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Skunk Fu!

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The evil Dragon and his sidekick ninja monkeys will stop at nothing to remove the forest animals from the valley. Master Panda has put the hope of the valley into a young student of his; Skunk. Skunk’s quick paw Kung-Fu and stinky behind may be the key to saving the valley from Dragon and his monkeys.
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  • Underrated as hell.

    Wow this show was perfect what's with all the hate? The show is about a young Skunk named "Skunk" who is trained by his master Panda to do martial arts and kung fu, and has friends like a Rabbit named Rabbit, a fox named Fox, a pig named Pig etc. Why does everybody hate this show sooo much? It's very underrated in my opinion. I used to watch it all the time back on CN when it first came on and it sure does bring back a lot if good memories from that time.

    The characters are quite good. The main protagonist Skunk is pretty likable due to his hyeractivity. Now usually hyperactive protagonists get on my nerves sometimes, but Skunk is the opposite, and he does learn his lesson well in each episode. My favorite character would have to be Fox. She's my second favorite right next to Skunk because of her prettiness.

    The animation is looks smooth and vibrant, with the character movements flowing smoothly throughout the show, and it doesn't look choppy. The artwork is great and it does have some good and unique colorful visuals, and the sets look decent enough.

    The action scenes were fun to watch, and the fluid animations made it look even better.

    The humor was pretty good, and there were a lot of scenes in the show that made me laugh. However, there were some fart jokes in it, but I didn't mind, at least they don't overuse unlike most modern day cartoons.

    The shows premise may not have been the best, but it was greatly executed with its excellent lineup of characters with well developed personalities, smooth animations, unique artwork, good action and funny humor. I don't get why everyone hates it so much. I do agree that the names could've been so much better and creative, but you should at least give this show one chance. It is very underrated IMO. What happened to it I miss it I'm so angry it got cancelled why would you do this CN? They need to bring it back.

  • Oh no! Skunk Fu is On! Quick! Change the Channel!

    The characters are Unlikeable. They also look pretty Ugly. And this show is just Horrible. I have Nothing more to say on this Monday Day.
  • Excelent

    Excelent show
  • One Of The Best Cartoons Ever

    I'm actually shocked that this show has a current 6.4 rating. Honestly, I love this show, and it is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, cartoon of all time. I used to watch this show all the time when it came on, and it brings back a lot of good memories from that time. Sure, the series' plot isn't original, but is very creative articulately. A skunk training to be a kung fu warrior? Ninja monkeys? Most of this sounds corny at first, but ultimately is executed very well. Name-wise and personality-wise, the characters are not very original, but they are enjoyable. My favorite character is Skunk, the titular main character. I don't like skunks (or the stench of skunks) in real life, but if there were more skunks like this, I would love them. Skunk is a very adorable and interesting character who is very hyperactive. Usually, I can't stand hyperactive characters, but Skunk is completely different. Even though there are points in the show where Skunk is rebellious and lazy, that doesn't make him a bad person. He does learn his lessons very well, and is a good person at heart. My favorite episodes (or "arts"), are "The Art Of Giggling", "The Art Of Tunneling", "The Art Of Responsibility", or "The Art Of Kung Fruit". It's really hard to pick a favorite episode, because all of them are very enjoyable. I have always loved this show. It's way better than the shows that KidsWB and CN air nowadays. I wish this should would air on TV again, maybe on The Hub or something.moreless
  • It's more fun to be sprayed by a group of angry skunks than watch this show

    Skunk Fu is one of those TV shows that is a perfect textbook definition of a completely boring and utterly bland TV show. The concept of the show is not only clich for the most part, but the show itself is full of every clich you've seen on other TV shows.

    The story centers around a dragon, named Dragon, who was once a good friend with a Panda, named Panda, but was punished by Heaven because of his arrogance. He blames Panda and the rest of the forest animals for this, so he plans to take it over. All hope rests on one creature named Skunk, who is coincidentally a skunk. So Skunk must train and master the Kung Fu ways to defeat Dragon and save the forest. If the premise alone doesn't sound weak or bad enough to you, it only gets worse from here on out.

    The first major issue with this show is the names of all the characters. I already pointed some of the names out, but you'll notice one thing very quickly in this show about the names. Every single name is the same name as the animal they are. Seriously, Panda is actually a panda. Skunk is a skunk. Baboon is a baboon and so on and so on. Would it have been too much trouble to come up with actual names like Leon, Billy Bob Jones, or something other than use the names of whatever animal the characters are? You just know a show is going to be bad when they can't come up with actual names for the characters.

    Speaking of which, none of the characters on this show are likable, much less are they memorable. Every character on this show has only one personality trait and are completely underdeveloped. The only exception is for Dragon and why he's evil, but we don't see how he was "arrogant" like how the show says he was punished for being. Everybody else is no better at all. Panda is your stereotypical wise man. Rabbit is the generic tough guy who thinks he can do anything. Skunk is plain reckless and never truly learns anything. The Ninja Monkeys are brainless thugs. The list goes on and on. None of the characters are developed at all and are utterly forgettable as a whole.

    Another issue with this show is that the plots for each episode are so repetitive. It's always Skunk having to learn some new move, Ninja Monkeys attack, Skunk uses move to win, he's congratulated, and just recycle. There's absolutely nothing else in this show and there are no two part episodes at all. The only episode that's slightly different is the one where Skunk pretends to be sick to miss out on a lesson. Aside from that, the show is so repetitive and may actually be more repetitive than Johnny Test.

    The artwork in the show looks bad to say the least. The set designs are okay at best, but the character designs are just horrible to look at. Everyone has either really bad legs that get skinnier until they look like twigs. Fox looks like she has no stomach at all. Panda look less like a panda and more like a blob with arms and legs. Dragon looks more like a burnt snake or lizard than an actual dragon. It's like the creators have never seen any of these animals before or were just very lazy.

    The animation is no better at all. The characters move very stiffly and have no real movements to them at all. When a fight scene happens, it seems all the characters move around like they're all having a seizure.

    In the end, Skunk Fu is a very weak show that's not memorable in the tiniest bit. It could've made for something decent to watch, but the entire show is filled with characters who have no real personality or development, really bad artwork and animation, and repetitive story lines. If you want to watch something involving animals doing kung fu, then go see the Kung Fu Panda movies instead and forget this already unmemorable show.moreless

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