Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on E4

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  • Started off slow, but ends with a bang

    This episode was good. It was a bit slow at the beginning, but it was all an important build up to the end. The show's creators and writers have beefed up Series 6 so far. Franky isn't so timid anymore. Neither is Mini. The group may not be as rambunctious as the first generation, but they have become a lot more interesting since Series 5. The ending was unexpected yet a classic example of Skins writing. Playing on what is conscious and what is not, playing on the heartstrings (as per usual), and of course instilling the fun of youngsters, this episode was definitely a strong one, especially for the second episode in a series, in which most storyline arcs are just started to build.
  • Best episode of this generation.

    Woah. Talk about an episode. Last series, I barely could stand Rich and hated his episode. But now, exactly a series later his episode was brilliant. Watching Rich torment himself about Grace's condition and whereabouts was tough to watch, but it was done incredibly well. You really did get the sense that he loved her.

    From his break-in to to the hospital, hiding out in Grace's house and arguing with Alo, Rich really lost in this episode, and it was all the better for it. I did think that Grace's calls and his visits to her were in his head, but thought nothing of it. His parents were funny in their little scene. The episode really started to shine as Rich went through old videos of Grace. These parts were really quite heart-breaking, and Rich's character certainly was sympathetic.

    Mini and Alo having sex in the house was quite funny - and their chemistry is brilliantly amusing. I like them together, and hope it develops a lot further. Rich fighting with Alo was sad to see, but it made sense and you could see where they were both coming from. I really enjoyed the scene between Rich and Liv. She wasn't seen much in the premier, and they had quite a good dynamic. Set up for a future storyline perhaps? Hmm. Franky turning up was disappointing to me. She was partly to blame for the goings on in Morocco and so I didn't like how friendly everyone was to her. I'm not looking forward to her episode - she can't act, and was a major bitch in the opening episode.

    So then the massive gig at the Blood's house happened. Very sweet moment between Alo and Rich where the latter admitted he was hurting, and they hugged. Their friendship is a big part of this generation and I'm glad their not ignoring it. The sex scene between Rich and Grace in the bedroom left me with mixed feelings. While Grace isn't the best actress, I do quite like their relationship and it was a nice scene. BUT I had the overwhelming feeling that it was in Rich's head which was weird - almost Grey's Anatomy Izzie sleeps with a ghost weird. But hey, it was a nice farewell to the couple because...

    They've killed Grace. Yep, in the last few minutes Professor Blood reveals to Rich that Grace has died. I can't believe it. I had my suspicions, but somehow didn't think they'd actually do it. It was a very sad and shocking scene - seeing Blood crying and broken was crazy in itself. I quite like how at that moment Rich was there for Blood, and kept his cool. But he's gonna be in for a horrible series - and the rest of the gang too.

    So yeah, loved this one. Brilliant moments throughout, great music and good character development. Next week looks to be Grace's funeral, and introduction to new guy Alex. I can't wait - Skins is officially back on top of my favourites list