Season 1 Episode 1

Dawn of a New Day (Part 1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 26, 2005 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

Following a montage of small islands or "blocks" floating in the sky, two flying motorcycle like devices referred to as scooters, race by. The scooters are being raced by two young teenage boys named Mahad and Shoomday. Mahad has a girl named Hanako sitting behind him. Mahad dangerously speeds ahead through a rocky tunnel, Shoomday and his scooter fall into a tree. Hanako and Mahad make it through the tunnel and land; Hanako tells Mahad that he is crazy. Shoomday catches up just it time to see a brigade of Sphere patrol ships pass overhead, heading towards Mahad's home. Mahad says goodbye to his friends and speeds after the brigade. A young preteen girl is playing with a basketball. She can control its movements with some unseen power. Her mother catches her and scolds her for using her powers. Lena the young girl replies that she has to practice so that she can control her power. Lena then begins to help her mother bring some boxes into the house. Turning around the side of the house, they stop dead in their tracks, right there in there front yard is a group of robot brigadiers. Lena continues on her way to the front door, but fails to contain her anger. She explodes in a rant about why the Sphere steals water, the nearest brigadier says that resistance will not be tolerated and begins to strangle her. Her mother Mila tries to stop it, but a second brigadier stops her by pushing her to the ground. The head of the brigadier who pushed Mila and the arm of the brigadier who strangled Lena are suddenly chopped off by a boomerang. Mahad has arrived. Lena utilizes her sejin abilities to blast the remaining brigadiers. Another patrol of brigadiers quickly arrives on the scene. Now a full of fight breaks out resulting in Mila destroying the whole group of brigs and two Sphere patrol ships. Mahad and Lena are shocked, they had no idea their mother was also a sejin. Lena and Mahad ask Mila why she never told them about her powers, to which she responds that she wanted to protect them. Meanwhile a bald female reports to an older man whom she refers to as Commander Oslo about the rebellion involving Mila. He says that it would be impossible for anyone to destroy that many brigs unless... He realizes that it must have been Mila. Back at Mila's house, she gives Mahad directions and sends her kids off on a Sphere patrol ship telling them that she loves them and to be safe. The bald woman, Diwan arrives at Mila's home and sneakily attacks her with Sejin blast, Mila quickly reflects the blast right back at her, knocking Diwan to the ground. Diwan is surprised but not discouraged, Diwan tries and fails again. Mila taunts her. Two Patrol ships pursue Lena and Mahads patrol ship. Mahad forces one to crash, before they encounter several more Sphere patrol ships. Mahad scares two of them into colliding into one another. He shoots the rest down with the patrol ship's gun. Diwan fires another blast at Mila who once again deflects it right back at her. Oslo then arrives and offers Mila to be his partner in crime, which Mila fiercely rejects. Oslo threatens her kids, so Mila cooperates. Oslo takes her aboard his ship the Monolith, on which he shows her that he can use his powers without the sunlight. Mila is horrified and tells him, that it is unnatural. Oslo tells her that he is taking her some where secure. She figures out that he means Kharzem prison. Lena and Mahad cruise unknowingly into pirate controlled territory. A large ships is seen flying in the background and a voice is heard saying "Locked onto the target, Captain."