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  • This show is AWESOME! I'm defending it!

    OK, first of all, you do know Yin Yang Yo was created in 2009 right? Skunk Fu was created in 2007, so how is this a "rip off" of it, more like Yin Yang Yo copied Skunk Fu.

    Secondly, did any of you haters actually sit down and watched the whole series? if you supposedly did, then you would know that The Heavens were testing Dragon to see if he was trustworthy, he failed, that's why he was stripped of his title it clearly says so in the intro. Skunk has no parents, he was brought to Panda as a baby shortly after Dragon's imprisonment, so Panda raised and trained him, that's why he wants to be a Kung fu master because he grew up around that. Panda also said "Our only hope might be my pupil Skunk" he said MIGHT , he didn't say he IS. If Skunk can manage to attack a baboon 3x his size, I'm sure he will defeat a fully grown dragon.

    Anyway. i really liked this show. it was funny, the theme was catchy and nearly all the characters are likable. Shame it didn't last..
  • One of CN's forgotten shows, unsurprisingly :/

    Let's get the good stuff out of the way first and foremost: the animation is very fluid and when there's an action seen, it's done very well. I also like the idea of a show centered on a skunk of all creatures as skunks are notoriously known for their rancid oder and this show addresses that stereotype very well in an episode. With all that said, this show is held back by several factors; and it's because of these factors that I lost interest in the show even as a child. The characters are really bland; like these are some of the most clichd and boring cast of characters I've ever seen. Skunk is the optimistic pupil, and that's it; Panda is the grumpy old master but unlike Yo from Yin, Yang, Yo! he's not funny. Dragon is the main villain who used to be the protector of the land but was punished for his arrogance (more on that later); he literally just sits in his lair while Baboon and his Ninja Monkeys do all the work. Rabbit's the tough one, Pig's the stupid one, Vixen is the sexy one and Frog is the wise, albeit odd one. Throughout the show they never really grow as characters and they aren't interesting because they just have tropes instead of personalities. Another factor that holds the show back is the writing; not only is this show so uninspired, but it also feels small in scale for a show about kung fu. Also, the opening sequence fails to give us a clear backstory about the show, especially the villain. What did Dragon do to be stripped of his title as the protector of the land? Why does he blame Panda and the others? If he plots to destroy them, why doesn't he do so himself? He's a motherfucking dragon! How is Skunk their only hope? What's Skunk's backstory? Where are his parents? What got him interested in wanting to learn kung fu in the first place? More importantly, even if Skunk becomes a master of kung fu, how is he going to beat Dragon, who's about 20x his size? So many questions are being asked and zero answers are being given. Lastly, the comedy just doesn't work; the jokes are mediocre and poorly executed and might only appeal to toddlers because I didn't laugh once when I saw this show as a kid. If you really want to see animals do kung fu, what Kung Fu Panda; if you want to see a skunk be given some recognition, I suppose one episode of this won't kill you. Otherwise, your better off with Bambi or even Bambi II; its no surprise people don't remember this show, because it wasn't worth remembering :/
  • Best childhood show ever!

    I remember watching this when I was a kid. This was my favorite cartoon show, and yet it still is, because the newer cartoons are fucking terrible. And for all of you skunk fu haters, you can go fuck yourselves you little *** bags. If you don' like the show, then why do you even bother watching it or making a review you fucking assholes! So why don't you do yourselves a favor, skunk fu haters, and go get shit faced otherwise I will slit my dick ion your faces you little annoying useless piece of shits fuck you! I love this show and I wish that it would comeback with a new season, and a reboot.

  • Quite well played for Cartoon Network

    I used to watch the series as a boy, what I can tell from the series is that its storyboard is somewhat repetitive --- specially on the titles "the art but that even with those minor defects and with other small details that make it a bit... meh. But, the show at least shows some good work on what are the characters, such as rabbit, the narcissistic and a good sense of what it is to represent a strong character.

