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  • the graphics are great for a TV show, yet, i'm not very interested in this show.

    I have only seen 2 or 3 episodes of this show, and I can tell I don't like it. The graphics are great for this show. the 3-D is the best, along with the graphices of the rockest and castle and stuff. Yet, sometimes it doesn't make sense. Like the young girl (who I think is the main character) mother is missing or dead (I can't tell, see, it is so confusing, I can't understand). Next the boy (I think he is the brother of the girl), does rockets and stuff and helps. Plus, in the future, their would be more umm... future stuff, the show seems more like in the 1500 with rockets and it doesn't seem like earth had broken er something.
  • This show is boring and it does not make any sense.

    I took 30 minutes of my time to watch this.It sounded pretty intresting.I thought I may like it.I guess I was wrong.It was so boring.Nothing interesting happens.I agree the animation is great.However,the animation is the only thing it has.It also does not make sense.The world was shattered into millions of peices.So if the Earth was Eath was shattered then nobody would exist.Lena,Mahad and all of the characters would not be alive.Nicktoons needs to stop it with all these lame shows.The only good ones they have are a few classics,Kappa Mikey and Martin Mystery.Until this show is done,I will always change the channel when it comes on.I rate it a 1/10.
  • Skyland takes place somewhere in an island that floats...I think.

    Okay, while this show looks good with it's stop motion artwork, there are some flaws. For instance, I think the creators had never seen Avatar or they are trying to make this show become the next Avatar. The characters behaved way to much like the ones on Avatar and the hand signals that the Seijins use reminded me of the benders on the show.

    I guess it is true what they say. When there is one there will be 50 more like it.
  • Could use some improvements.

    Skyland is a great show, but could use a lot of improvements. A bald women, a crazy leader, and a guy with a boomerang. Diwan should actually have hair! The Sphere should actually be nicer. My favorite character is Mahad, he is always funny and makes fun of Cortes a lot. Cheng is also another favorite, not just is he a computer geek but practically a genius. Probably smarter than Mahad. Lena is very powerful and I am not suprised that she is a Seijin, in television shows, the girl is always the powerful one. Overall, this show is an 8.2
  • Well,I don't like this show,but I like one episode of it.

    This show is pretty much terrible than The Secret Show.I mean,it takes place in the fututre and I only like one episode of it and that one is the one where there is this robot spider.But this show is still terrible,even if I like a episode of it.Well,it doesn't look good than Storm Hawks.I never seen Storm Hawks,but I still think that show is better than this one.I really don't like this show and it's very terrible and this show is not better than Spongebob Squarepants or Drake and Josh.I really hate this show and I give this show a C.
  • Great animation... BAD everything else.

    For the last year now i have been wondering what this " Skyland" show was about, i didn't watch the show for a long time cause i thought it was going to be BAD, just like the name of tittle. Oh and to my surpise...IT WAS BAD! The 3D animation was just plain AWESOME to me, but it was just a waste for a crappy show like this. It has corny humor and well...its as interesting as siting in math class. Score!! One more crappy show on Teletoon. Its not as bad as Spider Riders, but it comes pretty close. WHY TELETOON? WHY???
  • Bleck it's so boring. It's a show you want to watch but you can't.

    When I first heard about this on teletoon I was like "wow that show looks cool I got to watch it" but then out of nowhere the first minute got me yawning. Sure the animation is great in fact another show to be in CGI right next to jimmy neutron. I want more better plots dude and humor. For crying outloud why doesnt that girl throw a pie at that evil dude. Also it needs more action. I thought it was action but with lasers and melee attacks. Borrrrrriiiiiiiing.
  • Not exactly a good show... Entertainment 5/10 it's really boring, and it's rather unfortunate because entertainment is the most important part. Graphics 7/10 Originality 8/10

