Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2010 on E4
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There's a party at one of Thomas' club nights and all the gang are there; Cook is still up to no good, Freddie is learning increasingly more about love and the girls are busy dancing. An accident during the evening, however, leaves Thomas feeling guilty and alienated from the rest of the group. Will their friendship survive?moreless

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  • The borders between touching and depression are thin here, but the opening scene gets an A from me.

    The opening scene has to be one of the best Skins scenes ever. I liked how all the characters were involved.

    Thomas is dealing with Sophia's death on the night of his DJ gig. His life starts to get more complicated when he starting longing for a girl from "his people." This feeling quickly escalates when he needs comfort.

    Honestly, I wouldn't have picked Thomas for the first episode of a new season, but I guess it was more fitting than going on to any of the others since they were alot more related to Sophia's death and there has to be anticipation.

    Not as good as his first episode, but still good.moreless
  • I really enjoyed it. I liked that Thomas was developed but maybe other characters could've been used more.

    Skins is finally back after being away from our screens since early last year. What did I think of this premier? I loved it.

    We basically went on a journey with Thomas and I liked that. He was developed pretty well throughout the episode and I could understand him. The start was very intense with Sophia jumping (or perhaps being pushed?) of the balcony. I liked how we saw her wander through the club and walk past the characters we know and love.

    So Thomas' mother isn't very nice but I wasn't surprised. She seems to be really harsh with Thomas so it's hard to judge some of his anger in the episode. I loved his little sister, a brilliant source of comedy in a mainly dark episode. Her comment about Obi-Wan from Star Wars was hilarious.

    Now the Pandora/Thomas stuff was great but are we ever gonna see them actually be together? It's like Cassie and Sid from the original cast...they got together and something broke them up straight away. Panda was very funny at times like at the start with Thomas' mother and sex thing.

    She is coming across as a bit slutty though, isn't she? Loved the scene when Pandora and JJ visited Thomas, he was great. I get why Panda doesn't want to forgive him because he was a complete hypocrite in sleeping with Andrea. On the other hand, I understood stood why he did it so that was great. Usually these storylines irritate me but Skins managed to make me believe it.

    Effys appearance at the end was a great surprise. I'm so glad they brought her back straight away rather than having her absent for a few episodes. Naomi revealing that she gave Sophia the drugs was a shocker...wonder how that'll turn out. The other characters weren't used a lot...Emily was good in her 'As long as we're all happy' scene and Freddie didn't really do much at all. Cook was...well Cook.

    Katie had no line to speak of...kind of annoying since I'm interested to know how she handles the Naomi/Emily relationship. The music was also excellent, no surprises there. I cannot wait till next week...we get some much needed Naomi and Emily stuff. Welcome back Skins!moreless
  • Thomas, we are your people.

    Tired Star Wars references, too many music segways, bad acting, poor writing, ogie ogie ogie. Thomas was a homeless kid with no community and now he is a pillar of one that shows up out of the blue. Where were these cats when he was eating trash? Also I love the low cut tank top on the preachers daughter and how quick she is to spread her legs. This was well below the standard Skins already set for itself. If someone was to tell me this story I would think them a liar. If Pandora just asked Thomas who he slept with she probably wouldn't buy it either. This episode was a musical fantasy land in the Skins universe staring Thomas isn't as honest and real as its setting. This show lives and breaths because of its writing and characters. When it comes off as fantasy it fails.moreless
  • An interesting, if rather depressing start to the series.

    With this season debute Skins really jumped right into the plot, setting up a story-line in the first few minutes of the episode which looks set to dominate much of this season. The episode opened up with an interesting sequence following a girl through a nightclub as she wanders past most of the main cast up to various activities. The episode was mainly carried by Merveille Lukeba who plays Thomas. It was a pretty strong performance and showed us a different side to Thomas, no longer the happy optimist we saw in his first episode. You can see almost immidiately that this series as a whole is going to be a lot darker than the previous one, which might present a problem. This episode was pretty dark stuff, and given the its the season opener we can surmise that its likely to get darker as the season progresses. I don't mind that too much in itself as the show is all about representing teenage life which can be a depressing and scary world at time. But the show may risk pushing this aspect a bit far and going a tad too melodramtic as it has before. Nevertheless the cast does seem to be stronger this time around, and the characters remain intriguing. On the whole a good episode, that sets up the season with far more strength than the episode that started series 3.moreless
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Aicha Kossoko


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    • Music in the episode:
      Segal - Ten Thousand Needles
      Ivan Campo - The Great Procrastinator
      Oumou Sangare - Djorolen
      Baraka & Explosive Nzakomba from Gloucester & West End Gospel Choir from London - I Believe In You God
      6 Day Riot - Every Third Sunday
      Mumford & Sons - The Cave
      Cast - Mon Beaux Village
      Adelayo Adedayo - Down To The River To Pray
      Ida Maria - Keep Me Warm
      The Amazing Broken Man - Near Town
      Charlatans - Oh Vanity
      Gurrumul Yunupingo - Djarrimili
      Grizzly Bear - Foreground
      Dawn Landes - All Dressed In White


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