Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 07, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

A beautiful shot of Puerto Angel opens the episode. A thirsty looking Lena is shown using the last of her rationed water to water a blooming flower. SHe then collapses from dehydration. Mahad is supervising Chang playing some sort of battle simulation or video game. Chang barely manages to hit one of the targets and Lena wakes up confused about what happened to her. Mahad explains and scolds her for wasting her water on a "stupid flower." Lena agrees to take better care of herself but says that she doesn't want to take anyone else's water. Mahad and Chang tell her that the drought will soon be over as they are on their way to a newly discovered ice block as they speak. Upon arriving at the ice block Cortes sees the Sphere drilling station and says that there's no more water there; and that it would be a waste of time to explore it. Mahad always the adventure seeker insists that they explore the abandoned post. Lena agrees with Mahad saying that she sense something inside the station. Swayed by Lena's argument Cortes order Dahlia and Wayan to prepare for landing. Cortes, Wayan, Dahlia, and Mahad enter the drilling station. Walking down the hallway someone sets off a sensor which wakes the Mogura. In the control center of the outpost the group listens to a recorded message from a panicked Sphere worker. Th worker warns of the Mogura which has malfunctioned and begun hunting the humans. Wayan explains to Mahad that a Mogura is a mechanical creature designed to detect, retrieve, and treat water from the glacier. Dahlia adds that once the water in the glacier ran out the Mogura carried on searching for water since the human body is mostly water.... Back on the Saint Nazare a worried Lena warns the group about something heading straight for them. The Mogura break the control room doors open only to have the group blast it back with their weapons. Chang tells that there is a alternative exit from the room through an air shaft. The group goes through the shaft into a hallway which leads them to a room in which they find millions of liters of water. The Saint Nazare extends some pipes in preparation for extraction. Learning that the Mogura is on its way back for round two Dahlia and Mahad leave the storage room to distract so that Cortes and Wayan can open the tanks of water. Mahad and Dahlia get chased around for a while. The group makes it back outside after the water has been extracted, only to find the Mogura waiting for them. The manage to blast the Mogura off the block. On their way home Lena and Mahad chat until Lena notices the Mogura preparing to attack them through the glass ceiling. Lena blasts the Mogura off the ship with her seijin powers and they all go home.