Slacker Cats

Season 1 Episode 3

Big Guy

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on ABC Family
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Big Guy
Louise asks Buckley to clear the basement of rats. The only problem is that Buckley is too chicken to do so. That is until he meets 'The Big Guy' (who turns out to be a tiger) and he tries to copy everything the tiger does.

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  • So Damn Funny.

    Did I like this episode? Yes! Did I love the "Buckley might be gay suggestion? Hell Yes! Do I love how Doober is constantly taken advantage of? Of Course. And How he knows it? Yes I Do. (I fell from my chair laughing) This series is shaping up to be quite a powerful spot on the ABC lineup. I am shedding all of my inhabitation about this show and giving into my love of their crazy ways. I so love this show and the way they are now carefully making small ingresses over the line of good-taste. No more putting on the skin of another dead cat to earn reward money to buy suntan lotion, but now just being covered with rats and making them your friends. No longer the presumed sight of a cat cuddling with her dead lover, but just the suggestion of impropriety with another species. I'm still laughing so hard I need to wear diapers, I have been ever since the first episode.

    Doober I love you.moreless

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    • Eddie: Good plan, Mrs. Boots.
      Mrs. Boots: I helped you out there, Eddie, so don't say what I think you're going to. I'm on my pills.
      Eddie: Mr. Boots would be really proud.
      Mrs. Boots: You will burn little kitty. You will burn!

    • Tabitha: They say that cats have 9 lives; Does that mean that we have 9 hearts to break?

    • News Reporter: So there you have it. Tiger, tiger burning bright... but she ain't getting hers tonight.

    • Eddie: Dooper, we're your friends.
      Dooper: No you're not!
      Eddie: True dat. True dat.

    • Dooper: Hi, Eddie!
      Eddie: Dooper! How do you feel about rats?
      Dooper: Everyone has something they fear above all else in the world. In my case: it's rats. Rats!
      Eddie: So... how about going to a basement full of 'em and fighting them off single-handedly?
      Dooper: Ok

    • Tabitha: I got a wood block! You can play anything on that.
      Mrs. Boots: Can you play a haunting, piercing melody to lure vermin to a watery grave?
      Tabitha: You bet 'cha!

    • Buckley: Beware the green-eyed monster, Eddie.
      Eddie: What, Godzilla?
      Buckley: Jealousy, Eddie. Jealousy. Come on Big Guy, let's eat.
      Eddie: Uh, you wanna hang out some time?

    • Eddie: That was you?
      Buckley: Small and precise; the killer blow.
      Eddie: Oh, really? I didn't realize you could die from a love-bite on the ass.

    • Eddie: Ugh, yeah. Actually, bounce.
      Tabitha: Ok! (starts bouncing)
      Eddie: No, no. I mean get out.

    • Eddie: Hey, you'll be fine alright. Just say what comes naturally.
      Tabitha: Ok...
      Eddie: Hey Buckley... You mind if I call you Buckley?
      Tabitha No.
      Eddie: Hey Buckley, if you were a super villian, what would your power be?
      Tabitha: Um...
      Eddie: Dude, you've gotta come quicker than that.
      Tabitha: Um, um...
      Eddie: You know it don't have to be clever, just keep the conversation rolling.
      Tabitha: Haha, I don't know.
      Eddie: Just say super strength, ice breath, super fart, I don't care!
      Tabitha: I like eggs!
      Eddie: Look, uh, I don't know what I expected. It's not your fault.
      Tabitha: Sorry, the pressure got to me. I cracked.

    • Tabitha: So what is it you guys do?
      Eddie: Watch tv, shoot the breeze...
      Tabitha: I never shot the breeze! Is it hard?

    • Eddie: Buckley! Hey, hey Buckley. Bucks.
      Tabitha: You just missed him. He's gone to the woods with Big Guy. Big Guy likes to hang out with his buddies and that's fine with me because I'm not a controlling witch!

