Slacker Cats

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on ABC Family
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Buckley and Eddie want to take a vacation in Mexico, but when they are unsuccessful in boarding the airplane, they decide to simply pretend that they are in Mexico. Meanwhile, ignored and in search of a friend, Tabitha brings home the corpse of a cat that died on the freeway.moreless

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  • Surprising to find this on ABCFamily. Great show!

    Mexico is the first episode aired and it does a really good job of being the flagship to a hilarious new show. You get to see the main characters (a lot) and you see the beginnings of their personalities as well as their motivations. Mexico also introduces all the secondary players with brief glimpses into who they are (in general). Lastly 'Mexico' shows everyone exactly where this show is going, and why it so richly deserves the mature content warning. You have it all, including necrophilia....hmmm ya. All in all I was suprized to see this on ABCfamily, but excited that someone had greenlighted this show. This show is perfect for anybody that like Robot Chicken, Family Guy, or Drawn Together. IPmoreless

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    • Dooper: Buckley! Living inside a corpse is kinda horrible.
      Buckley: Ya, well neither of us could have foreseen that...

    • Tabitha: Flatman? (looks around) Flatman? (looks around again) Oh Flatman! Love a girl and leave her?

    • Buckley: I'm so smart it's like my brain has a mind.

    • Buckley: Eddie, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Eddie: I'm thinking about being in a spaceship with 3 girl cats and we got to have sex to survive. That's what I'm thinking about.

    • Eddie: One more question. How big is the sea in Mexico?
      Travel Agent: Oh, whould I know?
      Eddie: What if we get there and it's only this big?
      (Eddie holds his hands close together)
      Eddie: That would be way too small, right? One more question. What shape is the sky there?
      Buckley: Eddie! That's 93 "one more questions"! Can we just book the vacation now? Please?
      Eddie: Book it already!

    • Buckley: Where's my quality time?
      Louise: Got to do a report.
      Buckley: Louise, I was thinking, with my vacation this is going to be our last night together in the house for 2 weeks, we could rent a video; have a special evening. Who knows? Maybe...
      Louise: I'm going out for drinks.
      Buckley: Oh, ok. Who with?
      Louise: Buckley, you're my cat. My cat.
      Buckley: I know...

    • Louise: What time's your plane?
      Buckley: 8:00am
      Louise: Want me to wake you?
      Buckley: No, no, no. I've got a very good body clock; it'll just wake me up. Anyways, I'm so excited about going away it'll be amazing if I sleep at all. Haha, you see the... (falls asleep).

    • Tabitha: Eddie.
      Eddie: Aww, dog-butts.
      Tabitha: You forgot to come and find me... but I forgive you because when I was sitting on the interstate, I made a new friend. Buckley, Eddie this is Flatman. Flatman; Eddie and Buckley.
      Buckley: Eww
      Eddie: Disgusting...
      Tabitha: What's that Flatman? You are such a flirt!
      Buckley: Tabitha, he's um...
      Tabitha: I know, he's a naughty muffin. What's that Flatman? You want to go into the bushes? Ok but nothing fresh.

    • Buckley: Hey, Eddie. Do you ever fake a pur?
      Eddie: Sure, or nobody gets any sleep.
      Buckley: I can't. You know I want to some times. You know, Louise is stroking me, but not quite in the right place.

    • Buckley: You know what? I'm glad we missed that plane. I found that if you want a vacation, home is the best place to take it. And while I know that isn't true, if I say it enough times I'll start to believe it.

    • Female Travel Agent: Alrighty. Here's your itinerary, And now I have a question for you. Where are two cats going to find $6,000?
      Buckley: I uh, I recycled my cans. I got a quarter. Owe you the rest?
      Eddie: You know what baby? Take it off this.
      *hands lady a credit card*
      Eddie: (whispers to Buckley) Just found it in a bag of trash.
      Female Travel Agent: This is not your card. But I'm on a commission so what the hell?

  • NOTES (1)


    • In the scene where Buckley asks Eddie "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" is a reference to The Warner Brothers Cartoon "Pinky and the Brain". Eddie's off-kilter answer is true to form as well.