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This is the anime adaption of the very popular shoujo manga, Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura. Kyoko is completely in love with Shotaro. She even throws away her future and devotes herself to him 100%. So, when Shotaro is finally achieving his dream of being a singer what is to happen to Kyoko? She is to stay home and cook and clean and fulfill every single one of Shotaro's needs, and Kyoko is happy to do so! Well, when Shotaro thinks Kyoko isn't around, he tell his manager how he really doesn't need Kyoko; She's just a housekeeper who's in an unrequited love with me. Kyoko overhears this statement and vows to defeat him in show business. It's a fair deal because he crushed her dreams, so she wants to crush his. Shotaro thinks it's a backless threat; thus, he doesn't really give it much thought. Little does he know, Kyoko is a go-getter kind of girl who can pretty much accomplish anything. She starts her career at a company called LME. It's not the best job, but, hey, you have to learn to crawl before you can run. This anime follows Kyoko as she finds out how to make it in the actress world and, well, love again which ability she lost thanks to Shotaro's ruthlessness. Opening Theme: "Dream Star" by The Generous Ending Theme: "Namida" by 2BACKKAmoreless
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  • Skip Beat is about a girl named Kyoko who seeks revenge on the man she used to love after he completely betrays her even when she was practically his maid for years. She does this by entering show business as he is a singer. She wants to outshine him.moreless

    Skip Beat, wow, what can I say? This has got to be one of my favorite anime shows. I, honestly, don't normally like shojo animes, but Skip Beat is different. This show deserves to be on my top 5 because it has a fantastic storyline, fantastic characters, and nonstop excitement. On top of that, this has romance as well...with a twist. Kyoko practically loses her ability to love after being betrayed by the only guy she ever loved. She had basically devoted her life to him so, on that fateful day when she is betrayed, it sets her loose. Kyoko stops being a sweet, innocent girl and goes into show business as Fuwa Shotaro already is a popular singer. She stops at nothing to try to outshine Sho (he's the guy she liked). He was cruel and now, he needs to pay. What will it take? Will Kyoko be able to rise to the top? Can she really win when she only desires reveng?. Watch the anime, read the manga, Skip Beat is fantastic!moreless
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  • Skip Beat is an amazing anime, but very unheard of.

    Skip Beat is an anime that came from the popular Shojo Manga. Skip Beat is about a teenager girl, Kyoko Mogami, who vows revenge on a childhood friend, Sho Fuwa. Sho Fuwa is a new pop idol who only brought Kyoko to Tokyo, Japan to make money and be his maid. When Kyoko goes to visit Sho Fuwa one day after work,she finds out that he only kept her to be his maid, she becomes furious, but at the same time very heart broken. And she wants revenge! Big time revenge! Sho tells Kyoko that the only way she can get revenge is to join the show Business. Skip Beat is a new anime that just recently started airing in Japan. It is a wonderful anime, that is one of a kind. It is a drama , comedy , romance mixture. Enjoyable for anyone who loves an exciting and unpredictable storyline. I recommend this anime to everyone. Like before this is an exciting and enjoyable series you will watch till the end.moreless
  • Who should Kyoko end up with?
    Who should Kyoko end up with? I think she should end up with either of them, I like Kyoko with Ren or Shou.
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    Okay, since I've been finding that I have to reject certain submissions because of my own personal guidelines, I'll make a referen...
  • Skip Beat! Manga (spoiler)
    From what i have seen so far, the anime follows the manga well. Here is the discussion about the latest manga chapters or differen...

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