Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 1

Tony and Maxxie

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on E4
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Tony and Maxxie
While Tony recovers from his accident, Maxxie leaves college to follow his dream of being a dancer. Auditions are held for the school musical production as Maxxie helps Tony relearn how to write his name.

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  • Tony & Maxxie

    I thought this was a pretty good start to season 2 of Skins! I thoroughly enjoyed all of Tony's scenes, he's really a different person from last season (a lot more likeable too if I think). Maxxie's storyline was decent too. I found it hilarious that the dude who bullied him had a crush on him. Reminds of when little kids pick on the ones they like (nine times out of ten anyway). A very enjoyable episode!moreless
  • Good return.

    Lots of good stuff, and a little bit of bad. Everything Tony = great, most of Maxxie = meh.

    Well, I like the idea of Tony being the opposite of himself due to the accident. It as we have seen creates some really awkward scenes and that's great.

    But Maxxie? Parental issues are done with. Really uninteresting.

    All considered, a very slow paced episode with a very dark tone to it, and it was great. Unlike the first season this season has a much stronger concept and theme. The comedy and the over the top-ness isn't dropped or anything, they're just put in the backround.moreless
  • Season 2 Premiere

    Kind of a letdown of a premiere all things considered. Like the focus on Maxxie and Tony? If you were to have an episode focused on them, at least have them interact with one another, not two separate story lines, also all the characters we've grown to love were just off.

    I don't know if it's because of Tony's accident or what, but some of magic from the first series seems a bit lost. I don't have a doubt in my mind, that this show will eventually get back on track, but this still was a pretty disappointing premiere.

    Like what was with Anwar dressing like a tool, or Cassie in Scotland, it was just strange. You can't help but feel bad for Tony though, it's like a different person. Bold move making Tony the way he is, looking forward to the future dynamics because of this.moreless
  • Ready for another exciting season!

    After the exciting and surprising event of Tony being hit by a bus, we came into this episode wondering if Tony would even still be alive. We see in the opening moments of the episode we do realize that Tony is alive, however he is not the same. He has suffered brain damage from the accident, and it appears Maxxie is the only one who has being caring and looking out for Tony (besides his family). Tony isn't the same person from last series, having to learn how to do most things again, such as witting, swimming and so on. The episode also focuses on Maxxie, who is desperate to become a dancer in London and has trouble convincing his father to let him go. The episode also reveals that someone is stalking Maxxie and taking plenty of photos of him. Not one of my favorite episodes however while watching at the time I was just happy to see Skins back on!moreless
  • Skins is back but Tony is more than a little damaged. even his friends seem to have abandoned him. Apart from Maxxie that is who is dealing with his own problems; the ASBO kids from his estatemoreless

    We've been waiting nearly a year for Skins to properly return to our screens. And what a great episode, definitely worth the wait!!

    Things I liked:

    -Tony's brain damage- Nicholas Hoult did a great job in playing this and I'm glad to see they are tackiling this sensitive issue in a thoughtful and realistic way

    - Maxxie's dancing- bloody amazing, he's so talented. Plus he looks hot doing it :)

    -Anwar and his baggy 'gangsta' trousers- hiliarious!

    -Effy finally saying something!

    -Jal dancing sexy with a very cute guy- and the boys reactions to it!

    -Sid's poster of Cassie in his room- so Sid!

    -Maxxie's 'filthy' encounter with the ASBO teen from his estate in the woods- not sure if I liked this or not, but it was nice to see Maxxie getting some!! :P

    -The 6 months gap- means we jump right into the action with Tony

    -Maxxie's general loveliness with Tony- he's such a sweetheart (I think I've got a little crush sssshhhh! ;) )

    Things I didn't like:

    -Not enough of the main young Skins cast, they felt underused compared to the adults who we saw way too much of.

    -Some of the acting was a little stilted; hopefully this was just first episode teething problems.

    -Some of the dialogue was a little 'off'. The argument between Maxxie and his dad springs to mind

    -The 6 months gap- good in a way but it also means we have to have some awkward exposition scenes with Tony explaining what is wrong with him to the young chav girls and Michelle and Sid's conversation which made for some stilted dialogue.

    All in all though it was a great episode, and it was great to have the Skins cast all back including smaller characters such as Abigail and Kenneth!moreless
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    • Music In This Episode:
      "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor" by J.S. Bach.
      "Clutch" by Segal.
      "Knife" by Grizzly Bear.
      "Flawed Is Beautiful" by These Animal Men.
      "Dog Dance" by Julian Ronnie.
      "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash.
      "Bad Before" by Day One.
      "In Her Face" by Good Posh Kenneth aka MC Toby Welch (prod by CDK).
      "Organ Donor/Artifact" by DJ Shadows.
      "Engine Room" by Tunng.
      "Clutch" (reprise)" by Segal.
      "Limit To Your Love" by Feist.
      "Thursday" by Asobi Seksu.

    • The episode's airing coincided with Skins premiere parties around the country to celebrate the return of the new season.

    • The scene where Maxxie is chased by the boys from his estate is unrealistic as it was unlikely that they would be lying in wait for him when Maxxie hadn't intended to leave the party and go outside by himself.

    • This is the first episode in which we encounter Maxxie's parents, despite the fact that Maxxie has an episode in Season 1 named after him and we've seen the family of every other member of the Skins gang.

    • As each of the main characters had an episode named for them in Season 1, the opening episode of Season 2 becomes the first time repetition occurs in the titles. There is also a full circle effect as Tony, after whom the premiere episode was named, also has a place in the opening episode of the second series.

    • The episode focuses on characters Tony and Maxxie, as suggested by the episode title.

    • This is the second episode to include two character names in the title.


    • Maxxie's Dad: You didn't turn out like the f***ing asbo army out there.

      An ASBO is an 'Anti-Social behaviour Order', which are commonly associated with youths on estates.

    • The episode title "Tony and Maxxie" is an allusion to the first episode of the first season, "Tony". As the gang's leader, Tony has each season opener named for him.