    It is interesting the way the characters react and interact. For example, you can see there is a constant tension between Rabbit and Fox, which helps create intrigue and give depth to the storyboard. Also, how Skunk behaves, he seems like the extrovert child who is cared for and constantly learns something new from experience. Not only that, you see how Panda and dragon had a background story... all that... its pure intrigue!

    About the comments of the anatomy, I believe that those minor defects do have their effect when exaggerating physical features to enable an idea of how old or in shape the characters are. I believe that even if the features do look somewhat excessive, they do help create an effect and differ one character from another. I really don't mind anatomy; it is relatively good and enhances the character's personality, for example, you wouldn't visualize fox as 'foxy' if it wasn't for the v- shaped narrowed torso, or skunk as somewhat silly or childish if it wasn't for the huge red nose, or Panda as old if it wasn't for the 8- shaped body and the expression. And remember, it is a c-a-r-t-o-o-n, where you can exaggerate features.

    Also, I believe that the fact that there are characters of different ages enables variety, we don't have repetitive characters: we have different archetypes who build a story on their own, a very nice idea for amusement. It has really good background story, outstanding character variety and character traits, without losing its charm and martial arts attire. Not bad, Cartoon Network. Maybe more sense in speech, but even with its cons, it is remarkable, even more when it is Cartoon Network, a place for ideas like those.
  • One of the most underrated cartoons ever.

    Wow, this show was perfect what's with all the hate? The show is about a young Skunk named "Skunk" who is trained by his master Panda to do martial arts and kung fu, and has friends like a Rabbit named Rabbit, a fox named Fox, a pig named Pig etc. Skunk and his forest animal friends try to save the valley from being taken over by The Ninja Monkeys and Dragon. Now first the idea may sound boring and stupid, but don't get drawn away by the premise, because it's actually executed greatly. Why does everybody hate this show so much? It's very underrated in my opinion. I used to watch it all the time back on CN when it first came on a lot and it sure does bring back a lot if good memories from that time.

    The characters are really likeable and cute. One of my favorites is Skunk, the main protagonist. Honestly, he's a cute and relatable character due to his hyperactivity. Normally, hyperactive protagonists get on my nerves, sometimes even to the point were I blow a fuse, but Skunk is the exact opposite of that, he is very likeable and does learn his lesson well In each episode. The best character in this show would have to go to Fox. She's just pretty and innocent.

    The animation is looks smooth and vibrant, with the character movements flowing smoothly throughout the show, and it doesn't look choppy, even throught the action the animation still looks great. The artwork is great and it does have some good and unique colorful visuals, and the sets look decent enough. The action scenes were fun to watch, and the fluid animations made it look even better.

    The humor was good, and there were a lot of scenes in the show that made me laugh. Each character brings in humor of there own that comes out as really funny. However, there were some fart jokes involved in it, but I didn't mind it, at least they don't overuse unlike most modern day cartoons.

    The shows premise may not have been the best, but it was greatly executed with its excellent lineup of characters with well developed personalities, smooth animations, unique artwork, good action and funny jokes. I don't get why everyone hates it so much. I do agree that the names could've been so much better and creative, but you should at least give this show one chance. It is very underrated IMO. What happened to it? I miss it and I'm so angry it got cancelled why would you do this CN? They need to bring it back.

  • Excelent

    Excelent show
  • One Of The Best Cartoons Ever

    I'm actually shocked that this show has a current 6.4 rating. Honestly, I love this show, and it is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, cartoon of all time. I used to watch this show all the time when it came on, and it brings back a lot of good memories from that time. Sure, the series' plot isn't original, but is very creative articulately. A skunk training to be a kung fu warrior? Ninja monkeys? Most of this sounds corny at first, but ultimately is executed very well. Name-wise and personality-wise, the characters are not very original, but they are enjoyable. My favorite character is Skunk, the titular main character. I don't like skunks (or the stench of skunks) in real life, but if there were more skunks like this, I would love them. Skunk is a very adorable and interesting character who is very hyperactive. Usually, I can't stand hyperactive characters, but Skunk is completely different. Even though there are points in the show where Skunk is rebellious and lazy, that doesn't make him a bad person. He does learn his lessons very well, and is a good person at heart. My favorite episodes (or "arts"), are "The Art Of Giggling", "The Art Of Tunneling", "The Art Of Responsibility", or "The Art Of Kung Fruit". It's really hard to pick a favorite episode, because all of them are very enjoyable. I have always loved this show. It's way better than the shows that KidsWB and CN air nowadays. I wish this should would air on TV again, maybe on The Hub or something.
  • It's more fun to be sprayed by a group of angry skunks than watch this show