    I could definitely say this show is a real disappointment, although the show has a unique storyline or plot, the action is nowhere to be seen. It might be good for people who enjoy watching shows with slow fighting in more than 90% of all the episodes. Many people say the graphics are cool, but when you look carefully you can find alot of weird things. An example is their eyes, it seems that their iris is just one color, also they usually don't even have any eyelashes. All there is, is just a black outline. Also, their outfits are quite lame, I mean a picture of some rhino on Lena's shirt? Everyones clothes look so alike, mainly red and white colours. The way the use the shading looks annoying to me, there are barely any outlines on anything so it all blends in way too much. Another thing, the hair has no shine at all, and it looks like most of the characters have bad hair days every day since they are in abnormal shapes. As for the backgrounds, they are impressive and always creative. But if you compare the graphics in Skyland and an awesome show such as Jimmy Neutron, most likely Jimmy Neutron should win. Of course there can be over 100,000 people who like this show, and it's fine. There are infact great qualities in the show, but I stated mainly the worse, because that's what I should do if I say this show is poor. One last thing, this show doesn't teach you about anything!
  • Great visuals, bad voice acting, slow story and poor character development.

    This show looks awesome, the premise is interesting, but the voice acting is absolutely god-awful. I know this show comes from France, so it makes me wonder whether all foreign production companies are tone-deaf (I have yet to see one dubbed anime which doesn't make me want to burst my own ear drums in self-defense.) I have only watched the first few episodes because it was so painful to watch (or should I say hear.) It doesn't help that the characters are so unconvincing and one dimensional. Everyone is unnaturally upbeat and gungho, except for the characters who seem to be chronically cranky, wise and kindly, noble and stubborn, evil and angry, etc. It's like the writers put a bunch of emotions into a hat, and then picked one or two to be associated with their character that forevermore is the only emotion they ever express. A prime example are the main characters, the two siblings, who just after losing their mother are still wise-cracking with each other. I know it's a kids show, but if you're going to include serious subject matter like death (their father,) imprisonment (their mother,) and being what amounts to being orphaned, you're going to need to include the emotional reactions that go along with those scenarios. The premise, while interesting, is undercut by a very slow-developing episodic storyline that ends up being incredibly boring. It's mostly throw-away dialog interlaced with beautiful animated shots. I'll admit, the graphics are very pretty, but the jokes are not funny, and I'm tired of waiting for something to happen meanwhile. I'm not sure if there's a second season of this, but if there is, my advice to the creators would be to stop treating kids like idiots. They're not so stupid that they can't appreciate serious dialog and some complexity in their characters and plots. This show has the potential to be good but the writing and voice acting needs help and fast.
  • If only they had spent as much time on the plot as they had on the animation, this show could have been great.

    Every now and again an animated series comes out that is just so good that everyone stands up and takes notice. These programs have the perfect blend of excellent animation and involving story to reach audiences well beyond the target age, and pull them into the world the characters inhabit. "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Gargoyles" were some of the first, and were later followed by "Justice League," "Justice League Unlimited," and "Teen Titans." The most recent show like this is "Avatar; the Last Airbender." These are the kind of programs that "Skyland" clearly wants to emulate - unfortunitly, it gets only half the equation right.

    The first thing that you will notice about "Skyland" is the graphics - and they are amazing. Everything is done in a cell-shaded style that does not quite look like anything that I have seen before, with instantly recognizable characters and beautiful scenery. On top of that, the musical score is top notch, giving a truly beautiful atmosphere to the series that I haven't seen since "Samurai Jack." it isn't until the characters open their big mouths that the problems start arising. See, while the visuals and music are very impressive, the show falls flat on the parts that really matter - namely, a good plot and likable characters. The plot is about as deep as a kiddie pool; in the the far future, the world is split into many different floating islands, and is ruled by the Sphere, an Evil Empire (because really, what other kind of Empire is there?). The only hope for the world is a bunch of Gallant Rouges and a two kids, a brother named Mahad and a sister named Lena. The sister has special powers and has a mysterious destiny, natch. Of course, the threadbare plot could be forgiven if the characters themselves were memorable - unfortunitly, they're not. Most of the voice actors are terrible, and the dialog is extremely stilted. a good example is Mahad, who not only is your standard "lovable idiot" cliche (minus the lovable), but speaks in constant never-ending one liners. Oslo, the main villain, is especially disappointing - he's an uninteresting, stereotypical villain that constantly monologues about his Diabolical Plans, laughs evilly for absolutely no reason, and screams "Nooooooo!" whenever his Diabolical Plans Are Inevitably Foiled.

