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  • I love it.

    I only just got into Skyland a few months ago, I had nooo idea what I was missing out on. The story and plot are just so original, they draw you in immediatly. Not only a great storyline, but AMAZING animation.
    Seriously. It's the first time I've ever seen animation like this, and it's mind blowing. The shadows, just...the look of it. You have to see it to get what I mean. And I just watched a "making of" clip a few weeks ago. And saw that they actually hook up people to make the actions. It's really cool (go check out youtube for the clip).

    The only real flaw in the show is some of the voice acting. I mean sometimes the voice actors do a great job, then other times it's a bit iffy. (Mahad [Tim Hamaguchi] is the worst offender of this). I really like the voice actor chosen for Lena [Alexandra Pic], I think she's very good.

    So really, if you haven't already seen an episode, go watch, you don't knnow what you're missing out on.