Skip Beat!

TV Tokyo (ended 2009)


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Skip Beat!
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This is the anime adaption of the very popular shoujo manga, Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura. Kyoko is completely in love with Shotaro. She even throws away her future and devotes herself to him 100%. So, when Shotaro is finally achieving his dream of being a singer what is to happen to Kyoko? She is to stay home and cook and clean and fulfill every single one of Shotaro's needs, and Kyoko is happy to do so! Well, when Shotaro thinks Kyoko isn't around, he tell his manager how he really doesn't need Kyoko; She's just a housekeeper who's in an unrequited love with me. Kyoko overhears this statement and vows to defeat him in show business. It's a fair deal because he crushed her dreams, so she wants to crush his. Shotaro thinks it's a backless threat; thus, he doesn't really give it much thought. Little does he know, Kyoko is a go-getter kind of girl who can pretty much accomplish anything. She starts her career at a company called LME. It's not the best job, but, hey, you have to learn to crawl before you can run. This anime follows Kyoko as she finds out how to make it in the actress world and, well, love again which ability she lost thanks to Shotaro's ruthlessness. Opening Theme: "Dream Star" by The Generous Ending Theme: "Namida" by 2BACKKAmoreless

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Animation, Drama


Anime, Showbiz, Love & Romance, Teen