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    Can anyone confirm if it was SkitHouse that had the sketch where two mates are in a class room (amongst other locations) and have beers hidden around the place (attached to the sealing fan, inside a computer monitor, etc) and point out the hidden beers to each other and then shout 'CLASSIC' whilst poking each other and giggling?

  • Another awful, awful sketch show with an awful laught track.

    This show is terrible. The sketches are unoriginal and not funny, and the laugh track it just painful to listen to. The jokes are all boring and stale and normally resort to some stupid punchline that often doesn't make sense or is far from clever.

    Just a bunch of garbage that is not funny, nor original. The show was ok for the first season but went downhill so quickly during the second and third season. ALTHOUGH it does have a few memorable characters from season 1 such as The Australian Fast Bowler and I Snapped Him Guy, but even early on it was still pretty poor.

    The show was long declining and ended two seasons too late.
  • yeah

    Two words:
    "Nothing Sus!"

    Bwahaha! I love skitHOUSE! Poor Batman lol
    My fave skits include:
    Nothing Sus Institute
    The Red Heads
    Too many!!!!
    I love the one when theyre burglars and the guy in the car drives 4 m ahead of him. HAHA!

    "You and your friends can have a great workout together. Nothing sus!" - hand motion-
    Tell me. why does it need to be 100 words long. thats kind of annoying. Well. im Rhi. im 15. i live in australia. my fave bands are Iron Maiden. Metallica. Panic! At the Disco. Lopez. Megadeth. ACDC. Judas Preist. stuff like that
    Im totally obsessed with harry potter and AFL. i go for the brisbane - ooh! 100 words! bye!
  • Aussie 30 minute sketch comedy show from the makers of Rove Live.

    This was a disappointing rip-off of UK's the Sketch Show which had the potential of being so much more. Commisioned off the back of Channel 10's Rove Live there was much anticipation that this project may have been a more interesting and innovative departure from the company's safe flagship tonight show. The cast were made up predominantly of experienced live writer/performers, many of whom had developed their own collection of sketch characters on stage including Corrinne Grant, Damian Callinan and Scott Brennan. However it seems as though all that experience and developed body of work were thrown to one side in favour of quick, brainless, school holiday style skits. Such a shame, and a waste of a potentially good cast.
  • Yep another failed skit show.

    I remember the days of Full Frontal when Eric Bana would do a brilliant impression of Ray Martin. Full Frontal was brilliant.

    As far as this show goes well you can replace the K with a H and you got the perfect definition of the show!

    There might be a half decent joke in there somewhere among plenty of bad ones. I just didn't stick around long enough to find out!

    Oh the reason I actually gave Skithouse a score is Tripod - they are really funny guys! Their songs to end the show are great.
  • Some good, some awful sketches.

    I came into the show in the second year and saw five or six episodes, my favourite sketches having to be Tripod's songs and house sketches and the crime skits put in occassionally.

    However some of the sketches on the show were terrible such as Pete in the kitchen, the greasy fat chef which was more disturbing than funny and because of these terribe ones the score would go down by at least 2.

    For the laugh out loud moments though, I brought the score up a little because there isn't much Australian comedy that really gets a good laugh nowadays.

    Overall, if you never saw Skithouse, don't be too disappointed.
  • A dumb 'comedy' sketch series trying to leech of the popularity of "Rove Live". Somehow, it succeeds.

    Think of this series like the "Scary Movie" franchise: for every joke that is funny, there are about 50 that aren't.

    I can't tell what's more self-indulgent, this or "Kath & Kim".

    It's a pretty basic series, so I can't really think of how to describe it anymore.

    One word of advise: Don't watch it.