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Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on E4
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Thomas arrives from the Congo and finds himself homeless and penniless. He gets into trouble when he meets Johnny White. However, the gang find Thomas may be the answer to their problems when they realize he has one advantage over the sinister gangster. Chillies, anyone?

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  • Best one so far.

    You know the show is doing a good job when they get you to really care about a character. I have not cared this much about a Skins member since Cassie. Thomas's storylines are very relatable. I like how he tries to be a great human being when everyone around him have given up on that attempt. In this episode he has to get accustomed to living in The U.K after being in Congo all his life. He needs to find work and a flat. All seems to go well until he gets a threat. He needs to make 300 pounds before Thursday or he's toast. The group, being the helpful friends that they are, sell drugs for their new friend. What I thought was a little strange was how everyone rushed to help Thomas even though they barely knew him. How did Naomi even know to show up? Some things just didn't make sense. I like how it all worked out in a quite exiting standof that included chilli peppersf. The gang he faced were quite hilarious. The two overweight men had some really funny lines. Even though the episode was about Thomas, my favorite moment was Emily telling Naomi she wanted to kiss her right infront of Effy who seemed to enjoy what she heard.

    I love the fact that the episodes of season 3 focus more on everyone than it does on just one person like the first two seasons.moreless
  • Nice To Meet You Written by Daniel Kuluuya And Brian Elsley Directed by Simon Massey

    I loved this episode. The first two have had their moments but I think this is the one where the series had a big return to form.

    Thomas is certainly the best male regular this sereis has offered and the opening scene was pretty good in getting everything across. We knew that he was from the Congo, he dealt with hostile neighbours, saved a man from robbery and got donuts as a reward.

    Meeting with Effy and Pandora had some good moments. Pandora really shouldn't mix drugs and food if her reaction is to throw up like.

    The return of Johnny White however was something I could've done without as a viewers. Gangsters still don't work on this show and it's hard to take Johnny seriously, especially when his minions are so goofy.

    It is nice that Effy and Pandora took it upon themselves to help Thomas raise the 300 quid, even if it was after Thomas realised that Pandora's aunt was growing drugs.

    The rap scene in the club was good fun but the chilli contest was surprisingly effective. My stomach certainly wouldn't have been able to have withheld all that stuff.

    It's a shame that the episode ended up with Thomas being deported because his mother didn't approve of his new friends. Him and Pandora did seem promising as a couple and she was very upset by the end of the episode as well.

    So Effy was right about Anthea cheating? Nice that we seemingly got an emotional (ish) reaction from her of sorts when she discovered her mum at it with Jim's line manager.

    Katie is still a nasty piece and while I hate her constant sniping at Naomi, she can definitely insult Cook all night long. I noticed that we had very little of Cook, JJ and Freddie, which certainly wasn't a bad thing.

    Emily and Naomi still seem to be a slow burner but Naomi's reaction when Emily admitted she was gay did seem strange. I thought it was established that Naomi was already aware of it.moreless
  • I quite enjoyed that!

    First off, i must say this episode started out very un-skins like. For a moment i wondered if i was watching the same show, but it had me intrigued from the off nontheless.

    Thomas seemed a very interesting character and i can't understand for the life of me why hes apparently left so soon.

    My one disappointment though was how they resolved Cook's situation with the "gangsta". That was just pathetic! He was built up as some infamous hard man and yet he settles the score with a kid that robbed him and nearly broke his nose with a plate of chilli's! Come on now, be serious. Last weeks episode was far too dramatic to be resolved that easily.

    Admittedly i was quite worried about Skins after the first two episodes of series 3.

    I loved the old cast and it just seemed as though these "newbies" were a poor imitation of the old gang. However after watching this episode i think this could actually work!

    Still a little too much "forced" humour for my liking though...moreless
  • So much better than last week!

    We meet Thomas and I'll start by saying he's way more likable than Cook (Last weeks episode). Last week something was off and in my opinion I now think it was Cook - Thomas is interesting and his link to Pandora made the episode great. But other moments like Effys trouble with her mum to more Naomi/Emily drama really brought the mark up for me.

    Thomas's introduction is done well and I liked him throughout. Though funny at times the whole McKenzie Cook gangster thing didn't work in the last episode for me and it was similar situation here, note the 9.5 instead of 10 for the rating. I liked his first meeting with Effys and Pandora and the latter's childish qualities instantly drew her to him. I love Pandora and she really makes the show flow.

    What I liked about this one was that more people had a bit to say (Bar JJ, Freddie and Cook who I wasn't overly bothered about since they were up front last week) I mean Effy had problems at home as we had continuation from her thoughts from episode one. Her mum, Anthea is having an affair. This whole thing was pretty funny and Anthea's lame 'helping with project' excuse was brilliant.

    My only negative would be that Effy hasn't been developed a great deal...hopefully she'll progress as the season continues. Pandora and Thomas getting together was good, well I liked it anyway. It was believable cos Pandora would just jump into was in character. The kissing scene between them was fairly sweet. It was just so strange at Pandora's aunts which was why I enjoyed it to be honest, 'get sconed' so weirdly funny.

    Another big highlight was the Naomi/Emily development. Katie the evil twin still makes those b*tchy comments about Naomi but Emily completed took her twin by surprise and revealed the truth. Later in an even more revealing scene Emily admits she wanted to kiss Naomi and still does...watched by Effy (Good touch, loved her cheeky smile) Naomi asked the obvious, are you gay Which is highly likely. I really can't wait for both these characters episodes!