    Skunk Fu is one of those TV shows that is a perfect textbook definition of a completely boring and utterly bland TV show. The concept of the show is not only clich for the most part, but the show itself is full of every clich you've seen on other TV shows.

    The story centers around a dragon, named Dragon, who was once a good friend with a Panda, named Panda, but was punished by Heaven because of his arrogance. He blames Panda and the rest of the forest animals for this, so he plans to take it over. All hope rests on one creature named Skunk, who is coincidentally a skunk. So Skunk must train and master the Kung Fu ways to defeat Dragon and save the forest. If the premise alone doesn't sound weak or bad enough to you, it only gets worse from here on out.

    The first major issue with this show is the names of all the characters. I already pointed some of the names out, but you'll notice one thing very quickly in this show about the names. Every single name is the same name as the animal they are. Seriously, Panda is actually a panda. Skunk is a skunk. Baboon is a baboon and so on and so on. Would it have been too much trouble to come up with actual names like Leon, Billy Bob Jones, or something other than use the names of whatever animal the characters are? You just know a show is going to be bad when they can't come up with actual names for the characters.

    Speaking of which, none of the characters on this show are likable, much less are they memorable. Every character on this show has only one personality trait and are completely underdeveloped. The only exception is for Dragon and why he's evil, but we don't see how he was "arrogant" like how the show says he was punished for being. Everybody else is no better at all. Panda is your stereotypical wise man. Rabbit is the generic tough guy who thinks he can do anything. Skunk is plain reckless and never truly learns anything. The Ninja Monkeys are brainless thugs. The list goes on and on. None of the characters are developed at all and are utterly forgettable as a whole.

    Another issue with this show is that the plots for each episode are so repetitive. It's always Skunk having to learn some new move, Ninja Monkeys attack, Skunk uses move to win, he's congratulated, and just recycle. There's absolutely nothing else in this show and there are no two part episodes at all. The only episode that's slightly different is the one where Skunk pretends to be sick to miss out on a lesson. Aside from that, the show is so repetitive and may actually be more repetitive than Johnny Test.

    The artwork in the show looks bad to say the least. The set designs are okay at best, but the character designs are just horrible to look at. Everyone has either really bad legs that get skinnier until they look like twigs. Fox looks like she has no stomach at all. Panda look less like a panda and more like a blob with arms and legs. Dragon looks more like a burnt snake or lizard than an actual dragon. It's like the creators have never seen any of these animals before or were just very lazy.

    The animation is no better at all. The characters move very stiffly and have no real movements to them at all. When a fight scene happens, it seems all the characters move around like they're all having a seizure.

    In the end, Skunk Fu is a very weak show that's not memorable in the tiniest bit. It could've made for something decent to watch, but the entire show is filled with characters who have no real personality or development, really bad artwork and animation, and repetitive story lines. If you want to watch something involving animals doing kung fu, then go see the Kung Fu Panda movies instead and forget this already unmemorable show.
  • Lame! A "Yin Yang Yo" knock-off for sure! :evil:

    I can't believe the audacity of Kids W.B. Who thought this stuff up?! Whoever Did think it up better be sure they have good insurance because Bob Boyle is going to sue them faster than Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr. for stealing one of the beats to one of his songs! This is nothing but "Yin Yang Yo" only with less originality and less comedy in it! They've even got a panda and a rabbit in there just like "Yin Yang Yo!" If that doesn't scream knock-off I don't know what does! Also, the animation is uninspired and uninspiring and there's no real humor in it to speak of. If you want Real action, go watch "Xialion Showdown, Yu-Gi-Oh, DragonBall Z, One Piece, Zatch Bell, Yu Yu Hakashu, Speed Racer, Digimon, Yin Yang Yo," even "Pokemon" has more exciting action than This rehash of so-called entertainment that has already been seen a trillion times before, and done a trillion times better to boot! :idea: Enough said, true believers! :evil:
  • just plain stupid

    characters:NOT CREATIVE rabbit is rabbit fox is fox skunk is skunk and panda is panda (btw panda is lazy so he reminds me of ying yan yo panda is lazy in that show too)

    plot:what is this?a not cool plot?well this show is just uuuggghhhh so not good

    humor:NO HUMOR ITS JUST BORRINNG i want it to die in a flood

    voices:fox had a good voice but all of the rest....Ughhhhh soo bad...

  • Uh-oh.

    Skunk Fu, a horrible cartoon. Mm. Okay. Let's sum this up.

    Plot: Dragon, a creature that got punished by heaven, blames the animals and even plans to destroy them, some sided on him, some are opposing him.

    Characters: They are all generic, even their names! Their voices are good though.

    Humor: Fart jokes. Nothing good.

    Art: They are poorly drawn, some are too skinny, some are too thick. The background is well detailed.

    Overall: 1.2. This came out after Kung-Fu Panda is now showing in our country. Made me thought if this is a rip-off.
  • This crapfest should have been replaced before it even started.

    Quick Review

    Art: 4.5/10 - Um... yeah, it's rather lazy when you think about it.

    Music 3/10 - Completely stupid and uninspiring.

    Character 0/10 - Not good, stupid, plain ***ed, unlikable, and just plain boring.

    Plot: 4.5/10 - Pointless and binal.

    Animation: 3.5/10 - This could've been good, but it gets old very fast within episodes and it's a bad animation parody of Yin, Yang, Yo! (Which the show is amazing; 7/10).

    Storyline: 5/10 - A bunch of wild animals vs. defenseless monkeys, like this was done a miilon times within this show already.

    Overall: 1.5/10 - Don't watch this show, okay. Because if you do,you will make the same mistake like I did when I was 16. Watch Yin, Yang, Yo!, Danny Phantom, and Digimon! I am not here to stop you, this is just my review on what I watched. This show sucks balls. So glad this show got replaced.
  • It is as bad as it sounds!

    This show is just garbage, the voice acting is bad, the jokes are terrible and they are poorly written and very poorly executed. As for the idea of the show it is just really really stupid! I mean a skunk that uses Kung Fu, is that the best these people could come up with! Also, probably the most annoying part of this show is that the pacing is just really bad since it is the same thing over and over again. Really, I am not joking it really is the same over and over again. But, to say the very least do not watch this show seriously, it is that bad now there are worst shows out there but this comes very close to the really bad ones!(like Out if

    Jimmy's Head, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Problem Solvers.) So, with all of this said please do not watch this show!

  • This show isn't even trying.

    Ok I watched like 6 episodes of this show (2 actually, I Slept through the other 4) But it is just plain dull. -
    First of all the Charachters are boring, The Charachters don't Even have Personalities, The Characters don't even have proper names
    (Example: The Skunk is called ''Skunk'', The Rabbit is called ''Rabbit'', The Panda is called ''Panda'' etc...
    The Animation
    Just Plain and Bland, There just like Paint splats, They don't even have Outlines!! The Coulors are way to light.
    Dull and Bland.
    Ok, I heard that this show is supposed to be funny, It's not Funny. Not Even close to funny.
    Just the same thing over and over again.
    Panda: ''Today you have to fight the ninja monkeys''
    Skunk: ''ok''
    Ninja Monkeys: ''We are going to destroy you''
    Skunk: (Farts)
    Ninja Monkeys: (The Entire army Faints)
    Panda: ''Congtrayulations, I Have trained you Well''
    I Do not recomened this show to anyone unless you have a bad case of ansomnia.
  • do you know what i think?.... i think that show is stupid and disgusting as a real skunk should.

