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Skunk Fu!

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The evil Dragon and his sidekick ninja monkeys will stop at nothing to remove the forest animals from the valley. Master Panda has put the hope of the valley into a young student of his; Skunk. Skunk’s quick paw Kung-Fu and stinky behind may be the key to saving the valley from Dragon and his monkeys.
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  • One of CN's forgotten shows, unsurprisingly :/

    Let's get the good stuff out of the way first and foremost: the animation is very fluid and when there's an action seen, it's done very well. I also like the idea of a show centered on a skunk of all creatures as skunks are notoriously known for their rancid oder and this show addresses that stereotype very well in an episode. With all that said, this show is held back by several factors; and it's because of these factors that I lost interest in the show even as a child. The characters are really bland; like these are some of the most clichd and boring cast of characters I've ever seen. Skunk is the optimistic pupil, and that's it; Panda is the grumpy old master but unlike Yo from Yin, Yang, Yo! he's not funny. Dragon is the main villain who used to be the protector of the land but was punished for his arrogance (more on that later); he literally just sits in his lair while Baboon and his Ninja Monkeys do all the work. Rabbit's the tough one, Pig's the stupid one, Vixen is the sexy one and Frog is the wise, albeit odd one. Throughout the show they never really grow as characters and they aren't interesting because they just have tropes instead of personalities. Another factor that holds the show back is the writing; not only is this show so uninspired, but it also feels small in scale for a show about kung fu. Also, the opening sequence fails to give us a clear backstory about the show, especially the villain. What did Dragon do to be stripped of his title as the protector of the land? Why does he blame Panda and the others? If he plots to destroy them, why doesn't he do so himself? He's a motherfucking dragon! How is Skunk their only hope? What's Skunk's backstory? Where are his parents? What got him interested in wanting to learn kung fu in the first place? More importantly, even if Skunk becomes a master of kung fu, how is he going to beat Dragon, who's about 20x his size? So many questions are being asked and zero answers are being given. Lastly, the comedy just doesn't work; the jokes are mediocre and poorly executed and might only appeal to toddlers because I didn't laugh once when I saw this show as a kid. If you really want to see animals do kung fu, what Kung Fu Panda; if you want to see a skunk be given some recognition, I suppose one episode of this won't kill you. Otherwise, your better off with Bambi or even Bambi II; its no surprise people don't remember this show, because it wasn't worth remembering :/moreless
  • Best childhood show ever!

    I remember watching this when I was a kid. This was my favorite cartoon show, and yet it still is, because the newer cartoons are fucking terrible. And for all of you skunk fu haters, you can go fuck yourselves you little *** bags. If you don' like the show, then why do you even bother watching it or making a review you fucking assholes! So why don't you do yourselves a favor, skunk fu haters, and go get shit faced otherwise I will slit my dick ion your faces you little annoying useless piece of shits fuck you! I love this show and I wish that it would comeback with a new season, and a reboot.

  • Quite well played for Cartoon Network

    I used to watch the series as a boy, what I can tell from the series is that its storyboard is somewhat repetitive --- specially on the titles "the art but that even with those minor defects and with other small details that make it a bit... meh. But, the show at least shows some good work on what are the characters, such as rabbit, the narcissistic and a good sense of what it is to represent a strong character.

    It is interesting the way the characters react and interact. For example, you can see there is a constant tension between Rabbit and Fox, which helps create intrigue and give depth to the storyboard. Also, how Skunk behaves, he seems like the extrovert child who is cared for and constantly learns something new from experience. Not only that, you see how Panda and dragon had a background story... all that... its pure intrigue!

    About the comments of the anatomy, I believe that those minor defects do have their effect when exaggerating physical features to enable an idea of how old or in shape the characters are. I believe that even if the features do look somewhat excessive, they do help create an effect and differ one character from another. I really don't mind anatomy; it is relatively good and enhances the character's personality, for example, you wouldn't visualize fox as 'foxy' if it wasn't for the v- shaped narrowed torso, or skunk as somewhat silly or childish if it wasn't for the huge red nose, or Panda as old if it wasn't for the 8- shaped body and the expression. And remember, it is a c-a-r-t-o-o-n, where you can exaggerate features.

    Also, I believe that the fact that there are characters of different ages enables variety, we don't have repetitive characters: we have different archetypes who build a story on their own, a very nice idea for amusement. It has really good background story, outstanding character variety and character traits, without losing its charm and martial arts attire. Not bad, Cartoon Network. Maybe more sense in speech, but even with its cons, it is remarkable, even more when it is Cartoon Network, a place for ideas like those.moreless
  • One of the most underrated cartoons ever.

    Wow, this show was perfect what's with all the hate? The show is about a young Skunk named "Skunk" who is trained by his master Panda to do martial arts and kung fu, and has friends like a Rabbit named Rabbit, a fox named Fox, a pig named Pig etc. Skunk and his forest animal friends try to save the valley from being taken over by The Ninja Monkeys and Dragon. Now first the idea may sound boring and stupid, but don't get drawn away by the premise, because it's actually executed greatly. Why does everybody hate this show so much? It's very underrated in my opinion. I used to watch it all the time back on CN when it first came on a lot and it sure does bring back a lot if good memories from that time.

    The characters are really likeable and cute. One of my favorites is Skunk, the main protagonist. Honestly, he's a cute and relatable character due to his hyperactivity. Normally, hyperactive protagonists get on my nerves, sometimes even to the point were I blow a fuse, but Skunk is the exact opposite of that, he is very likeable and does learn his lesson well In each episode. The best character in this show would have to go to Fox. She's just pretty and innocent.

    The animation is looks smooth and vibrant, with the character movements flowing smoothly throughout the show, and it doesn't look choppy, even throught the action the animation still looks great. The artwork is great and it does have some good and unique colorful visuals, and the sets look decent enough. The action scenes were fun to watch, and the fluid animations made it look even better.

    The humor was good, and there were a lot of scenes in the show that made me laugh. Each character brings in humor of there own that comes out as really funny. However, there were some fart jokes involved in it, but I didn't mind it, at least they don't overuse unlike most modern day cartoons.

    The shows premise may not have been the best, but it was greatly executed with its excellent lineup of characters with well developed personalities, smooth animations, unique artwork, good action and funny jokes. I don't get why everyone hates it so much. I do agree that the names could've been so much better and creative, but you should at least give this show one chance. It is very underrated IMO. What happened to it? I miss it and I'm so angry it got cancelled why would you do this CN? They need to bring it back.

  • Excelent

    Excelent show

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