Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2008 on E4
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Sid's life is falling apart; Tony, his best friend, may never be the same again and Cassie has left him for Scotland. Just when things couldn't get worse, his dad dies in the night leaving him all alone.

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  • Sid

    An overrated episode of Skins, I mean, sure it was eventful and it brought substantial development, but the pacing was just off. It was incredibly slow paced for the first half hour, and then finally, things started to pick up.

    Regardless of the strange pacing, we got a lot of noteworthy emotional scenes. I like that Tony is reverting back to his normal self, and Cassie is finally coming back. Maybe things will return to form now, who knows?

    The hugging scene between Sid & Tony was definitely the best of the episode. I didn't like how they danced around Angie's absence. Bottom line, the interactions overall this season haven't been that great, but hopefully this show will get back on track soon.moreless
  • Very moving, strong, emotional and real.

    This episode was absolutely perfect. I've been dissing Skins a bit in my reviews saying that the concept of the show is bad. As in, they try too hard with both comedy and drama and it just comes off real laughable (in a bad way). But this episode - and generally, this season - there's an amazing balance that just keeps me glued to the screen from start to end.

    The first half of the episode was mostly comedy centric, and boy it was great. Sid and his father bond, and his father completetly redeems himself. He's got a great chance to get his wife back, he finally stands up for himself infront of his family, he gives his son some useful advices and then.... he dies.

    One of the most shocking deaths on TV, ever. And I'm not joking. It's just incredibly sad and tragic. Sid's reaction was absolutely amazing, wonderful. I really don't know what to say - the last 15 minutes were absolutely a tearjerker. The best scene was the one in the club where Sid tells Tony what happened. AMAZING.

    This was a masterpiece , definitely my favourite episode of the show to date.moreless
  • sid's dad died...

    i grew up without a dad so i really don't like stories bout father and son, especially tragic ones, it brings tears to my eyes. this episode almost did that. if nobody else was around, i would have let the tears flow down my face.

    emotional. sad. heartbreaking. waahhhh! just when it seems that sid's family is going back on track tragedy strikes. hmmm... this definitely ain't one of my favorite storyline but it'll touch you.

    never neglect the people you love. we could never really tell when their time's up and we might not be able to say goodbye or worst, we might not be able to tell them that we love them.moreless
  • Sid and his dad deal with the arrival of their family and attempt to keep up a charade. But just when they think all is well, unhappiness lurks around the cornermoreless

    A shocking but great episode of Skins this week. The first 10 minutes were good but mostly spoiled if you had seen any of the adverts that they've been showing all week. The next half an hour, fairly dull and a bit too heavy on the adult/family side of it. However at about 10.40 (I remember cause I looked at the clock cause I was thinking something has to happen!) the shows kicked it up like a hundred gears and the last 20 minutes were amazing. So full and angst and pain, it reminded me what Skins was truly about!

    What I liked:

    •The massive shock of Sid's dad dying, so much of the episode was spoiled and they did a great job of keeping that under wraps.

    •The way in which they dealt with Sid finding his dad. It really reminded me of Buffy's "The Body" the rawness of finding a loved one dead was so well played out and it felt really believable and realistic. Mike Bailey did an amazing job as Sid

    •The growing closeness of Chris and Jal (I'm thinking relationship!) and also they way in which they're looking after Tony

    •Anwar's scenes with Sketch and especially with Sid's mum.

    •Getting to know a little more about Sid's family and especially his dad. It all explains why Sid is the way he is.

    •The 'fatwa' being put on the college for "Osama- The Musical!"- Hilarious

    Things I didn't like:

    •The half an hour with just Sid and his family was necessary but quite dry and not that great.

    •Abigail's acting- The line "I'll be back" was done so woodenly and was a bit cringe worthy!

    •The lack of teens in the episode

    •The fake-out with Cassie, a bit predictable IMO

    •Angie not coming back- such a shame, it would've been interesting to see what happened between her and Chris even if it was just a goodbye. Hopefully she'll be back later.moreless
  • ...