    The art is beautiful, and the show has promise, but the lame plot and unimaginative characters keep this show from being anything but average.
  • vioce acting distroys this show

    It is always a huge shame when every part of an animation or film has had tons of love put in to it but then the dub has the most blas direction ever killing the mood entirely -badly synced with the animation, and extremely plastic, however its faults are not completely restricted to the dub it does suffer from substantial filler also, despite this it worth giving the first episode a try the environments and backstory might just make you fall in love with it -if you want another exsaple of this kind of animation -possibly better- which deserves more recognition then I suggest Molly Star-Racer .
  • So close and yet so far

    Skyland had explosive potential in everything: music, voice acting, animation, but I don't know what happened, and I think it's because of the directing.

    Yes, the music in it was amazing, and the animation is legendary, but the writing, as good as the overall plot was, was crap! Bleach and Naruto doesn't look good with fillers, why the hell would this? And I'll tell you something, I feel like only 2% of this show is cannon. The sound effects are super quiet when they should be at the same level as the voices, and the voices need to by sync'd better with the mouth movements. I feel like they're trying to do something like anime with mouth flaps but the mouth flaps were just too specific and it didn't work out.

    It's biggest downfall was, once again, side conflicts that had nothing to do with the show. It puts me to sleep whenever I watch it. And I've heard some of these voice actors shout, so I know they were good pics, but they just whined the whole time -- that's definitely the fault of directing.

    As adequate or even below average as this show is, it deserves more recognition of it's existence. After all, it's this show that inspired Iron Man: Armored Adventures after it's completion, which I love.
  • The earth is shattered into millions of floating blocks These are the adventures of Mahad, a 17 year old pilot, and Lena, his 12 years old powerful neophyte Sejin sister. Who have the power of telekinesis which is powered by the sun.

    At first glance the computer cell shaded animation looks great. Basically its from a motion capture technique with real actors (who are different from the voice actors) this gives the show its distinctive look. However the voice acting of the two principal stars is very flawed. When they cry for their mother I just don't buy it. They read the lines very flat. Mahad character is very annoying with his utter arrogance. He is constantly getting his allies into trouble. This wouldn't bother me so much if I saw a little bit of maturation as the series progresses. Yet here we are at the begining of the 2nd season and Mahad still prancing and preening like a peacock telling everyone how great he is all the time. His little sister Lena is showing far more growth as she tries to develop her powers and be an asset to the team. Another problem with the series is the lack of people in this world. Skyland seems to be very lacking in people with blocks containing only 3 to 4 people. This could be a result of the computer animation but if this is. Then they should have rethought its use. This is a series that has a very original idea but is lacking in character developement and plot.
  • At first glance this show seems a little--well--odd. But after a few minutes of watching I was totally impressed! The computer animation is unique but I find it incredible.

    My friend walked into the room while I was watching this show. She didn't pay much attention to the television, she just asked me what I was watching. After maybe ten seconds she finally gasped and asked "Is that a cartoon?" My response: "Well, sort of." She thought I was watching some sci-fi movie. That's how crazy the animation is, folks! The plot could probably use some fixing up but the animation totally makes up for it. I've heard complaints that the characters look weird. My challenge to all of you: Take your eyes of the characters for two seconds and check out the backgrounds; incredible! An all in all decent show.
  • A great show, but could use a lot of improvements.

    Skyland is a great show, but could use a lot of improvements. A bald women, a crazy leader, and a guy with a boomerang. Diwan should actually have hair! The Sphere should actually be nicer. My favorite character is Mahad, he is always funny and makes fun of Cortes a lot. Cheng is also another favorite, not just is he a computer geek but practically a genius. Probably smarter than Mahad. Lena is very powerful and I am not suprised that she is a Seijin, in television shows, the girl is always the powerful one. Overall, this show is an 8.2.
  • Love the graphics, it blew me away when I first saw a glimpse of it on telly. It was so good that I had to get it out on dvd.

