Season 1 Episode 3

The Great Wall

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Apr 30, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Mahad relating some tale of his heroic aerial exploits to Dahlia. Cortes arrives and scolds Mahad for fighting a brigade a mere three miles from Puerto Angel. On the other side of the block Lena notices the Vector has a visitor and decides to drop in on him as well. The visitor is introduced as a disciple of an old friend of the Vector's. The disciple informs Lena that his master has a message for her concerning her mother. Mahad flies Lena and the disciple to Ningxia. Upon arrival, they are chased by three Sphere patrol ship. Mahad quickly gets rid of them. Once the trio arrive at the temple they are informed by another disciple named Feng that Master Hailong Zalo has been handed over to Sphere custody and the he himself is the one who turned the old master in. Feng orders Lena and Mahad to be locked up. On their way to their cell the siblings overpower the guards and escape through a door. The door leads to a narrow ledge which they would have been stuck on had someone not dropped a rope from a window above the ledge. As the heroes climb the rope, Diwan is shown reporting the siblings' arrival in Ningxia to Oslo. Oslo order Diwan to capture them. Lena and Mahad arrive at the window to find that Lee is the one who dropped the rope. Lee asks them to help him rescue his master. Mahad says no and Lena says yes. They put on an act to make it look like Lee is turning them in. The siblings are put in a cell with Master Hailong Zalo, who tells them that he is telepathic but that he can not receive their mother's message in the dark jail cell. Zalo tells the kids their mother's life story and Mahad feels sorry about how hard he made life for her. Lee opens the cell door and the group quickly makes their escape. Back in Puerto Angel Cortes finally realizes that Lena and Mahad are gone. The Vector informs him that the kids are in Xinghia . Cortes knowing that Ningxia has recently submitted to the will of the Sphere which means disaster if the kids are caught. The escaping group run into Diwan and a huge battalion of brigadiers. Finally in the sun, Zalo and Lena hold hands, he transmits the message from her mother to her. In a sort of dream state Mila tells Lena that she is safe and that she is proud of what they are both doing. Mila says that together Lena and Mahad are stronger than Oslo. She also promises that they will reunite soon and states that she loves them very much. In distress over not being able to be with her mother Lena destroys the bridge that the brigadiers are standing on. A small quick fight occurs between the siblings and Diwan but is interrupted by the arrival of Oslo. Oslo scolds Diwan for disobeying him. Cortes and the pirates arrive. Oslo and Diwan depart. Ningxia is free. Hailong Zalo passes on the mastership to Lee his devoted disciple. The kids leave with the pirates.
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