Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on E4

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  • Pilot episode.

    Well I got in to this show after watching the god awful American version and decided to try out the UK version to see if it was any better, and it surely was. The acting was better, the interactions were better, the interactions seemed more realistic, just a lot of reasons why the original is better.

    I will definitely be sticking around after this episode, in the American version, I really couldn't find myself liking any of the characters, but here, the characters came off as more likable and definitely less annoying.

    The truck in the lake was actually pretty funny, and I liked the final scene between Sid & Tony. "They got out of the car at the hospital, right?" Hilarious, favorite character is Cassie at this point, looking forward to the Cassie-centric episode this season. Good start Skins!
  • Loved it!

    I was very skeptic at the beginning. I kept saying that it would be 50 minutes of my life that I would never get back. Lots of cheesy sexual scenes probably aimed at today's teenagers. Nothing wrong about that, but is just not my thing. And then I saw the scene where Anwar takes a piss and the car sinks into the water :))! That was the epic! That convinced me to give it another try after all. And I didn't regret it! I am now extremely hooked on the stories and can't wait to see what happens next! I'm only at the first season. Hope that the other 2 seasons are at least as good as this one is.
  • Great introductory to the characters.

    The episode may be called "Tony" however we do meet and learn a little bit about all the characters in the show. For example we know from the first minute of the episode that Tony's sister Effy spends most of her nights going out and we also learn that Sid is obviously having trouble with his sex life. Eventually in the episode we come to realize that all the characters we meet are friends with each other. In this episode we learn a few important things. For example we know almost straight away that Sid is portrayed as the side kick of Tony. We also learn that Sid clearly has a crush on his best friends girlfriend, Michelle, this is made obvious while him and Tony are in the cafe. Another thing we find out is that the teenagers have a bad lifestyle but which is very fun and entertaining to watch, we see here in the first episode that most of them take drugs, smoke, drink and aren't afraid to get into fights. This episode is great at getting the viewers interested in the show.
  • Dawson's Creek on Speed. -Tony

    Well first episode, I got a nice feel for the characters and sure I should have paid attention to that Viewer discretion advised sign but I didn't and I ended up paying for it with both my eyeballs but besides the vomit inducing nudity the first episode was informative, funny and made me think of the good old days; sex, drugs and rock and roll. There are a lot of characters and I didn't catch all of their names but Tony, Sid and Cassie stood out to me and while I'm still trying to figure out if Chris is gay and if I just happened to stumble onto the dodgy end of some part in England, I think I'm going to stick around to get my questions answered.
  • just started watching

    after months ofhearing about it just finished teh first epsiode! its damn good!

    thought it was really funny clever.
    loved the dialouge adn all that! just so funny thoses posh girls and guys were so bloody funny!

    really like tony, thought he wasa cool character. and i was totally wondering about chris and the polish bird! did they get out! the scene with sid buying the drugs was so god damn funny!

    all the characters are coola nd easy to like. im likin the sub plots that are building to make for some interesting tv. will defo be watching more of this show!
  • The One Where it all began.

    Skins is a brand new British drama. One of the best pilots I have seen. The characters are fun; this episode is centered on Tony, one of my favorite characters. This first episode of Skins introduces viewers to a gang of friends through, Tony the leader. During this episode Tony planning to help his best mate, Sid, lose his virginity to Cassie with the help of Tony's girlfriend, Michelle at posh Abigail's party, with the help of some drugs. However, things don't go quite as planned...the dope deal goes wrong, and so does Sid's quest to lose his virginity. First complications arise when Anwar, Chris and Maxxie arrive at the party unannounced .Then end up having to steal a car to get Cassie to the Hospital. Then they Crash the Car into the Canal and it sinks. Along with the car Sid loses the drugs. Nicholas Holt can certainly act. Tony is the kind of lad you wouldn't want as a friend or a boyfriend but he has a certain level of charisma that makes you see how he gets mates and laid. This is one of the best episode and is well written. I was in Sweden watching tv (where half the programs were in swedish and I couldnt understand). I was fliping channels and came across this program. It was at the part where they stole the car It caught my eye. I watched the rest of that episode and wanted to know more so I found it online and watched that full episode and now I am hooked on the shiw.
  • The One Where it all Began

    The first episode of Skins introduces viewers to a gang of friends through their leader, Tony. This was a really good pilot episode with Tony planning to help his best mate, Sid, lose his virginity at posh Abigail's party, with the help of some drugs. However, things don't go quite as planned...the dope deal goes wrong, and so does Sid’s quest to lose his virginity. But when the stolen car goes into the river and takes the unpaid-for drugs with it, Tony and his mates are really in for it when the dealer wants his money leaving Sid in a pickle.
  • Where it all begins.

    Although it is definitely not one of the best pilots i've seen, i'm still impressed and looking forward for more.
    There are a lot of things that could have been better, like the acting and at times writing, but it's the first episode and I'm sure it will get much better.

    The characters are fun, this one mostly centered around Tony, who is easily one of my least favorite characters after only one episode, he isn't even attractive. I did find the ending humorous, poor father, I wonder what his sister was doing and I wonder if she'll get some storylines.

