Slacker Cats

Season 1 Episode 5

Casino Miaow

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2007 on ABC Family



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    • Louise: Yes mother I know my womb only has a few more years left before it becomes a barren wasteland clogged with tumble weeds. No. No...mother I suppose it wouldn't kill me to dress more sluttily. Mom? Mom...I have to go.
      (Louise hangs up the phone)

    • Eddie: You know what just occured to me? We never bothered to count how many matches I dropped to see if Tabitha really did have Rainman powers.

    • Eddie: It's time to put operation lick-a-ladies-face into action!
      (Eddie runs off after redhead lady cat)
      Buckley: Wait! You know I'm no good at small talk...

    • Eddie: I've heard that some of these aristocratic lady cats are so sleek that when you touch them you can't feel yourself touching them. They're frictionless!

    • Dooper: They're coming!
      Buckley: Ok I'll bite. Who's coming?
      Dooper: Listen! Humans eat baked beans, but they don't eat all of them. They always leave a few at the bottom of the can and those beans are traumatized. They ask themselves why did they escape the carnage. The answer? They live so they can avenge. (cut shot to Osama Bean Ladan) They're regrouping in the moutains. Millions of beans. (cut shot to Tali-bean Training Camp) A bean army coming to destroy every town in America (cut shot to White House blowing up) But I can save us.
      Buckley: How?
      Dooper: With my 300 foot bean crushing warrior robot made from garbage. What else?
      (Dooper walks off)
      Eddie: We really need to expand our social circles.

    • Buckley: This could be the greatest accidental discovery of our age. It's like when Edison left that moldy coffee cup overnight in his laboratory and in the morning it was full of electricity.

    • Buckley: A book? I don't want to improve her mind. I want to buy her love.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The quote about aristocratic lady cats being frictionless is an allusion to the Douglas Adams book The Restaurant at the End of the Universe where the main character finds a ship that is totally frictionless, and he can't "feel himself touching the ship"

    • Casino Miaow
      Episode title is an allusion to the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale.