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  • Great visuals, bad voice acting, slow story and poor character development.

    This show looks awesome, the premise is interesting, but the voice acting is absolutely god-awful. I know this show comes from France, so it makes me wonder whether all foreign production companies are tone-deaf (I have yet to see one dubbed anime which doesn't make me want to burst my own ear drums in self-defense.) I have only watched the first few episodes because it was so painful to watch (or should I say hear.) It doesn't help that the characters are so unconvincing and one dimensional. Everyone is unnaturally upbeat and gungho, except for the characters who seem to be chronically cranky, wise and kindly, noble and stubborn, evil and angry, etc. It's like the writers put a bunch of emotions into a hat, and then picked one or two to be associated with their character that forevermore is the only emotion they ever express. A prime example are the main characters, the two siblings, who just after losing their mother are still wise-cracking with each other. I know it's a kids show, but if you're going to include serious subject matter like death (their father,) imprisonment (their mother,) and being what amounts to being orphaned, you're going to need to include the emotional reactions that go along with those scenarios. The premise, while interesting, is undercut by a very slow-developing episodic storyline that ends up being incredibly boring. It's mostly throw-away dialog interlaced with beautiful animated shots. I'll admit, the graphics are very pretty, but the jokes are not funny, and I'm tired of waiting for something to happen meanwhile. I'm not sure if there's a second season of this, but if there is, my advice to the creators would be to stop treating kids like idiots. They're not so stupid that they can't appreciate serious dialog and some complexity in their characters and plots. This show has the potential to be good but the writing and voice acting needs help and fast.