    Amazing graphics, there's no doubt about that. Just love love love the graphics, it blew me away when I first saw a glimpse of it on telly. It was so good that I had to get it out on dvd. Even if the story is a little weak at times, the graphics are entertaining to watch. Not quite sure about the dubbed dialogue, and was disappointed that there weren't any subs on the dvd. I have watch the first 13 episodes on dvd. I'm hoping to find the second dvd to watch the rest soon. Perhaps with subs this time.
  • Motion Capture Animation

    this show is actualy Motion capture animation. Kinda a first of its kind. I really really enjoy it. At first wasent sure what was up with the animation style i could tell it was computer animation but it was more fluid. then in the credits i noticed that each charature has two performers I would guess one for motion capture and one for voice. as well as there are motion capture people listed in the credits as well. Anyways I do like this show and hope to get some new epeosids soon. I was glad it was a free download on xbox live marketplace. thank you xbox!
  • It takes computer animation to a higher level than it needs to, but I have to admit, it's different. I don't feel like there's anything to complain about Skyland, there's nothing wrong with it, it just isn't spectacular.

    Personally, I don't really like computer animation, and I think making an anime (I don't care if people disagree, but I do think it has an anime style to it) with computers was going a little overboard. Regardless, I admire the way they play with light and shadow, it's very unique. The plot is okay, I mean I don't really see anything wrong with it, it just doesn't have the pizazz that a good show should have. They're on the right track, they just need to move it along better. I also appreciate the way they don't force a moral on every episode like some cartoons do(not that this is a cartoon). It's nice to have a show that doesn't feel the need to blurt out random fluff at us whenever they get the chance. Good show, just needs some work.
  • at first i was skeptical

    but when i started watching skyland it got really good.. its abouta boy name Mahad and his little sister Lena looking for thir mother in a far away hidden prison named Carzan. they are for ever fighting the spear a dictator government that is ruthless. but Mahad and lena fight with pirates that reak havick for the spear. lena has super powers which is a Sajin and in glipses you can see how powerful this little girl is. on the pirate ship you have their captin Cortez who is very strict and stubborn. Chang.. a small boy bat a complete computer wiz, and Dalia who likes Mahad and has a strong personality. then the spear leaders commander ozlo who is a ruthless leader... trying to find lena..... and keeps teir mother captive.. and Diwan a woman who is ozlo's right hand and has a nasty temper.
  • When you watch Skyland, you really have to picture yourself in the future. Only then can you appreciate this work of art that is so original.

    When you watch Skyland, you really have to picture yourself in the future. Only then can you appreciate this work of art that is so original. Okay, so the storyline is not A plus, but still very interesting. Some episodes seem to have similar plots, though, and this is why I give Skyland an 8.5.

    Animation is flawless. All the characters, "sky"craft, and Skyland itself come to life with the 3-D animation used in this show. Characters are good. I think they go along well with the show. Sound effects are really well done. I'm amazed, actually. Music is good. One good thing about Skyland is that there isn't too much music, like in Star Wars movies. What else can I say? Skyland is amazing! Not the best Nicktoon, but still very interesting. Could use some work on the storyline, but otherwise this cartoon is simply awesome.
  • I love it.

    I only just got into Skyland a few months ago, I had nooo idea what I was missing out on. The story and plot are just so original, they draw you in immediatly. Not only a great storyline, but AMAZING animation.
    Seriously. It's the first time I've ever seen animation like this, and it's mind blowing. The shadows, just...the look of it. You have to see it to get what I mean. And I just watched a "making of" clip a few weeks ago. And saw that they actually hook up people to make the actions. It's really cool (go check out youtube for the clip).

    The only real flaw in the show is some of the voice acting. I mean sometimes the voice actors do a great job, then other times it's a bit iffy. (Mahad [Tim Hamaguchi] is the worst offender of this). I really like the voice actor chosen for Lena [Alexandra Pic], I think she's very good.

    So really, if you haven't already seen an episode, go watch, you don't knnow what you're missing out on.
  • The earth has shattered and has fallen under rule of a dictatorship called the Sphere. When Mila, a single mother, was captured by the Sphere's leader, Oslo, it's up to her two children and a band of pirates to get Mila back and destroy the Sphere.

    This show is a hit from the start, what can I say? I just LOVE this show.

    Plot: Totally unique and interesting. Full of action and twists, Skyland will keep you glued to the screen.

    Characters: Not as interesting as the plot, but ya, interesting, creative, well thought out and have personalities. The voice actors could practice more, but they're tolerable.

