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Sky Girls

TV Asahi (ended 2008)


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Sky Girls

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2071 A.D. cyborg clusters appeared (Weapons Of Raid Machines or WORMS) started to wipe out mankind. 2073 a third of mankind was wiped out and an international army was formed to fight the worm's. 2074 mankind was unable to stop the worm's and finally had to use WMD's (nukes) and the price that was paid was very high not only did all polar ice melt and flood all costal regions but 90% of the worlds population of males ages 20 to 30 were lost leaving a decimated population mainly female. Our story starts 10 years later 2084 The WORMS are on the rise again, leaving four young women in flying exoskeletons to defend what is left of Earth.
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  • Not your average Mecha show, if you are looking for heart pounding action this is not the show for you. But if like character drive plot with an interesting take on Mecha you might enjoy this show.moreless

    While not one of my top anima choices it is still one that I enjoy watching just to relax. There is no high tension plotline and sometimes the episodes are a bit silly but all in all it is a good story. The story revolves around three (later four) young girls that are selected as Sonic Diver (the mecha in this story) test pilots. It takes place in a future in which a battle with entities called WORMS leaves the world decimated wiping out a third of mankind most of which are men from 20 to 30. The WORMS are having a resurgence and it is up to the Sky Girls to save the world.moreless