    • Buckley: He's so imposing, so grand!
      Eddie: Alright, I get it.
      Buckley: I don't have a crush on Big Guy! I mean it's ridiculous, what a crazy thing to say. Haha, a crush! I mean just because he's really big and masculine.
      Eddie: Who said you had a crush?

    • Tabitha: Aww, my love is asleep. I will wake him with the melodious sound of my wood block. (singing) "My love, my love. I will wait for my love! Combing my beautiful hair, combing my beautiful hair!" (Big Guy throws her out the window.)

    • News Reporter: And this just in: Official advice about that escaped tiger which is still on the loose. Citizens out walking tonight are advised not to dress as wild pigs, water buffalos, or hunks of raw meat.

    • Radio Announcer: We interrupt this power ballad to announce that a tiger has escaped from the Wendell Zoo. Citizens are advised to panic, but in a calm and controlled manner.

    • Buckley: Eddie, it's a 24-hour news station.
      Eddie: No, it's a movie.
      Buckley: Didn't you wonder why they show the same things over and over?
      Eddie: That's the guy behind the guy behind the desk having a flashback, stupid!
      Buckley: Can we flip channels now?
      Eddie: When it's finished!

    • Buckley: What are you watching, Eddie?
      Eddie: It's a good little movie. It's about a guy and a girl and they got 10 plots weaving all the time. Then every half hour, they show the weather.
      Buckley: How long have you been watching this particular movie, Eddie?
      Eddie: About 5 days, the sex scene is so overdue.

    • Tabitha: Buckley, Big Guy's kind of between homes at the moment and I was thinking maybe he could stay with you and Louise?
      Eddie: What's wrong with your place?
      Tabitha: What are you suggesting Edward? You know I'm not that kind of girl!

    • Mrs. Boots: Hear the chimes Buckley. Hear the cold ringing of the truth. Now, who around here is going to join me in scornful laughter?

    • Buckley: Get in, kill the rat, get out. Marry Louise, boom boom.

    • Buckley: What is a tiger anyhow?
      Eddie: I mean who cares? When is a t.v. report going to have an impact on our lives.
      Buckley: Yeah and I'll bet this rat-catching escapade leads nowhere too.
      Eddie: And these masculinity issues of yours; mark my words they will never come up again. Life is random and without meaning.

    • Tabitha: I'm going down to the alley to get myself a gentleman friend.
      Buckley: The alley! What's wrong with the cats around here?
      Tabitha: I'll tell you; the alley gentleman are so much more masculine. You house cats here are so soft, weak, pathetic... I don't mean you Eddie of course.

    • Tabitha: Eddie! Buckley! Listen to this.
      Eddie: Oh Tabitha really, oh my gosh. You are a prodigy!
      Tabitha: Ladies of refinement in the passages of old would play instruments like the piano and the violin. So I'm learning to play the wooden block. If you know how to play it, it's got as many notes as a piano.

    • Eddie: Look, Buckley, being a wussy is nothing to be ashamed of.
      Buckley: I never wear Louise's underwear!
      Eddie: Who ever said you did?
      Buckley: No one!

    • Buckley: Eddie, would you say that I'm a feminine sort of cat?
      Eddie: Yo, I just say Sarah Jessica Parker walk past the window.
      Buckley: Ahh! What? Where? Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die. Ohh! SJP!
      Eddie: I rest my case.

    • Buckley: Louise, I am death's instrument. Nothing can stop me... Now can you please help me down from the counter.

    • Louise: So I was thinking 'What did people do in the old days?' They'd use an animal well known for its abilities to catch rodents. So...
      Buckley: I see where this is going.
      Louise: Can you ask Eddie?
      Buckley: Eddie!
      Louise: Well, yeah. You couldn't catch a rat.
      Buckley: Why not?
      Louise You're not that kind of a cat. You're more cudley, sweet...
      Buckley: Go on.
      Louise: saggy, weak.
      Buckley: Ok, that's enough.

    • Buckley: Hi Louise. You making anything special?
      Louise: Ugh, catfood.
      Buckley: You are too good to me.

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