that happen are nowadays almost average.. but still dramatic

    And especially the lesbian relationship between "Emily Fitch" and "Naomi Campbell" made me stuck to these 2 seasons. Lily Loveless (Naomi) is such a great actress. She really made it look real with these little smiles. And she's too pretty :D

    But almost everything looked so real, it could've been REAL Reality TV.

    I wish they continue season 3+4 one day.. it's too sad it's over. It became my favourite drama show.

    And season 5 sucked bad... I even stopped watching at the 3rd episode, because it bored the crap out of me...