Slacker Cats

ABC Family (ended 2007)


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  • Reminds me of Mission Hill, and Family Guy...

    I at first liked this show. Thought i'd give it a chance. The main thing i like about slacker cats is that its sorta a Mission Hill/Family Guy like show but with Cats. I mean at first it was a bit funny, then the jokes got a bit lame.. I liked the first few episodes, then it sorta took a down fall.. That fact that they were going to show this on ABC Family was one of the worst things, I mean ABC Family is for Family Right? Anyway this show did have some Humor (well it did) I give Slacker Cats a 6.1 .
  • Finally, a cartoon I can appreciate!

    I've searched high and low for a new cartoon I can actually like since The Buzz on Maggie got cancelled. This sort of snuck up on me, but this is my new favorite cartoon! Characters are cute (especially Tabitha) and it's got voice talents Dave Foley and Alex Borstein in it! Dave Foley was Flick in A Bug's Life and Alex Borstein was Lois in Family Guy. And this show is actually kind of a mix between That 70's Show and Family Guy, both rated TV-14 just like this show! Anyway, we've now finally got a cartoon that I can appreciate around here! I wish they could make more than 6 episodes because I have waited such a long, long, long time for a cartoon like this to come out. ABC Family, you better not let me down! Long live, Slacker Cats! Long live!
  • So Damn Funny!

    As a parent, No! I won't let my daughters watch this show, but as a guy, this show is farking hilarious! The show is about a town where cats and humans can talk and the cats end up doing what they want to. The Humor is on the mature side, and it is surprising to see this pop up on ABC Family, and not on cartoon network's Adult Swim.
    As it is the show is very form based and even in the first 3 episodes you can see the niche's that each character fits into and stays in. I'm incredibably happy to have such a great piece of animation, but I wish for two things, one, for a later time slot so I can watch it without fear of my girls seeing it, and two, that the writers will branch out and at least find one or two different form-letter shows to write.