    This episode was just fantastic and shows how much 'Skins' has grown as a program.

    The episode focused mostly on Sid and his family. Last season I didn't like his dad, Mark, at all, but this episode made me change my mind as we really got to see how much Mark has had to face with his own horrible father, and how close the bond is between Sid and Mark. There were some very touching parenting moments in this ep and you could see that Mark truly does care for Sid.

    I also liked Sid's mum, a character who managed both comedy and emotion. It was sad that she wasn't there for Sid in the later half of this episode though.

    The two minutes we had of Cassie were great. She has been sorely lacking this season. The ending was quite typical but hopefully it means we'll get more Cassie soon.

    Sketch was great in her new role as the cynical girlfriend of Anwar. She pulled-off her one-liners brilliantly.

    Mark's death was so sudden and unexpected I couldn't quite believe it.moreless
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Peter Capaldi

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Sid's grandfather owns 17 dry cleaning shops.

    • Goof: Sid mentions that the subjects he studies are English, Drama and Psychology. However in Season 1 he stayed up all night writing a History paper and went on the History trip to Russia. - This may not technically be a goof. In England, students typically study 5 subjects at AS Level (age 16) and then drop two of those when going onto A2 (age 17). As there is a six month gap between seasons 1 and 2, it is entirely possible that the two seasons cover the 2 years of 6th Form and that Sid has chosen to drop History in favour of the other three subjects at A2 Level.

    • Sid studies English, Drama and Psychology (see goof above).

    • Sid's screen name is "Sid1".

    • The song playing in the scene where Tony and Sid are in the room with Sid's father is "Vaka" by Sigur Ros.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Liz: Get into bed.
      Mark: (jumps into bed and lies there) I'll probably never change that much...
      Liz: Don't talk, just do something, I want you to do something.
      (Mark starts kissing Liz)
      Oh ja, ist gut!
      Mark What?
      Liz: Nothing...

    • Sid: You're not his girlfriend.
      Abigail: Well actually I don't think you get to decide that Sidney.
      Sid: Tony loves Michelle. They're having a few problems. He can't remember stuff well. I know whatever you've told him is a total lie so f*ck off and leave him alone, okay?

    • Chris: Four months without sex that ain't, ain't funny. But you probably wouldn't understand that Jal.
      Jal: Huh?
      Chris: Well you don't have sex at all, do you, you have clarinet lessons.

    • Sid: I think I dumped Cassie, she's with some guy.
      Mark: Oh they're always with some guy. If they're special you just have to make sure that guy is you.

    • Mark: My father's disappointed, they often are.
      Sid: Is that how you see me?
      Mark: No.
      Sid: I'm useless and crap, I f*uck-up and it drives you mad.
      Mark: You hear me Sid, never.

    • Liz: Make sure you come again soon Anwar.
      Anwar: Yeah, cheers.
      Sketch: Chance will be a fine thing.

    • Liz: I should go home.
      Mark: You should come home!

    • Mark: I'm sure Manfred loves rolling across the border into Belgium and rounding up the Jews and sending them on a happy holiday in Poland but hey that's Blitzkrieg for you and Manfred's got to have his opium-scented liebensraum, right?
      Liz: He can't help being German.
      Mark: And who can?

    • Anwar: (referring to sex) Oh come on, it won't take long.
      Sketch: It never takes long.

    • Sid: My mum's about to arrive so she can pretend to still be married to my dad when my grandad gets here.

    • Sid: (to his dad) Mum left you because you're a total world championship cretin. And I understand this because I'm a trusting gullible soft touch who's far far far too f*cking nice for his own good. There's no comparison.

    • Sid: (on Cassie) She says she loves me and then she waltzes off to Elgin and now she's f*cking the entire Scottish rugby team.
      Mark: Oh don't think that. I mean, she's only f*cking one of them.

  • NOTES (5)