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  • Cherished childhood show

    Given the plethora of American shows in the 1960's it was a gem to have a local show that we could relate to. 10/10 Skip!
  • Lassie goes hopping!

    I first heard of this show when a local channel where I live aired it for a while during the 1980s. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it since. Maybe that's because foreign programs, with a few Brit exceptions, don't go over too well stateside, but Skippy was an English-language program, so there's no reason why it couldn't be popular here. As I indicated in the summary, it's a lot like Lassie, with Skippy saving the day when there's trouble. The people in it were interesting too, with Ranger Matt Hammond a good father and role model to his sons. Sonny, the youngest, was Skippy's main human companion. The others added to it also, with Clancy adding a woman's touch. The setting, too, was great, a national park in Australia.

    I don't know if it will ever get released on DVD, or find a nationwide (US) audience, but it should. It was a good, wholesome show.
  • Over at ten for me I'm afraid...

    I used to think this show was the bee's knees when I was aged 1-9 but seeing it again aged 10 years and it I couldn't understand what I saw in it. And I truly adored the show as a child! Mark with his helicopter and Clancy with her pony tail! I even chose a book on Skip (Skeep!) over a Golden Book on Zorro. Still a happy memory! I had the Skippy board game. Ate Skippy Ice Creams...