    The Thomas rap was far more enjoyable than Cook's song last week and it had a great atmosphere to it. I even enjoyed the chilli gangster ending, though I'm hoping we'll see no more of him. The ending scene was brilliant if not a bit rushed...but who cares. Pandora wants Thomas now...and it seems she won't be letting go soon until his mother arrives from the was a funny scene in a sense but also kinda do feel sorry for Pandora/Thomas at the end. Other notes: It was brilliant seeing Anthea again, pretty funny character. I'm guessing Cook is alright in small doses. Why was Effy about to shag Cook again...doesn't she learn? Now since Pandora has been my favourite character in these first 3 episodes I cannot wait for her episode next Thursday night, the 'next time' on it looks excellent, with Pandora apparently breaking down with Effy!

    You know what, I'm just happy Skins isn't going downhill...last week scared me but this was a really good episode. Looking forward to more character development on everyone.moreless
  • thomas makes his first appearance on our screens in a great introductory episode

    from first impression, thomas was a very likeable character. i haven't fully made my mind up on him, but he has gotten off to a great start. so i hope him being taken away won't be the end of his appearance on skins.

    not a very dramatic episode to start off with, but a fun one nonetheless. i enjoyed a lot of thomas, his job attempts, his little flirting moment with emily. "most satisfactory"

    oh and i knew it was emily that snogged naomi from day one. just have to say. and good to see some brief development for her. although i emphasise the brief.

    and thomas' relationship with pandora: adorable!! i love pandora, and the two work well together.

    and despite her brief appearance i liked katie's little comment to effy. i'm so hoping for a **** fight between these two. and speaking of effy, we finally got a glimpse into her family life, i never really liked her and tony's parents, but it was nice to see some familiar faces. i'm hoping effy's episode won't be too family-centric though, but considering the affair that she seems affected by, it seems so.

    i also loved that the whole gang finally pulled together to help thomas. not exactly the best of friends yet, but it was nice to see they're getting there. now on episode 3, it is clear this new cast is one of the best things to happen to skins, and i loved that scene with them all together in thomas' flat. everything's piecing together.`

    i'm glad thomas was able to put an end to johnny white's run on skins. he just wasn't at all appealing to me. and i loved the chilli war, though if i was there i'd so have won it :p after watching i was so gutted i ran out of jalapenos, but i'll buy some tomorrow.

    but enough about my shopping list, all in all, thomas is a great character, who made an excellent debut, and i can't wait to see more of him. so he better be back!

    rating: 9/10

    what we got: the gang unite! character development! new character!

    what we need more off: thomas!!!

    quote of the week: "what do i want? surfing an turfing. when do i want it? now!"moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The second doughnut that Pandora takes from Thomas' bag switches between yellow and pink icing and has a different number of bites missing in each shot.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Pandora: I've decided you're going to be the first?
      Thomas: The first?
      Pandora: What do I want? Surfing and turfing. When do I want it? Now!

    • Emily: I didn't take MDMA that night, I just wanted to kiss you. I want to kiss you now.
      Naomi: You're gay?
      Emily: No, no, I'm sorry.
      Naomi: Yeah... me too.

    • Anthea: It's much more complicated than you think.
      Effy: Doesn't seem complicated. You're fucking my dad's line manager. No biggie.

    • Katie: Breasts, girl, you should try.
      Effy: I never try.
      Katie: Huh?

    • Pandora: Effy doesn't do doughnuts.
      Thomas: I see. So what does she do?
      Pandora: Drugs. We've just been to a place to buy some skunk, haven't we Eff?

    • Thomas: 'Cunt' is a very bad word, a very bad word. Even in England, I think.

    • Thomas: (eating a chilli) Delicious.
      Johnny: What?
      Thomas: My mother, she grows these in our garden. We are forbidden to eat them. She will beat us if we disobey. (shrugs) But boys will be boys, and I am a very naughty boy.

    • Naomi: Hi. Sorry, I couldn't find a bus. Said somebody needed a hand.
      Katie: Yeah, you like giving hand, don't you, Naomi?
      Emily: She didn't kiss me, okay?
      Katie: Yeah, she did. She practically jumped you.
      Emily: I kissed her! I was drunk and someone gave me MDMA and... I felt like fucking kissing someone. Satisfied?
      Cook: I'm satisfied, yeah! But even better if you showed us....
      Effy: Shut the fuck up, Cook. You promised me a party.

  • NOTES (3)

    • First appearance of Thomas.

    • Writer Daniel Kaluuya previously played Posh Kenneth in Series 1 and 2.

    • Music In This Episode:
      "Mapaputsi" by Kleva.
      "DJ Zhao" by Kwaito.
      "Buraka Som Sistema" by Luanda Lisboa.
      "Kanda Bongo Man" by Lela Lela.
      "Skinned Teen" by Pillow Case Kisser.
      "Barry White" by Gonna Love You.
      "Toumani Diabate" by Bi Lamban.
      "Mamadou Cissokho" by Kora composition.
      "Kanda Bongo Man" by Sango.
      "Kanda Bongo Man" by Isambe.
      "Fat Segal" by Desperate Housewives.
      "Fat Segal" by Class Drumming.
      "Gregory Isaacs" by Rumours.
      "Tom Tom Club" by Genius of Love.
      "Buraka Som Sistema" by Sem Makas.
      "Various Production" by Diver.
      "Aphex Twin" by Untitled 10.
      "Bhundu Boys" by Ring of Fire.
      "Eye Adaba" by Dramatico.
      "Buraka Som Sistema" by Yah.