Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on E4

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  • Sid

    The best installment of Skins yet, this episode definitely determined which characters are my favorite, and Sid & Cassie are definitely my favorites. Sid was just such an original and unique character, someone you could definitely relate too. All the other characters are great, but I think it's harder too relate too them, but with Sid, it was just perfect. He's got a jerk dad, a soon to be absent mom, and he's failing at life.

    What Tony did to Sid was seriously twisted, and to hold Sid to have him watch Tony get Michelle back, it was just hard to watch. I wonder what this will do to their friendship. Cassie was very sad in this installment, and I just loved all her scenes, from her telling Sid to wake up to her over dosing on pills and alcohol. I liked how Jal was their for her.

    Skins is getting really good, and it's made a lot of progress since the first episode. I really commend this show for that, also the cast is becoming more likable by the episode. Great episode.
  • Here we learn about the character who cops all the beatings!

    Sid in my opinion is the funniest character in the show. The funny stuff continues to him in the episode. There is a fair bit going on in this episode involving Sid, he is failing History, meant to be going on a date with Cassie, loves Michelle and is grounded! Sid is given a chance by his teacher to redo his assignment so he can pass the course. Despite only having a couple of days to hand in the paper, he still goes out with Tony, Michelle and Chris, choosing them instead of Cassie. Himself, Michelle and Chris watch Tony sing in the choir with a bunch of young blonds. After the choir Sid and Michelle catch Tony kissing one of the blonds from the choir. Tony then claims he did it on purpose so Sid can go after Michelle.

    Sid decides he is going to listen to Tony and try and get with Michelle the next day, despite Cassie opening up her heart and confessing she loves him. At the bar with Michelle, Michelle allows Sid to dance with her and touch her. As Sid is moving in rapidly, Tony comes in and takes Michelle away from Sid, later claiming on its a "joke". Meanwhile Cassie who is severely depressed and heartbroken by Sid, overdoses on drugs, meaning she must be rushed to the hospital.

    This is a significant episode, as Sid realizes that he might have made a mistake by going after Michelle instead of Cassie. He also comes to terms that Tony isn't the good friend that he thinks he is. We finish the episode with Sid ignoring Tonys phone call of apologies, and spending the entire night working on his paper so he can pass History.
  • Good

    Tony/Sid/Michelle:I hate him so much when sid and michelle where dancing tony was like standing at the door and then when michelle and him had a 'romantic moment' he held sid so he could watch. Poor sid.

    Cassie: I feel so sorry for her why cant sid, like she said, just wake up and realize cassies the one for him not slutty michelle.

    Sid/Dad/School: Felt a bit sorry for his dad when Sid was shouting at him at the end, although he is a bit of a useless dad. SUd needed to buck up his ideas if he didnt want to fail but thankfully he did it yay!!!!

    Jen xx
  • Sid wake up!!!!!

    loving sid! along with chirs he is my fvaourite character.

    im beginng to hate tony mre and more as the epsiodes continue! what what a d!ck! seriously the way he treats sid is so D!ckheadish like! really p!sses me off! i dunno why!

    man sid needs to wake up to cassie! i hate watchin it cos i'm totally rooting for them! but i dunno its kinda crazy! man that scene with his father near the end was unreal! the acting was great! when he jsut starts laying into his dad really made for good tv! i just think this show is getting better and better!
  • Better than the previous installments, but only barely.

    What this show should do is concencrate on the comedy. The drama part comes off way too over the top if you ask me. I consider Sid the main character so I was kind of happy to have him in the focus. All the scenes with his parents were great comedy, and I'm glad it got resolved the way it was. It wasn't resolved in a dramatic way, rather a comedic one.

    But this whole "I want my best friends girlgriend" storyline is getting on my nerves. It's not interesting, and the outcome is obvious.

    Cassie is way "out there" also. Her character is the prime example of the writerys trying TOO HARD.
  • Sid Epsoide.

    Sid is in trouble. Deep trouble. He's failing at everything. His history coursework hasn't made the grade and he's only got a week to deliver something decent or he'll fail the year. And, of course, he's as sexually frustrated as ever and can't get his best friend's girlfriend, Michelle, out of his head. Will Sid ever buckle down and focus on his future, will his dad ever give him a break, and will he ever wake up to Tony's manipulative ways?

    My favore ep.

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Sid has failed in collage and can't get michelle out of his head.

    The show gets better and better. Cassie was in it a bit which was good! tony was horrible as always. It was very funny when sid stood up to his dad. Cassie's outburst to him was so great and really funny. When she shoots him with the water gun! The overdose was good to show sid how much she cares. Great episode.
  • Numbing It Written by Jamie Brittain Directed by Minkie Spiro

    I'm going with the majority and say that this was the best episode so far this season.

    Sid - I felt bad for him this week in a lot of ways but this episode served as a wakeup call for Sid, not only with the way him and his father parallel each other but also whether or nor Sid wants to go through life being manipulated by people, especially Tony who took the low blow over Michelle. Cassie told Sid to wake up, his father driving his mother away was another cautionary tale and the ending showed that Sid is learning something.

    Mark/Liz - Probably the most emphasised and aware enough of their kids problems but still I liked that they were dimensional so at the end I actually felt pity for Mark when Sid laid into him.

    Cassie - She was dynamic this week for wrong and right reasons. I loved her for telling Sid to wake up and realise that he can't have Michelle but I hated her for using his watergun, vodka and pills to blot out her pain but once again another impressive performance from Hannah Murray.

    Jal - Everyone needs a friend, like her - full stop! She was a bit too harsh with Sid but her heart was in the right place and she seems to always come through for her mates no less.

    Abigail/Tony/Michelle - The girl who plays Abigail is a bad actress but I PMSL with how she chose to insult Michelle.

    Tony has crossed the line and is screwing with people's lives but if the likes of Sid and Michelle don't stand up to him and give him consequences, then he's gonna keep doing it. I didn't mind Michelle more this week but she really does have a low opinion of herself if she puts up with Tony. The Vicky Pollard style girls who beat her though I hated.

    Chris/Maxxie/Anwar -I would've liked more continuity with Chris' ongoing plot of last week but he was quite funny here. So were Maxxie and Anwar as Angel/Devil with Sid and drama class but overall the latter two are too one-dimensional so far.
  • Following 4 episodes of surprising quality, skins sends us crashing back to reality - this show is nothing special.

    I'm sorry but this episode was poor for the most part.

    The main storyline would have been passable, if they hadn't made it identical to episode 4. The intertwining storylines were just a mess and it just felt half-hearted, and disappointing. The basic plot is cliched - to the extent of using an identical one in two consecutive episodes. However one thing which the series has been good for so far is a few comedy moments, but unfortunately they're pretty hard to find in this episode.

    The need for two minute cameos from non-characters like Jal is just cringe-worthy. Her lines were chucked in at the last minute without any real thought or cohesion to the rest of the episode, and were really poorly over-acted.

    The reason Skins got a big audience for the pilot was the mad advertising campaign involving "outlandish" behaviour and promising superb writing from the likes of Simon Amstell..... well really this episode has brought me down to earth, and hopefully those of you sober enogh will agree.

    Its going to take an almighty next episode to change my opinion.