Skysurfer Strike Force

(ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Danger in Space
      Danger in Space
      Episode 13
      The fall of the Soviet Union offered many opportunities for nuclear bombs to be hijacked throughout the Russian black market. Cybron, knowing this, bought some missiles and hijacked a space rocket to transport them out of the country. The Strike Force follow him into orbit to stop the delivery of this nuclear holocaust.moreless
    • Sword of Power
      Sword of Power
      Episode 12
      A ninja has stolen a mythical sword. The Skysurfer Strike Force must stop the ninja and Cybron's plot: control the Yakuza. Sliced Ice must initiate her family's heritage and rescue the divine blade.
    • Attack of the Slitha Monsters (2)
      Cybron has teamed up with the subterranean creatures. To that end, the Strike Force bands together with underword rebels. To save the world, Cybron's biological spawns of the Slitha Monsters, totally mechanized and armed to the teeth, must be destroyed...
    • Attack of the Slitha Monsters (1)
      An office building was randomly swallowed underground. The Strike Force verifies that it was not an ordinary earthquake. Instead, mutant subterranean worms from an ancient civilization have raided the surface in an attempt to conquer it. Before Cybron can forge an alliance with these ungodly creatures, the Strike Force must get to the worms first.moreless
    • Diamonds of Death
      Mickey's girlfriend in a Pennsylvanian mining town asks him for help. The town, the Skysurfers find out, has been transformed into a regular "Night of the Living Dead." It turns out that the cause is a cyber-virus from the coal mine. Cybron had been using the virus to create diamonds from coal. To find an antidote, hordes of borgs and energy-hungry zombies await the Strike Force.moreless
    • Island of Fear
      Island of Fear
      Episode 8
      Cybron steals an artificial intelligence source during a NATO operation in Greece. The Skysurfer Strike Force must penetrate an ancient Greek isle to destroy the Athenian crime convention.
    • Two Minute Warning
      Cybron's borgs begin to attack sports arenas to exort team owners. When the Strike Force intervenes, they have to stop a bomb from exploding in a football stadium or pay $50 million. However, things are complicated when the quarterback is actually a walking time-bomb android.
    • The Price of Freedom
      The Skysurfer Strike Force must stop Cybron; his new plot consists of a device that has the power to melt San Francisco.
    • Crime City
      Crime City
      Episode 4
      Cybron uses electronic leaches to gain hypnotic control over the police force and organizes the street criminals into one group. To stop this crime wave and stop the leaches, the Strike Force will jump into action.
    • The Crawling Horror
      The virologist Professor Lutzman has developed a deadly elixir that can transmutate humans into snake-like slaves. Lutzman teams up with Cybron for world domination, but the Strike Force flies into action to stop this reptilian deviation.
    • Terror in the Jungle
      An experiment has gone wrong when plant life turns mutated. Sliced Ice had a deviece to alter the mutations when he is lost and trapped in the Amazon Jungle. The Strike Force must locate Ice and the device before Cybron can manipulate the plants.
    • The Black Box
      The Black Box
      Episode 1
      The Skysurfer Strike Force are in a mystery when a crooked scientist swipes a confidential teleportation device from Garland Industries. Cybron's borgs as well as double-crossing shady dectectives are in the Strike's Force way to keeping Cybron from looting the entire lab.
  • Season 1