Skyland - Season 2

Saturday 12:00 AM on Nicktoons Networks Premiered Nov 26, 2005 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Book of the Worlds
    While out on a routine mission, Mahad and Lena are visited by a ghost ship that contains clues about an ancient map of the entire expanse of the Archipelago. With the help of the Vector they go to Venice to find the mysterious map. They find a "haunted" palace inhabited by the mysterious Countess Kondratti. The Countess holds many secrets most importantly the precise location of the map which is hidden within a gigantic library. Oslo learns of their scheme and launches an all out assault to obtain the priceless map first before Lena and Mahad have the chance to learn the location of Kharzem Prison.moreless
  • Kharzem Fortress-Part 2
    While holding Mila in captivity, Oslo devises a method of harnessing her power and importing it into a new generation of Brigadier, Seijin Brigs. Despite the danger these super Brigs present one encounter with such a machine provides Lena and Mahad with the elusive coordinates to Kharzem Fortress, their mother's prison. In a daring rescue, the siblings infiltrate the prison to free their mother. A climatic battle ensues between Oslo, Lena and Mila. The will and desire to reunite as a family provides each member with power and strength previously unknown.moreless