    this show needs to be flagged as spam. you're not gonna revive this disgustingly gross show, cartoon network! make sure this show does not air at all, people. this show's a real traitor, rather insulting a scoutmistress on a date with gentlemen. go watch spongebob or dora the explorer if this show is pathetically stinky and s(censored)ing gross!
    i am sorry, but this does not look like a good cartoon. let's flag this show as gross and stinky as samson's butt deodorant. if you vote for me, we will offend skunk fu people who created this show, and we will.
  • Why has Cartoon Network decided to replace the classics with garbage like this!?!?!

    This show is one of the worst I have ever seen. It isn't funny, the animation sucks and the 'action' scenes nearly made me fall asleep!

    Plot: Stupid ideas lead to a bad show, and this show has em!

    Animation: Awful! I couldn't tell what half of the animals were supposed to be!!

    Voice acting: Average.

    Dialogue: Below average.

    Humor: NOT FUNNY! When will people learn to be origional with their humor!?

    Characters: Boring, poorly developed and stupid. Dora the Explorer has better characters!

    Overall: I get really bummed whenever this comes on, because I remember all of the good shows that this piece of crap replaced.
  • yawn,this show is so boring!

    this is one of the worst shows on cn!first of all the plot:bunch of forest animals fighting ninja monkeys,huh?stupid!animation:characters are poorly drawn,background looks so foggy,and they move weirdly like puppets(animation is maybe flash)well it sucks!the characters:first of all they gave them such creative names!skunk is skunk,panda is panda,rabbit is rabbit,fox is fox...they were too stupid or lazy too give them decent names!skunk is annoying and his farting is suppost to be a comic releif or something?well newsflash:not even toddlers find this funny!moving on...panda is dull,and rabbit,uuuu a fighting bunny im scared!and hes feet are way too large so he walks weird.and i dont like hes attitude.there is some bird and buffalo who just sit around doing nothing,and a fox,shes forgetable and maybe more of them i dont know and i dont care.and the enemy is a baboon who looks like albino version of i.r. baboon and his army of ninja dangerous.humor:i dont know if this show is trying to be funny or not.i didnt heard any decent joke in it.tell you the truth i only once sat through the hole episode but it was sooo boring!watching this garbage feels like punishment!dont watch this!its a waste of time!
  • ugh...

    Ok,so here we have a bunch of wild animals fighting monkeys kung-fu style. Wow,kung-fu fighting animals. How original. The idea would have been cool and original 5 years ago,but now,kung fu fighting,(along with talking dogs),has become one of the most trite and overused idea ever. And I thought Johnny Test was bad. And the humor sucks. How about the characters? A skunk named "Skunk",a rabbit named "Rabbit",a baboon named "Baboon",and a fox named "Fox". WOW,those are some REALLY unique names! (NOT!!!!) You would think this show would have done a better job pulling off the idea,but nope. It didn't. -wolvesrule221
  • A show that attempts to produce a kung fu story with animals. Dragon was punished by Heaven, and he wants to destroy the forest animals, but the animals will defend their land. Sadly, it fails in story.

    I would rather watch Bakugan. I would rather watch Chops Socky Chooks. I would rather read the Inheritance Cycle. Anything but this. This show is truly the poor man's Xiaolin Showdown. Concepts taken at the last minute counts for a horrible story, and this show's concept is an example of one. A bunch of bad animals fighting a bunch of good animals? Not only has this concept been used since Ancient Times, the creators didn't put any originality into it, making it a dull world where evil stays in the wastelands while good stay in the pretty lands. I know stories that are more horrible than this, but at least they have originality in them. What a cliché!

    Characters are unappealing and have no personalities. It's as if they're robots programmed to have one human trait. A tough talking bunny who gets his butt handed to him every time. A naïve skunk. A smart yet graceful fox. And let's not forget about the old and wise panda who is a mentor. Not only are they stereotypical, they also have unimaginable names. A rabbit called Rabbit. The fox called Fox. And of course, a skunk called Skunk. And these are just the main protagonists.

