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  • Excellent animations/graphics, good concept story, nice vehicle designs especially the Hyperion and St. Nazaire, intense actions, nice musics, cool clothes design.

    The first time I watched Skyland was just a browse through the TV stations. One episode was being shown on ABC Kids Australia. The first impression I had was ... " this is a very impressive animation .. " For over a year I was looking for the DVD and finally bought the Part 1 and recently I bought the Part 2.

    Watched them at home were total blast. I should say the first impression is the graphic ... AWESOME!!! I've been watching this Skyland at least 5 times from Episode 1 to 26. My daughter also loves them and she even watched them more than I do. My Opinions of Skyland.

    It's a good show for kids. I like the flow of the stories. I found only couple episodes that are a bit boring. The rest are good to excellent.

    Dogfights and chasing actions are very intense. I would expect to have more human to human air chase so just to balance the actions. I should admit too much on the Robot vs Human in terms of air actions. The duels of Seijin powers are excellent. Love all the actions between Lena/Mila and Oslo/Diwan. GRAPHICS/ANIMATIONS:
    I just mentioned this above .. AWESOME!!!! One of the best animations I've ever seen. Love the motion capture technology and this is really the best thing to make the animation movements look real. I'd say Skyland has the same ranking to top of the line animations like Final Fantasy, Appleseed etc.

    The characters are good and distinctive. Mahad shows how normally teenagers his age like and at the same time he also shows a lot of cares in many situations especially towards his sister Lena.

    I like the character Lena ... powerful young girl and she is a lot more mature than her age. She is very well made as character and also a good match with Oslo and Diwan. Excellent!!

    Building up the characters like Mahad and Lena are not too slow considering they are only kids and they have so many things to wonder. Again .. for kids, this is a good TV show. I would expect more if this was made as a movie. MUSIC:
    Good music and it would be better to have more intense musics during the duels or dogfights.

    - Balance the Seijin power in Lena. She sometimes shows how strong she is but in the other hand she is weak in battling the same character (still under the sun). I believe Lena should be more powerful than her Mom (Mila). - Make more variety of air fighters and perhaps add more St. Nazaire pirate ships (like Callisto) to help Cortes fighting. So bringing in reinforcement makes it more realistic rather than just fighting the whole robot armies with one flagship and its Mosquitos.

    - More villains would be better rather than just seeing Oslo, Diwan, and all the robot armies.

    - For DVD release, would be nice to have the subtitle option including English.

    I hope there will be Season 2 and at least a movie for this. Love it big time!!! Keep up the good work!!!