Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on E4
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Tony goes for a college interview where he meets a girl who helps him get over his sexual inadequacy and behavioural problems.

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  • I can't tell what parts are real and what isn't!!

    Okay, so I don't know what was real and what wasn't in that episode. I have no idea if that women Tony slept with even existed... I do get the fact that Tony has started to get bigger parts of himself back (telling the principal of the uni that he would have been a good student, being able to have sex, confronting Sid and Mitchell).

    Because we see the tattoo on his back at the end of the episode I think we are least I believe that the woman did not exist as we never saw him get a tattoo, yet he has the one that we saw her get. Despite this though, there was that sex scene. Did that not actually happen? Was he just believing in himself and understanding that he could learn to be himself again? Because the tattoo came from somewhere right? He got it somehow! He could have jumped in the pool and let himself float.

    I don't know.

    It was really weird.moreless
  • Who's Mystery Girl, Some Analysis

    The tattoos are on opposite sides. Tony'shas it on his left, the girl's on her right and they reflect symetrically in a mirror view. The mystery girl and Tony met prior to the scene of the college interview. I remember there was a scene when Tony was barfing in a stall and she was sitting in the stall right next to his, and before that was their first encounter. If the mystery girl is in his head, from that I think it is possible the entire or most of the event is all projections of his subconsciousness "epiphany" for a lack of an instant term; that healed his erectile dysfuction, met someone to tatt him, burn some trees, which implies someone has to physically be there to at least to use ink and tatt Tony and provide buddha. So I am saying other than that, some events must be physically real, such as inking and blazing,.... From my view, the interviewer on the train is basically being a prick and an actor to trick students to be themselves in interview and to study them for placement in college. The girl is just way beyond me, other than recalling they met 3x, I know she approached Tony in the first place. Now, I'm not ruling out that she may be the sub-consciousness but if she is, my only problem is her tattoo is on the opposite shoulder. I dont think it could be symbolic, and I sure hope its not because of the director crew's camera reversal effect. Not ruling that out too.moreless
  • Tony

    The end really saved the episode entirely. It's great to see Tony finally back to his normal self, I kind of expected the mystery girl not to be real, and the fact that the whole thing was in Tony's head was also predictable but the tattoo scene really was awesome, I loved how subtle it was, and in that instant, everything was revealed.

    The Tony/Cassie scene was definitely the best of the episode, two characters that have hardly interacted got together so well here. I really am not getting the Sid/Michelle relationship, Sid said at the end, clear as day, that he didn't love Michelle. So why does he stay with her?

    Overall, better than what we've been getting as of late, and the future definitely looks bright for all the characters after this episode, especially Tony's.moreless
  • Find yourself... Lost-style.

    The writers of Skins like Lost. I came to that conclusion BEFORE watching this episode. Each episode has a couple of really "out there", "bizarre" scenes>. And they all serve one purpose: character development.

    Similiarly to Lost. Lost has lots of bizarre situations that are never explained, but they are important because of the effect they have on the characters. This episode was one huge mindf*ck, or should I say, Lostf*ck? Lost is one of my fav shows, so why only a 7/10? Not because it was somewhat unoriginal. It was simply dull, and predictable. If they are doing an episode that's 90% imagination, it should hit REALLY hard in the end so the viewer can actually forgive the writers for such a huge (and cheap) trick.But the hit wasn't huge! It was whimper.

    But still, the whole mindtrip was important, because Tony "found" himself. Finally. And see, that's the tagline for Lost.

    Find yourself.moreless
  • Tony is back!

    Thanks to the misterious girl, the old Tony is back! I was thinking that girl is from Tony's imagination and another review I just read confirmed my thoughts!

    Things will get right again! Michelle and Sid will probably break up, and she's going back to Tony! I dont think things will be that easy for Sid and Cassie, seeing the preview!

    I'm so curious to know about Jal and Chris! I want to know which will be his reaction when he founds out she is pregnant! We need a Jal episode soon!!

    I miss Maxxie...he is barely showing up! He should get a boyfriend! Wasnt Anwar blond? What happened between him and Sketch, she wasnt there this episode!

    Next episode will be Effy's. I dont really like her episodes, she's a recurring role for me!

    Almost forgot to say...what a cute butt Tony has, uhn? Soooo hot! lolmoreless

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