Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on E4
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Sid's life begins to fall apart when he starts failing at school and gets nowhere with Michelle as she is with Tony. He even manages to upset Cassie enough for her to attempt suicide as Tony furthers his schemes.

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  • Sid

    The best installment of Skins yet, this episode definitely determined which characters are my favorite, and Sid & Cassie are definitely my favorites. Sid was just such an original and unique character, someone you could definitely relate too. All the other characters are great, but I think it's harder too relate too them, but with Sid, it was just perfect. He's got a jerk dad, a soon to be absent mom, and he's failing at life.

    What Tony did to Sid was seriously twisted, and to hold Sid to have him watch Tony get Michelle back, it was just hard to watch. I wonder what this will do to their friendship. Cassie was very sad in this installment, and I just loved all her scenes, from her telling Sid to wake up to her over dosing on pills and alcohol. I liked how Jal was their for her.

    Skins is getting really good, and it's made a lot of progress since the first episode. I really commend this show for that, also the cast is becoming more likable by the episode. Great episode.moreless
  • Here we learn about the character who cops all the beatings!

    Sid in my opinion is the funniest character in the show. The funny stuff continues to him in the episode. There is a fair bit going on in this episode involving Sid, he is failing History, meant to be going on a date with Cassie, loves Michelle and is grounded! Sid is given a chance by his teacher to redo his assignment so he can pass the course. Despite only having a couple of days to hand in the paper, he still goes out with Tony, Michelle and Chris, choosing them instead of Cassie. Himself, Michelle and Chris watch Tony sing in the choir with a bunch of young blonds. After the choir Sid and Michelle catch Tony kissing one of the blonds from the choir. Tony then claims he did it on purpose so Sid can go after Michelle.

    Sid decides he is going to listen to Tony and try and get with Michelle the next day, despite Cassie opening up her heart and confessing she loves him. At the bar with Michelle, Michelle allows Sid to dance with her and touch her. As Sid is moving in rapidly, Tony comes in and takes Michelle away from Sid, later claiming on its a "joke". Meanwhile Cassie who is severely depressed and heartbroken by Sid, overdoses on drugs, meaning she must be rushed to the hospital.

    This is a significant episode, as Sid realizes that he might have made a mistake by going after Michelle instead of Cassie. He also comes to terms that Tony isn't the good friend that he thinks he is. We finish the episode with Sid ignoring Tonys phone call of apologies, and spending the entire night working on his paper so he can pass History.moreless
  • Good

    Tony/Sid/Michelle:I hate him so much when sid and michelle where dancing tony was like standing at the door and then when michelle and him had a 'romantic moment' he held sid so he could watch. Poor sid.

    Cassie: I feel so sorry for her why cant sid, like she said, just wake up and realize cassies the one for him not slutty michelle.

    Sid/Dad/School: Felt a bit sorry for his dad when Sid was shouting at him at the end, although he is a bit of a useless dad. SUd needed to buck up his ideas if he didnt want to fail but thankfully he did it yay!!!!

    Jen xxmoreless
  • Sid wake up!!!!!

    loving sid! along with chirs he is my fvaourite character.

    im beginng to hate tony mre and more as the epsiodes continue! what what a d!ck! seriously the way he treats sid is so D!ckheadish like! really p!sses me off! i dunno why!

    man sid needs to wake up to cassie! i hate watchin it cos i'm totally rooting for them! but i dunno its kinda crazy! man that scene with his father near the end was unreal! the acting was great! when he jsut starts laying into his dad really made for good tv! i just think this show is getting better and better!moreless
  • Better than the previous installments, but only barely.

    What this show should do is concencrate on the comedy. The drama part comes off way too over the top if you ask me. I consider Sid the main character so I was kind of happy to have him in the focus. All the scenes with his parents were great comedy, and I'm glad it got resolved the way it was. It wasn't resolved in a dramatic way, rather a comedic one.

    But this whole "I want my best friends girlgriend" storyline is getting on my nerves. It's not interesting, and the outcome is obvious.

    Cassie is way "out there" also. Her character is the prime example of the writerys trying TOO HARD.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the end, Sid has clearly been working on his paper all through the night until the next morning, as evident in the rise and fall of the moon and sun seen through the back window. However, the whole time, Sid's hair is still wet from his shower that he took before he started writing.

    • Sid has a pet hamster.

    • As Sid watches the old dancing man and his lover through the window, the aerial on the radio in front of them keep changing from pointing left and pointing right between shots.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Chris: Everything you could ever want from an evening. Songs, choir girls, colourful costumes, fellatio... rabbits.
      Maxxie: Rabbits?
      Chris: Don't ask.

    • Anwar (on Cassie) I bet she bangs like a ferret on acid.

    • Abigail: I'll kill you, you flat-chested cocksucking spastic horsefucker!
      Sid: Wow. Good swearing.

    • Mark: (referring to Sid's History coursework) Did Tony fail this?
      Sid: No.
      Mark: No of course not, and why, why didn't he fail it?
      Sid: He doesn't do History.

    • Tom: There are people here you can talk to. I am here for you. We can sort this out. I'm all ears, come on.
      Sid: Well, we can start with the fact that my best mate wants me to make a move on his girlfriend, who I love, even though she still really loves him and now actually hates me and my dad thinks I'm a complete fuck-up and can't stop acting like a fuck-up and no matter what I try, I can't stop pissing everyone off. Sort that out can we?

    • Chris: (reading a palm) This line here Polly, this means you're going to live until you're at least 80 and this line here, that means you should be very careful around electricty pylons and crocodiles.

    • Mark: What's the next class?
      Sid: Drama.
      Mark: Right. Drama. Home. Coursework. Fucking perfection. Or else.
      Sid: Why are you talking in very short sentences?
      Mark: Emphasis. Drama. Fuck off.

    • Sid: You fucking freak me out sometimes.
      Tony: It's never dull, is it?

    • Tony: (walking in on Sid masturbating) I'm gonna go out and come back in.
      Sid: Would you?

    • Cassie: Wow Maxxie, you look all horny.
      Maxxie: You can tell?

  • NOTES (4)

    • Effy and Kenneth do not appear in this episode.

    • The online Channel 4 mini-episode for "Sid" features the career adviser seeking Sid's help, before meeting with Anwar, Tony and Michelle.

    • As the title suggests, the main character focus in this episode is Sid. Each episode of the season focuses on a different character.

    • Music In This Episode:
      "Grunge Betty" by The Dandy Warhols.
      "Underwear" by The Magnetic Fields.
      "Date With The Night" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
      "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys.
      "Little David, Play On Your Harp".
      "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.
      "Main Offender" by The Hives.
      "Old Fashioned Morphine" by Jolie Holland.
      "Hell Is Around The Corner" by Tricky vs. Gravediggaz.
      "Be Cool, Be Nice" by St. Thomas.
      "You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


    • Chris refers to The Beach Boys.

      The Beach Boys are an American rock and roll band. Formed in 1961, it gained popularity for its close vocal harmonies and lyrics reflecting a California youth culture of surfing, girls, and cars.

    • In this episode we see Anwar on Sid's left shoulder as an angel and Maxxie on Sid's right shoulder as the devil.

      The angel and devil represent one's conscience when making choices. The angel and devil have been seen in many cartoons, films and television programmes.