Sky High

(ended 1990)


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Sky High

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Inheriting a vintage bi-plane was the best thing that could have happened to these two Midwestern farm boys. A former pilot teaches them to fly their new acquisition in this tv movie.
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  • will stronghold and his friends attend a new type of school that is perfect for training superheroes and the sidekicks; will doesnt have his powers yet but as he continues in the school he gets them and must help his parents defeat an old villianmoreless

    i really do like this movie..its on now lol..i love it..the romance and just the whole superhero slash sidekick thing being tied into how like cliques in high school are altho they arent actually just two individual groups lol..there are more groups..but the cafeteria takes care of that as we see cliques..this whole movie was interesting..its kinda true to life how sometimes sons or daughters feel like if they dont accomplish the same things as their parents theyll fail them..i like how he overcame all that and triumphed over evil which is true in most movies was a very cute disney/kid movie that even a 19 yr old like me can lovemoreless
  • A movie about a school for superheros.

    This is about a young boy named Will Stronghold whos parents are the greatest superheros of all time. The bad part is that Will is showing signs of having no powers. And even worse, he has to go a a high school for superheros were the people with no powers and weak powes get turned into sidekicks, who every one picks on. After a week of torment, Will gets into a fight with the school bad-boy, Waren Peace. HIs father is a supervillian and his mom is a superhero, so they are allways fighting. He takes his anger out on Will. During the fight, Will descovers he has superstrength and is emidiently tranfered into "hero" classes. He starts going out with a beutiful girl who turns out to be his parents arch rivel. During a big fight, Will gets thrown out a window and descovers he can fly. He beats Royal Pain(his girl friend) and saves Sky High.moreless
  • the pressures of high school combined with pressures of finding their own super powers (these pressures come from the teaching staff, the other school kids and their own parents), and on top of all that they have to go through puberty too.moreless

    wow the movie was just fantastic and michael angarano always does a great job.i think they could have gotten a much better actor to play the part of will\'s father, maybe george clooney. as for the premiere episode in january i never even saw an advertisement for it. i mean i saw the advertisement for what was going to be on on january 1st but i thought it was just going to be the movie which we already own. please do an encore presentation and advertise it as a new series premiere, thnx. i thought it was neat the way they brought the bus driver back into the movie i think they should do that with more of the schools staff. maybe show what a freak show side kick the principal was and develop the characters from that angle showing why they chose the careers they did in the human world.moreless
  • Layla and Will start at a shcool for superheros. After Will finaly gets his powers, he becomes popular. At the dance havok strikes when people start turning into babies. But will, Layla, and the rest of his friends save the day! Things end up happily!moreless

    It's a trilling movie about kid superheroes and the problems they face while attending a school, where they must learn to hone their powers and fight either as a sidekick or a superhero. With a surprise twist at the ending, it's a must see! I really encourage you to see it.
  • i saw the movie but i didn't got to finish it.

    since i didn't see all of it.i will give you an 8 but the biggining was boring.jgnjgbuhrbg nvjf i'm going to do anything now.vnkrethtncmskwiwueurhgfnvmniasuwu83u8e85867ncnxmis8wejhrhnfnvkdc99w8wu8eurn ,mxiozi i he she be new cool funny boring stupid what who how when where were why do it h b c v g t y h uj n m ki o l , ;. / '[] vf r ed c x s wq a z x s we d c v f rt g b n hy u j m , k i o l , p l , m ko i j n bh u y g v c f tr d x z s e w a q q a x s w e d c v f r t g b n h ymoreless