    My favorite characters have to be either Maxxie, Cassie or Sid.
    Maxxie is the adorable gay guy, he's definitely the most attractive of the cast, everything about him is adorable and I wish the show to explore his character better.
    Cassie is another adorable character that brought plenty of humor, she was constantly high but shows that she has a much darker secret. Sid was the second most used character this episode, or actually maybe even as much as Tony. He's likeable, honest, insecure and mostly reminds me of myself. my least favorite characters? I really didn't care for Chris, his thing with the teacher was lame and slowed the episode down. like I sad, didn't really like Tony nor the muslim guy who's simply flat and doesn't fit in at all with the others. My favorite scene this episode was probably the end with the car, totally did not see that coming.
    Also loved that Polish fat girl, she was hilarious and strangely attracitve.

    I'm looking forward for more, hopefully they'll use Maxxie, Cassie and Sid more often.
  • Teeens On The Scene Written by Bryan Elsley Directed by Paul Gay

    Tony - Nicholos Holt can certainly act. Tony is the kind of lad you wouldn't want as a friend or a boyfriend but he has a certain level of charisma that makes you see how he gets mates and laid. His treatment of Sid is pretty horrible though. Plus the lad can sing.

    Michelle - Poor girl gets branded with the name Nips from her loving boyfriend and has Sid after her tail as well. I though she was an OK character but a bit one dimensional.

    Sid - I like him, I really do but it's obvious that he's set up as a fall guy who will suffer tyhe consequences of any of Tony's mad schemes, like the Mad **** thing. Obviously the writers want you to ship him and Cassie and I have to admit they are good together.

    Cassie - I like her a liot but the anorexia thing scares with how she casually arranges food and takes pills and tells people in a casual way. She's my favourite character so in the series run.

    Jal - Love her. Funny and pretty sarcastic. I want to see a bit more of her. She certainly knows how to talk Tony down as well.

    Chris - I like him too. He's pretty funny and his cracking on to his teacher is interesting. I bet they'll do the business halfway through the series though.

    Maxxie - The most confident and not overtly camp gay teen on TV so I'm looking forward to his episode a bit more as well.

    Anwar - Not as vocalised in the opening episode as others aside from the peeing incident but yeah, I like him.

    Um, interesting debut episode so a 7/10.
  • This episode intoduces us to a few teens. tony being the main focus in this episode, and his friends. Sid goes to get some drugs which he will pay for later, he also meets Cassie, a girl who's abit crazy and doesn't eat! They all go to a party!

    I think this episode was a great opening. It really got you into all the characters, and was great from start to finish. My fave character is Cassie, she is one of the funniest ones with her wierd ways. I can't wait for the rest of the series, i think it will be great!
  • I take back what I initially said about this show....A well anticipated series which was actually very good!

    So, the first time around I wrote about how bad this show be truthfull I had only watched the first 5 minutes and I thought it looked pretty sh*tty! But I watched it again and I have to say, it is a trully unique show! And Tony is quite buff! The plot lines are quite good.... And Sid is awesome....the first episode in and loads happened and I'm already hooked! It throws you in at the deep end at the very start of the show and unlike anything I have ever seen on TV before.

    Really really good! I was impressed!
  • Wow, fresh and fast moving comedy...

    I didn't have a clue that this show was coming as I don't really watch a lot of terrestal TV, so I didn't have any expectations when I did watch this for the first time.

    It's very good, done to a higher standard than you would expect considering most of the actors are young.

    I loved the bit with Harry Enfield (Tony's Dad), shouting at Tony to turn his music down. At first I had to do a double take, because the face seemed familiar but Harry's body seemed to come over as a shock to me; you have to watch it to see exactly what I mean, but us Brits are used to seeing Harry as a much slimmer comedian.

    The pace of the show is very quick and very slick. Love the way that Tony just walks through life seemingly effortlessly. He's one lucky boy, because he gets the great looking girl and all the attention any young lad would die for, from girls and even the exhibitionist older lady from next door.

    Brothel scene was pricelss. When Tony's geeky friend goes to get laid, he gets put off by the loud noises from the bedroom above. There he meets a skinny guy with a suspect beard and mustache, who looks like he has a few marbles missing. It made me laugh because in real life you do meet crazy, dangerous looking people like him, but watching Tony's friend go through the whole situation made me laugh.

    There's much more to this show, and I just can't wait to see the next episode. I haven't enjoyed a british comedy like this since Funland. Bring it on, we want more!
  • Skinned!

    I'd heard about this show a LONG time before it started this past thursday. The little adds on e4 caught my eye, i'd seen on the tv so many times i decided to explore and was shocked to find it was this new show.

    Other months then passed and i'd watched exclusive looks and so on and i really started to like the look of the show.

    Then it came to watching it.
    First impressions were good. The opening scene was pretty funny, Tony seems like a cool guy, he knows what he wants and he'll stop at nothing to get it.

    The other characters were just as cool. Enjoyed the party fight quite a bit!

    Overall though i've got high hopes for this show. I've no doubt i won't be disappointed.
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