    The antagonists are just as bad as their counterparts are. Baboon, the main Antagonist, is all brawn but no brains. He sounds tough, but like the rabbit, he gets his butt handed to him on every episode. His minions, the ninja monkeys, are even stupider than he is. Plus, they can't talk. But above all, the whole idea of having ninja monkeys in the story is a reason to call this story derivative because of Monkey Fist and his minions on Kim Possible, who, obviously, have the same name. They even look like Kim Possible's ninja monkeys except Skunk Fu's have white faces. And last but not least, let's talk about the dragon. What dragon? He looks more like a barbecued snake than a dragon. Plus, the dragon is the smart one of the bad guys. Another stereotypical character. Not once did I see the dragon fight, but instead he calls his minions to fight for him. At least Vilgax got out of his chamber and fought Ben.

    Dialogue doesn't fit with their characters. When I look at a bunny and imagine him talking to me, would I think of him talking in a macho voice. Hardly! A bunny is supposed to be gentle, but instead he's out of character with his voice. Same thing for Skunk. Skunk sounds like a girl and not like a boy. Panda sounds more like a grumpy person than a wise man. It looks as if the producers picked inexperienced voice actors at the last minute, making the non-characters feel akward.

    Artwork looks like a last minute project. For a cartoon, I sure don't see any outlines. In fact, the only thing you see is color. Colors are dull and look washed out, with no shades to provide depth to the artwork. Animation looks cheap since the characters act more stilted and robotic than actual people do. The creators must have mashed a bunch of shapes together to make an animal. Overall, the artwork is uninteresting.

    But the plot hurts the story the most. Let me tell you the story. What story? All it consists of "The Art of Some skill." Two mini-episodes of these, equaling 22 minutes of nothing. If a show is supposed to be a kung fu story, then show the story. Don't give me two 11-minute episodes that composed of the same plot: Skunk practices new skill; monkey ninjas put Skunk into a situation; Skunk finally applies the new move and beat ninja monkeys and Baboon; Skunk learns a lesson and practically never applies it again; making him more boring; end of story. That's how each episode plays out. In other words, it's like one of those 11-minute comedy cartoons or Tom and Jerry. There's no story, so we won't know if Dragon will defeat the forest animals or if any of the characters die or even if there'll be a new villain. The Forest animals get beat up by the monkeys until Skunk arrives and saves the day, even though Skunk is an apprentice, dumb, and inexperienced. He actually figures out how to save the forest animal! That's not only a cliché and makes the show even more dumb, but it makes Skunk a Mary Sue. And we know how much we hate characters like that.

    Skunk Fu is like a frame story (a story within a story) like The Secret Saturdays, but more stupid (although the Secret Saturdays is stupid too when it comes to plot.) They should never have made a show about one main character fighting evil in a frame story format. If they wanted to do that, then get into the viewpoints of other characters' and use them for stories instead of Skunk all the time. I mean, instead of Skunk and whoever in the story, put Fox and Rabbit in one story, Turtle and Panda in another, and Praying Mantis and Bird and Crane in a third story. Just put them in without Skunk. If you look at Star Wars you don't see Ahsoka and Anakin all the time; you'll see Ahsoka and Obi-wan or Anakin and R2 or Amidala and Jar Jar. This makes a story much more interesting than seeing just Skunk all the time, especially if he has no character development. If you need another example, read The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucher. While a story set in Medieval times, it shows different character viewpoints in the book, making the book hard to put down. When you post a frame story setting with only one character being shown all the time it makes the show (and book if you're a reader) boring, your wasting episodes, and you lose the viewers.

