Slacker Cats

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on ABC Family



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    • Buckley: Ok! I'm Buckley! Can I come stay at your place? I walked out on Louise.
      Tabitha: I guess that would be ok, only there's a bit of a mystery about who my owner is.
      Buckley: A mystery huh? The kind of mystery where if it was like in a TV show people would really get into it, and want to solve it, and swap clues on internet forums, thus giving the show that crucial cult appeal? That kind of mystery?
      Tabitha: No...I just forgot.
      Buckley: Oh well...
      (Buckley walks off leaving Tabitha)

    • Eddie:Stay with Dooper. That would be better preparation.
      Buckley:I wouldn't stay with Dooper if the only alternative was a pool of molten lava full of sharks. You know lava resistant sharks obviously or else they'd die instantly and wouldn't be any kind of threat to anybody.
      Eddie:So...Dooper's it is.

    • Buckley: Where's Louise? What did you do to her?
      Dorian: Well...She's at work and we did first base, second base third bas...
      Buckley:And you are out!

    • Doober:'s hardly digested at all. I think this used to be a taco.

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