Saturday 12:00 AM on Nicktoons Networks Premiered Nov 26, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • Not exactly a good show... Entertainment 5/10 it's really boring, and it's rather unfortunate because entertainment is the most important part. Graphics 7/10 Originality 8/10

    I could definitely say this show is a real disappointment, although the show has a unique storyline or plot, the action is nowhere to be seen. It might be good for people who enjoy watching shows with slow fighting in more than 90% of all the episodes. Many people say the graphics are cool, but when you look carefully you can find alot of weird things. An example is their eyes, it seems that their iris is just one color, also they usually don't even have any eyelashes. All there is, is just a black outline. Also, their outfits are quite lame, I mean a picture of some rhino on Lena's shirt? Everyones clothes look so alike, mainly red and white colours. The way the use the shading looks annoying to me, there are barely any outlines on anything so it all blends in way too much. Another thing, the hair has no shine at all, and it looks like most of the characters have bad hair days every day since they are in abnormal shapes. As for the backgrounds, they are impressive and always creative. But if you compare the graphics in Skyland and an awesome show such as Jimmy Neutron, most likely Jimmy Neutron should win. Of course there can be over 100,000 people who like this show, and it's fine. There are infact great qualities in the show, but I stated mainly the worse, because that's what I should do if I say this show is poor. One last thing, this show doesn't teach you about anything!