    I need to talk about one more thing. Sorry for ranting, but I can't stand to not address all the good and bad points of a show (even though this show has none.) One of the most crucial-an I mean crucial-improvements they need to make is add more characters to the story. Stories these days need many characters, regardless if they are good or evil characters. Having a situation with the same characters all the time makes the show dull. This is how I felt while watching Ed, Edd, n' Eddy. Put some more villains in there or put some allies for the good guys in the story. I don't want to watch the same villains every time just to get their butt handed to them( trust me, after seeing Pokémon for about four years I got irritated seeing Team Rocket stealing Pikachu every time just to get blown up into the sky later on by Ash and the gang.) Putting more characters into a story spices the story. Watch anime if you're looking for examples; they're loaded with new characters on every season, especially One Piece. The only story I know that has few characters that still spiced the story is The Lion King, and that's because while having few characters, they're interesting and we can relate to them. Plus, it's a movie, so the creators had to make it interesting.

    Overall, this show shouldn't deserve those high ratings once you think about it in a literary viewpoint. Any show, to me, is better than this. This is truly a show made at the last minute. In fact, Kids WB (or Cw4Kids, whichever one it came on first) probably put this on just to fill in the time slot and make money off the viewers who don't know what makes a good story. Like I said, this is the poor man's Xiaolin Showdown.
  • This show is ok.

    A solid show from Cartoon Network. I just do not think that this show is epic. This show is about a group of animals who are apprentices in Kung-fu who go on a quest to defeat a dragon, and save their homeland. Sometimes, it is the same stuff over, and over again. It can get boring most of the time. The dialog in this show is ok, but does tend to make you fall asleep sometimes. Half of the lines the characters say do tend to get boring, and crazy. I do not think that there is any humor in this show. This is a good thing, because almost all of Cartoon Network's shows have humor in them, and it gets really annoying. The characters in this show are good. I think that the characters are well devolped, and have great personalities. Overall, ok show, free of humor, good characters, ok music.
  • Wow. Skunk Doo.

    Wow. Skunks? You almost wish Dragon burned the whole forest to the ground. And, I remember this plotline from somewhere--oh yeah--YIN YANG YO! Ninja monkeys? Ninja monkeys?! Didn't Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi make those environmentally friendly? And why is Rabbit such a fat jerk if he's one of the good guys? Plus, as TVtropes pointed out before, the intro of the show makes Dragon look like a haughty, arrogant king with peanut brittle for a brain because he saved a drowning village. Way to go. You were the good guys again? The show has crappy morals, it lacks--everything needed for a good show to work, and--oh yeah, the animation sucks.
  • best show ever, and i've only become a huge fan of it within this past week and i already love it!!

    this show is Great! I heard of it when it first came out but i never really cared and thought it was stupid( but eh, thats how all my favorite shows start out). the first time i saw an episode it was "the art of stickiness" i thought it was ok, but now i was watching it this week, and i was to lazy to get up and chage it abd i just fell in love with it. i love how it actually isnt so crude and meaningless as some of the other carotons i've seen. Panda believes in patience and respect it the key to learning martial arts and that is very true! I love this show and i recomend it for all ages to enjoy!
  • Why you hatin on this.

    Every one be all saying that this show sux. It's actually an awesome show. A little kung fu fighting skunk named umm... skunk is striving to become a kung fu master and defeat Dragon who is the antagonist along with his minion Baboon and his army of stormtroopers, I mean ninja monkeys. Panda is Skunk's master who says that Skunk is the only hope in defending the valley(I mean that's what he says in the theme song anyway). I would give the show a 10, but some of the characters aren't that great(just crane and tiger anyway). Overall this show is the bomb.
  • Finally, a cartoon I was asking for. Animals, Martial Arts, and no highshool crud.

    This cartoon has alot of stuff I'm into.

    1. An all animal cast: It's not that I'm againist cartoons with human characters, but I'm a big furry fan. And the leading lady is a fox;-).

    2. Asian Martial Arts: Come on. You know you like it to.

    3. It goes back to the basics of cartoons: Everytime I watch tv nowadays it's like their's nothing but pointless sitcoms and school dramas. And they alwas invole bullys, snobs, whinners, and all that other junk I watch tv to get away from. Where's the bareite? I think alot of people would agree, that we would rather see a fantasy action series over a materialistic girl on a date.
  • Something a billion times better got cancelled... for this!!??

