Season 1 Episode 2

Dawn of a New Day (Part 2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 26, 2005 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

The huge pirate ship swoops down behind the patrol ship that Lena and Mahad are driving, and releases a bunch of miniature fighting machines later referred to as mosquitoes. Lena and Mahad are shot down. A young boy on board the pirate ship convinces the callous captain to turn back to pick them up, after hearing a young girl asking for help. Mila tells Oslo that she would rather spend the rest of her days in Kharzem's darkest cell than help him. The crashed patrol ship is being searched by brigs commanded by Diwan, it is empty. Lena and Mahad are aboard the big pirate ship. An older man comes out of a side room asking Captain Cortes why they have changed directions and accusing him of being lost. In his outburst he mentions Puerto Angel. Which causes Captain Cortes to become quite angry. Cortes tells the old man never to mention their block in front of strangers. Cortes delegates the task of telling the old man known as the Vector what's going on to the young boy Chang. Lena and Mahad grow excited asking "Your the Vector? Our mother told us we would be safe with you." The Vector asks them who their mother is, to which the exclaim "Mila!" Now the Vector is excited too. He figures out that they must be Lena and Mahad. Later, the vector tells the siblings as well as Cortes that Mila trusted him with this mission long ago. Of course they all ask what mission? He tells them that he has the coordinates of their fathers last known location. Cortes sets a course for the block. On the way, Mahad encounters a young blond woman who he tries to put his moves on, she rejects his advances but she does tell him that her name is Dahlia. The ship reaches the block that the siblings father was last known to be at. Lena and Mahad venture alone onto the block until they find a locked door. The try several passwords which don't work, then Lena thinks of Philia the doll that he left Lena, it works. Inside the find a hangar, in which is a beautiful ship, which Mahad almost instantly recognizes as the Hyperion. Mahad is very excited because he knows this ship is the same one that Marcus Farrel, a famous rebel, flew. Inside the ship Lena finds a picture of Marcus hugging Mila. This leads the children to conclude that Marcus was their father. Mahad is so very excited by the idea of being the son of Marcus, a hero. Diwan interrupts the excitement by saying "A dead hero." They are surrounded by brigs. Diwan begins to monologue while ripping up the picture. A brig is about to blow up the ship but Lena blasts it away. Diwan and Lena begin fighting Sejin style. Mahad takes out the brig restraining him only to be blasted at by about 10-15 brigs on the other side of the hangar. He takes them all out in a very smooth single move with his boomerang. Lena and Diwan continue fighting until Lena jumps off the ledge onto the Hyperion, the kids fly away. Back aboard the mother ship a crew member reports to Cortes that all the mosquitoes are back on board and that they took quite a beating. Cortes states that the ships shields are completely gone and they cant take another hit. Suddenly the see the Sphere patrol ships being shot down from an unknown source. The jaws of everyone on board drop when the see that its the Hyperion. Mahad takes out all the remaining patrol ships. Chang contacts the ship and is excited to see that its Lena and Mahad. Cortes instructs the crew to prepare the landing site and to head home to Puerto Angel. Lena says that it looks like they've got a new family. Mila is shut up in a cell. Diwan reports to Oslo that the children escaped due to Lena being a strong sejin and Mahad an excellent pilot. The siblings arrive at Puerto Angel. The Vector welcomes them to their new home and tells them that their new family is the most wanted gang of pirates in Skyland.
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