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Skyland Fan Reviews (30)

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  • The earth is shattered into millions of floating blocks These are the adventures of Mahad, a 17 year old pilot, and Lena, his 12 years old powerful neophyte Sejin sister. Who have the power of telekinesis which is powered by the sun.

    At first glance the computer cell shaded animation looks great. Basically its from a motion capture technique with real actors (who are different from the voice actors) this gives the show its distinctive look. However the voice acting of the two principal stars is very flawed. When they cry for their mother I just don't buy it. They read the lines very flat. Mahad character is very annoying with his utter arrogance. He is constantly getting his allies into trouble. This wouldn't bother me so much if I saw a little bit of maturation as the series progresses. Yet here we are at the begining of the 2nd season and Mahad still prancing and preening like a peacock telling everyone how great he is all the time. His little sister Lena is showing far more growth as she tries to develop her powers and be an asset to the team. Another problem with the series is the lack of people in this world. Skyland seems to be very lacking in people with blocks containing only 3 to 4 people. This could be a result of the computer animation but if this is. Then they should have rethought its use. This is a series that has a very original idea but is lacking in character developement and plot.