    Wow, words fail to describe how bad this show is. First of all it's an obvious rip-off of "Yin-Yang-Yo" a show I don't even watch that much. Secondly, the plot itself is really lame. The evil (insert bad guy here) was good but turned evil and has stopped at nothing to remove (insert good guy here) from the world. Good guy trains (insert pupil who saves the world here) to stop the bad guy. That **** has got to be one of most cliched storylines ever. Then the action is bad, so I mean what's the ue of watching this. One of CN's worst for sure. 0/10 F-
  • its been 2 years since this shows been cancelled and it already is a lame idea.

    what can i say?........... pathetic that's what i can say
    you know i normal fine skunks cool and attractive[for its kind] but still this show is soo lame i mean cmon long ago dragan pretected the vally but was punished by hevan for his errigance he blamed us, ok well look its hevans fault for being sutch jerks to dragan and he blamed u for no apperant reason what so ever...............epic fail so basicly the vally animals are fighting this dragon who hates them for no reason. unbelivable, so the premise is pretty mutch pointless. and the charicters r terible a cowerdly tiger. oh yea were have i not seen that before? a tough rabbit lame! a hot mama fox....... no comment 0-0. and a really annoying skunk,........oh wow the main charicter is so annoying he just whines and complanes all day about his chores. serisly yuo know how corney that is? its just like hanna montanna but less whiny. serisly this show isnt even populer enough for a 2nd season. it couldent evan make through its first season without screwing up.
  • Lame.

    the show im reviewing is called skunk fu. the show is pretty much a cartoon version of kung fu panda target twards a younger audience.its lame, first of the story line it all begins were there was this dragon who was the gardian of the vally. but was punished by heavin for his arragance. okay wait! first off its all heavins fault for being such jerks to dragon. then in the intro they go he blamed us.
    .... okay so he blamed you for know reason so the premise pretty much fails so were basicly looking at a pretty far fetched show. then we got the characters, the caracters in this show are so lame. a hot mama fox a sugar rushed skunk a tough rabbit, a cowerdly tiger, a dumb pig and and many others how lame is that. the main charicter in this show is so anoyying all he does is complaine and whin then learns a moral from his master. its just the same repenitve stuff you over and over again. the animation style is lazy poor and cheesy. and the show is just repentive and lame. why it only was able to last through one good season. this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!
  • not very good

    this show isnt that worth at all cn needs better show ideas i mean it isnt the worst show i have ever seen that gos 2 ameracans top model but its all about a skunk who wants 2 become a master kung fu man thing lol with his master panda reminds u of kung fu panda huh well this show is one of those cheap laugh shows that are often these days well i reall dont like this show and well i just dont like it they try to get there land back from the evil baboon lol and blah blah blah well that pretty much made a pointless reveiw well bye
  • This is a desprate show. I mean like, if you have nothing else to watch.

    So, this skunk wants to learn Kung-fu so, he learns from a panda. And, there's are ninja monkeys like in Kim Possible. Only they're lead by a baboon insted of a guy who loves monkeys so much that he became one, yes that's crazy. So, every episode is "The art of..." like art, lieing and, picking your nose. So, this show ended I see, and CN shows old episodes. What else can I say about this show? I watch it but, it is not going in my favorites. Sorry. I just don't watch it alot. That's it.

    Final Score: C, 6
  • Everyone in the world must love Skunk Fu! Cute animals, lots of action, it's got everything you could wish for in a tv show. I love Skunk Fu! and I always will!

    Skunk Fu! is the most coolest show in the world. Every kid on my block loves it. I never missed one episode, that shows how much I love it. But, I can't wait til they make Skunk Fu! toys, cause I'm getting me everything of Rabbit. ^^ If this show ever went off the air I will never be happy again. I mean who would want Skunk Fu! off tv? Everyone loves it, and I bet everyone loves Skunk! But I got a really good idea. Cartoonnetwork Studio should give Skunk Fu! more screen time, and less screen time for that...that Flapjack.
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