    Graphics: Ok...ready for this? ...SIMPLY AMAZING! This has got to be the best part of the show, especially the backgrounds. Screw realism, they look almost like actual photographs and are brought to life through the show. That's not all. The characters are done using motion technology, so their movement is very realistic. Making use of resources and bringing the output that this show promises is mainly what gives this show such a high rating.

    Music: Keeps up with the mood. It shows it's true power in a dramatic atmosphere.

    Concluding, I reccomend this show for both adults and youth. Simply a marvel in technology with a few little bugs to work out. So for the first review of Skyland, I give it a 9.8 out of 10.
  • ...Yeah, the basic plot isn't the most original ever, but once you start to watch Skyland, you'll get addicted. Skyland combines state of the art computer animation techniques with wonderful voice actors and witty dialog to form an endearing show.

    "200 years in the future, the Earth has shattered into millions of blocks, known as Skyland, which orbit around the core, and a new kind of human has emerged, Sejins, who absorb sunlight to fuel their telekinetic abilities."

    ...Yeah, the basic plot isn't the most original ever, but once you start to watch Skyland, you'll get addicted. Skyland combines state of the art computer animation techniques with wonderful voice actors and witty dialog to form an endearing show.

    From Mahad, the young self-absorbed cocky ace pilot - to his sister Lena, the powerful Sejin who is just beginning to develop her extraordinary abilities - to the lovable Pirate entourage, Skyland is one of the best shows out right now.
  • Bring back Skyland

    I miss this show.
  • this show is pretty good!

    In the year 2251, the earth has been shattered into tens of millions of aimlessly drifting blocks around the earth's core. Oslo, a power-hungry dictator, controls this land, referred to as Skyland. Oslo possesses telekinetic, or "Seijin" powers that have allowed him to seize control of water, the most precious resource on Skyland. Mila, who also possesses "Seijin" powers, has been imprisoned by Oslo. Her children, Mahad, a rebelious teen with expert piloting skills and his sister, Lena, a young female with advanced Seijin Powers, with the help of the private resistence are going to attempt the free their mother from Oslo's evil grasp and destroy the dreaded Sphere. Will they be able to accomplish such a task?
  • Despite getting off to a shaky start, Skyland has real promise.

    I found the first three episodes (Dawn of a New Day pts. one & two, The Great Wall) of this series really off-putting plot and character wise, but stuck with it because of the beautiful animation. I was well paid off, with episode four being much better. Ep five was a bit of a backwards slide, but by six I was hooked. Apart from the great animation on the scenery, what I really love about this series is the characters. They are, for the main part, well written, thought out, and original. There are no spunky red-headed girls racing off impulsively and needing to be rescued, no bossy adults to be put in their place by teens, no suave teen heroes (he does try, though, poor guy), no token technobabbling tech-heads constantly attatched to their computers, and no dumb muscle.

    The adult in charge (a wonderfully portrayed, firey Scottish guy,) is listened to, respected, and shown as a flawed human being who is simply trying his hardest to succeed and survive under a great deal of pressure.

    When the Teen Hero does something stupid in the name of heroics, he gets TOLD what a moron he is. He's clumsy, un-coordinated, out of shape, full of himself, and yet, completely loveable.

    The Love Interest, well, that status is debatable. Three years older, she doesn't giggle, simper, or encourage the hopeless attempts at flirting in any way. She will, however, inform him when he's out of line, wrong, or just plain stupid. Physically, mentally, and maturely, she's definitely his superior, but she never comes across as snobby, mean (frustrated, perhaps), or unlikeable.

    The villains, on the other hand, are generally lacking in originality, but even they have their moments. The show certainly doesn't dodge the fact that they are killers, and it's easy to see what makes them a threat.

    My greatest complaint in the characters would have to be Lena, whose ever-increasing powers are a deus ex machina, and not one that's used sparingly.

    The animation on the settings, scenery, and props is truly stunning, and no doubt the biggest drawcard of the show. However, the motion-capture used on the characters, whlie giving us very human movement and body language, leaves a lot to be desired in the facial expression department, and took a bit of getting used to.

    Another downside to the series is the lack of continuity between episodes, which while allowing newcomers to pick up the series easily, is a bit of a killer on character development and plot expansion. Hopefully, more continuity will be in trouduced in the next series.

    Overall, Skyland is an original, refreshing series that may take some warming to, but which is definitely worth the effort.
  • Definitely the best animation I've ever seen. I might never have gotten into animation at all if not for Skyland.

    This show is great and I love the graphics. As a children's show the storylines are simple and easy to follow (which is great) and the realistic everything makes it enjoyable for adults, too. I love it. :)
    Besides being set in the future (added bonus) it's non-repetitive and everything about it is great. I especially enjoyed how Season 1 ended. Is it true that there is at least one and possibly two others in the works?
    I hope there is...that's definitely one movie I'm not going to miss! And will there ever be Skyland seasons on DVD in English? :)Hope so.
  • Excellent animations/graphics, good concept story, nice vehicle designs especially the Hyperion and St. Nazaire, intense actions, nice musics, cool clothes design.

    The first time I watched Skyland was just a browse through the TV stations. One episode was being shown on ABC Kids Australia. The first impression I had was ... " this is a very impressive animation .. " For over a year I was looking for the DVD and finally bought the Part 1 and recently I bought the Part 2.

    Watched them at home were total blast. I should say the first impression is the graphic ... AWESOME!!! I've been watching this Skyland at least 5 times from Episode 1 to 26. My daughter also loves them and she even watched them more than I do. My Opinions of Skyland.

    It's a good show for kids. I like the flow of the stories. I found only couple episodes that are a bit boring. The rest are good to excellent.

    Dogfights and chasing actions are very intense. I would expect to have more human to human air chase so just to balance the actions. I should admit too much on the Robot vs Human in terms of air actions. The duels of Seijin powers are excellent. Love all the actions between Lena/Mila and Oslo/Diwan. GRAPHICS/ANIMATIONS:
    I just mentioned this above .. AWESOME!!!! One of the best animations I've ever seen. Love the motion capture technology and this is really the best thing to make the animation movements look real. I'd say Skyland has the same ranking to top of the line animations like Final Fantasy, Appleseed etc.

    The characters are good and distinctive. Mahad shows how normally teenagers his age like and at the same time he also shows a lot of cares in many situations especially towards his sister Lena.

    I like the character Lena ... powerful young girl and she is a lot more mature than her age. She is very well made as character and also a good match with Oslo and Diwan. Excellent!!

    Building up the characters like Mahad and Lena are not too slow considering they are only kids and they have so many things to wonder. Again .. for kids, this is a good TV show. I would expect more if this was made as a movie. MUSIC:
    Good music and it would be better to have more intense musics during the duels or dogfights.

    - Balance the Seijin power in Lena. She sometimes shows how strong she is but in the other hand she is weak in battling the same character (still under the sun). I believe Lena should be more powerful than her Mom (Mila). - Make more variety of air fighters and perhaps add more St. Nazaire pirate ships (like Callisto) to help Cortes fighting. So bringing in reinforcement makes it more realistic rather than just fighting the whole robot armies with one flagship and its Mosquitos.

    - More villains would be better rather than just seeing Oslo, Diwan, and all the robot armies.

    - For DVD release, would be nice to have the subtitle option including English.

    I hope there will be Season 2 and at least a movie for this. Love it big time!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • This show is filled with action, adventure, and somewhat comedy.

    This show is filled with action, adventure, and somewhat comedy. I love this show! I forgot to watch it but then I decided to watch it(at the end of the first season :cry: ) and I thought it was awesome, Seijein powers are amazing and everything else about this show is amazing.

    I give this show a 10
  • An interesting but short series about Lena and her brother Mahaud as they fight the Sphere.

    Animation: 10/10
    The animation for Skyland is brillant. It looks good and the animation works with the plot and events well. The seijin powers were produced well throughout the series, and weren't over the top or cheesy graphics.

    Character Design: 6/10
    The costume design is interesting for some of the characters. Some of them had weird concepts and others not bad. What was good was each character had their own style. The character design, personality wise wasn't done that well. It was a typical villian type for Oslow, with no other traits in his personalities and the characters tended to have few qualities: they didn't have a range, just a few. Having said this the characters were interesting enough. Storyline: 8/10
    Although it isn't too original, the storyline keeps your attention and is interesting enough watching the two siblings struggle and triumph against the Sphere in an effort to free their mother. Some episodes tended to be slow and not very meaningful but all up the series was good to watch both fun and occasionly funny.